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May 18th, 2015
Move-out waste efforts to reduce items sent to the landfill
With the end of the academic year approaching quickly, the Center for Sustainable Communities wants to inform all students of the waste-reducing options they have as they move out of or to a new residence hall.

The Donations to the Depot program has been introduced to help divert student move-out waste from the landfill. Students can donate unwanted items to the Depot Outlet to be resold, recycled, and to support the local community. Simply bring items to the drop off location in each residence hall and look for the Depot Outlet donation sign. Donation locations can be found here.

Recycling infrastructure is present at all residence halls. Cardboard, metal, plastics and paper can all be recycled in the blue bins located outside every residence hall. 
New recycling infrastructure arrives on campus
After receiving a grant from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources earlier this year, new recycling roll-off bins have started to arrive on campus. These roll-offs, large compartmentalized recycling receptacles, will be permanent additions to Luther's recycling program as part of Luther's goal to increase energy efficiency on campus. Seven roll-offs will be stationed across campus: two in Baker Village and one at each residence halls. They will be installed as space is made available and will replace the current recycling receptacles.The roll-offs are intended to increase the efficiency of recycling on campus as current student workers spend almost 32 hours per week collecting recycling. The installation of these roll-offs will change student jobs, shifting from driving around campus and picking up recycling to bringing recycling from the residence halls to the roll-offs. 
ASIANetwork grant provides funds for student-faculty sustainability research in China
An ASIANetwork Freeman Student-Faculty Fellowship has been awarded to fund the travel and research in The People's Republic of China for Luther College faculty members and students. Hongmei Yu  from the Asian Studies department and Stratis Giannakouros in Environmental Studies will be leading a collaborative project that will focus on the interaction between economic, social, and environmental interests in the process of urbanization in Hetou, a small village in Northern China on the outskirts of Tianjin. Through research in topics related to urban planning, river pollution, migrant workers, and education, the team will examine how urbanization has impacted this formerly agrarian community. Ultimately, based on students' research on individual topics, the project aims to offer a case-study of urbanization in China. The students on this trip include
John Rosenwinkel '16, Rachel Johnson '17, Sophia Ristau '15, Travis Houle '15, James Foster '16, and Kaitlyn Fillmore '15. The team departs on May 26th and will conduct their research for one month. Read more about the trip on the What's Currently Happening webpage.             
Pilot project for composting in the residence halls yields successes and room for growth
A project designed by Luther's Environmental Concerns Organization (ECO) for composting in the residence halls has completed it's pilot period and has provided a variety of conclusions about needs for a long-term organic waste management program. This pilot placed compost bins and educational signs in the trash rooms of Miller Hall that were emptied once a week by Sustainability student workers. Over the course of seven weeks, the average weight of the collected compost each week was ~5 pounds. In addition to the Miller pilot project, 276 students signed a letter of support in favor of system for residence hall composting. Because of the general success of the pilot program, ECO has established a short term goal to have composting infrastructure in three residence halls by the First-year move in day in the fall of 2015. The long-term goal is to have compost infrastructure in every residence hall by 2017. 
To read the complete project report, visit the project webpage.  
Sustainability Tip
Bugs and insects may be a part of your outdoor adventures this summer, but don't let the nuisance of mosquitoes get to you! Rather than spraying on DEET, which has harmful chemicals in it, try burning a citronella candle, wearing lighter colors, or applying lemon eucalyptus essential oils. Or if heavy duty mosquito repellants are required, try only using them during peak hours, and supplement with other alternatives. 
This newsletter is provided by the Center for Sustainable Communities, which coordinates all sustainability initiatives at Luther College.  The mission of the Center is to promote sustainability and be a catalyst for change on campus and in the region.  For more information on sustainability initiatives at Luther and the outreach work of the Center for Sustainable Communities, please visit:
Upcoming Events
Monday, May 18th
DNR Presentation: Iowa's Clean Power Plan
Luther College - Olin 102 
Winneshiek Energy District, the Northeast Iowa Peace and Justice Center and the Luther College Center for Sustainable Communities are collaborating to offer this opportunity for community members to learn about and comment on the development of Iowa's clean energy plan. Join us for this conversation! More info
Thursday, June 11th- Gardening series: How to Build a Low Cost Hoop House for Home 
12-1pm 2132 Pole Line Road, Decorah (Luther College Farm)
Luther Carpenter Giles Teslow and Luther Grounds Crew's Perry Halse provide design ideas and tips for constructing low-cost hoop houses. Read more and register  here
Student Spotlight
Devon Hovey '15

Devon is a senior Environmental Studies major from Decorah, IA. Since she started working in the Center for Sustainable Communities the fall of her freshman year, she has served in a variety of places as a student gardener, a campus recycler, and a project manager doing website upkeep, entering data into the Real Food Calculator, and organizing the Cafeteria to Community program. Devon says, "The friends I have made while working for Sustainability have definitely been my favorite part of the work. I also have loved learning about growing food and how much I have come to value the food I consume." After graduation, Devon is moving to Colorado to work on a ranch and lead trail rides in the mountains. After taking a year off from academics, she hopes to attend graduate school for Geology or Water Resource Science.

University of Northern Iowa's Local Food Program is looking to hire 4 AmeriCorps VISTA members to assist in developing three new food access/security initiatives. Read more 

NKU is seeking a Sustainability Manger to foster a campus wide culture of sustainability by developing a comprehensive sustainability strategy. Read more 

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