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If you haven't done so already don't forget to check out 'Making Local Choice a Reality'. This Self-Directed Support (SDS) Conference organised by FVA in partnership with Real Life Options aims to to galvanise the marketplace around SDS here in Fife. The conference will take place on Wednesday 27 May 2015 in Rothes Halls, Glenrothes. 

Getting involved will ensure 'Making Local Choice a Reality' is as vibrant as possible so please let as many people as possible know about the event.

You can book your place on our website or help us promote the event by tweeting using the #SDS ready? Here's one we prepared earlier: Are you signed up for 'Making Local Choice a Reality'? Fife Self-Directed Support event 27 May - are you #SDS ready? http://ow.ly/Me3bm 


We have updated the Health and Social Care section of our website. This webpage now contains information about Health and Social Care Integration, the Forum and all of our back-dated bulletins - so you can browse them without having to go back through your e-mails which we know can be time-consuming!


We would like to flag up the following articles:


News to share? Send your content and/or suggestions to Christine@fifevoluntaryaction.org.uk or call 08456 006 046.


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Health and Social Care Forum

The Health and Social Care Forum met on Thursday 07 May to hear from Christina Naismith, National Programme Manager - Strategic Commissioning and JIT Partnership Lead. In anticipation of the forthcoming consultation on Fife's Strategic Plan for Health and Social Care Integration, Christina explained the core aims of the Strategic Planning Process, outlined how it will evolve into a Strategic Commissioning plan and explained how important third sector contributions are to the success of the process. The note of the forum, feedback and Christina's presentation can be found on our website.


The Health and Social Care Forum will next meet on Thursday 04 June 2015 at 10.00am. We'll feedback on 'Making Local Choice a Reality' our Self-Directed Support event and to celebrate volunteers week will examine the health benefits of volunteering. If you haven't done so already, please confirm your attendance to Christine Davison or call 08456 006 046.


Please note that as our April Forum was cancelled there is no note of the forum.

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National News

Scottish Government 'core suit of indicators' for Health and Social Care Integration


The Scottish Government have launched the 'core suite of indicators' that will be used to measure health and wellbeing outcomes within health and social care.  

The health and social care Alliance have launched a briefing paper on these indicators. To read the Alliance brief click here or to read the Scottish Governments 'core suit of indicators' click here.  

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The role of the third sector in Health and Social Care Integration


The 'role of the third sector' advice note, recently published by the Scottish Government highlights the key role of the third sector as advocates in relation to integration activities.

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Communicating Integration: national toolkit available


Anyone involved in the implementation of health and social care integration can use the resources in this toolkit to support effective engagement and communications. It contains information and links to support and guide communications around health and social care integration at a national and local level. It also provides practical information on the aims and anticipated benefits of health and social care integration which can be used to target different audience groups. For enquiries specific to Integration in Fife, contact Connie.flint@fife.gov.uk 

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Sarah Davidson, Director General for Communities, Scottish Government welcomed 180 delegates from across all public services and the third and independent sectors to the 'Leading Integration to Deliver Better Outcomes' event. Read more about this event by clicking the title link or click here for the four page summary.

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Patient opinions heard


Patient Opinion is an independent, not for profit social enterprise whose website allows patients to share their experiences, both positive and negative, of health services. Health boards are then able to respond and use this feedback to make changes to improve services. Health boards will receive a share of up to 180,000 from the Scottish Government each year, until at least 2017, to continue using the website to the best effect.

Every year, between 11 - 17 May, the Mental Health Foundation helps to raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing issues. This year the Mental Health Foundation is talking about Mindfulness.

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This report published by the Joseph Rowntree foundation uses official statistics with supporting information about a number of anti-poverty actions and initiatives. The report focuses on low income, social security and unemployment, health, education, in-work poverty, low pay, housing and anti-poverty priorities and actions.

Voluntary Health Scotland report into health inequalities in Scotland


Voluntary Health Scotland have published a report looking at the voluntary health sector perspective on health inequalities in Scotland. The report focuses on services provided by the voluntary health sector. In particular, the report considers the 'lived experience' of health inequalities.

Report on severe poverty in Scotland


More than half a million Scots, including 100,000 children, have had to live in severe poverty, a new report has revealed. While relative poverty has fallen over the last decade, research by the Scottish Government showed that a greater proportion of those struggling to get by were facing either severe or extreme poverty. When housing costs were factored in, the number facing severe poverty increased to 710,000.

Carers rights bill published in March 2015


A new Carers Bill, that enshrines carers' rights in law for the first time in Scotland has been published. The Bill will entitle every adult carer in Scotland to their own support plan, with young carers receiving a similar young carer statement. These measures will set out the needs of each carer, and the help and support they are entitled to. Carers will have a right to receive certain support from their local authority if their needs meet local eligibility criteria. The local authority will also consider whether the support should take the form of, or include, a short break. To read more on short breaks for carers in Fife click here.

New Chief Nursing Officer


Fiona McQueen has been announced as Scotland's new Chief Nursing Officer. Professor McQueen has held the post of interim Chief Nursing Officer since November 2014 and has worked in the nursing profession since 1982. The Chief Nursing Officer's primary role is to provide professional leadership for the nursing, midwifery and allied health professions, as well as being responsible for overseeing work to improve cleanliness and infection control in hospital and healthcare settings.

CHEX healthy influences 2015


In 2012, CHEX published Healthy Influences, which explored how influential Scottish community-led health organisations felt they were doing on policy and strategic decision making by public agencies. CHEX has repeated this research, and found that collectively community-led health organisations do not feel any more influential. This is disappointing given the supportive current policy environment, which aspires to involve and work more closely with community organisations. More positively, many community-led health organisations continue to state they are well-connected to statutory partners and regularly have their voices heard, and some of them can point to examples of where they have contributed to policies at a local and national level.

Advanced Dementia ModelAlzScot


Alzheimer's Scotland is currently in the process of developing a model for people who have advanced dementia. They are inviting you to contribute and help shape the model and how it will look.
Regional News

Fairer Fife Commission - call for evidence FFC


The Fairer Fife Commission has been established by Fife Council as an independent commission to develop proposals for change that will address poverty. This call for evidence is the primary mechanism for Fifers and those involved in providing services to get involved in this work, an opportunity to make views known on what the biggest challenges are, what works, what works less well and where there is scope to do more. The Commission is interested in learning about Fife policies, programmes and projects as well as larger projects at a Scottish and UK level. The deadline for responses is Friday 22 May 2015.  

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Patient feedback policy - NHS Fife


To read NHS Fife's Patient Feedback Policy, including complaints, concerns, comments and compliments click the title link.

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Health and Social Care Integration newsletter March 2015


Fife has recently published a newsletter which contains a frequently asked questions section, timeline, localities update and where to find further information on integration.

A to Z of local area research in Fife


Fife Council have produced an A to Z of local research in Fife. This list provides links to various pieces of research that provide a profile of Fife including inequalities and Datazones used in the Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD).

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Evaluation results from commonhealth newsletter


In our last e-bulletin we included a link to NHS Fife's commonhealth newsletter. Please click the title link to see an evaluation of this newsletter.
Local News


National Volunteers' Week 2015 takes place in the first week of June this year, and we've lined up some special events to help celebrate and encourage volunteering in Fife. Visit our website to find out more.

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Homelands Trust-Fife is an independent registered charity working to improve the quality of life of people affected by disability through the provision of top quality holiday accommodation and supportive day services. The Trust is now seeking a dynamic and committed Chair of the Board of Trustees to lead the organisation through the next phase of growth and development. Closing date is Friday 24 May 2015.

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