Hassayampa Canine Resort & Spa
March 20, 2014
Did You Know?
We are launching a new communication feature we call "Did You Know?" In each issue we will share with you some of the unique characteristics of our facility,  health and safety protocols we employ, and strategies we utilize to ensure that every canine guest's needs are met. 
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Dogs love to lodge at HCRS!
Luxury & Service Inspired by Dogs

Come take a closer look at how different we are from the normal boarding facility.  We are in a class of our own by providing individualized, comprehensive canine care.


...Why HCRS is closed every day from 11am-1pm? Marcia and Jim conduct a staff meeting between shifts with all staff members, including front desk personnel, each day to discuss individual canine guests lodging at HCRS.  We discuss how each dog is eating, eliminating, playing and relating to us and other dogs in an effort to meet each dog's individual needs. We review the health and behavior of every dog every day.
...That every staff member knows every dog by their name, their behavior, and their personality? Our attention to detail is second to none. We know and record the playmates of all canine guests for future play opportunties. 

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