Market Summary
December 2014

Merry Christmas!

November finally gave us a break from the volatility of the last few months, with major market indexes mostly gaining.

Our biggest area of concern that we see possibly affecting markets, as well as the economy as a whole, is oil.

Many have noticed the price of gasoline dropping the last couple months, which is good. However, because of oversupply, oil prices have been dropping fast, to the point where crude is down over 40% from it's peak of $115 a barrel.  

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Market Summary Continued

Opec, headed by Saudi Arabia, is not going to cut production to curb the supply. Why? There are a many number of possible reasons, but one that I believe is that it costs much less for Saudi Arabia to produce oil than it does, say, Canada, which has been supplying some to the US. Basically, it almost appears as a price war.

Economies can and will suffer from oil that is too cheap, because those that produce oil, but not cheaply, will not be able to make a profit on their sales. Russia is a prime example, as they have already gone into recession once again primarily because of oil.

Here in the US, we are almost producing enough barrels per day to be completely energy independent.

Oil is also a leading economic indicator, which means that if oil continues to fall, and it then brings economies down with it, the effect on the markets could be very troublesome. While we have increased our equity exposure over the last couple months, the price of oil is at the top of our list for bringing on a possible correction.

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