Vol III, No. 10 

November 2015   



A monthly commentary about the role of behavior (and misbehavior) in investing



The Misbehaving Investor



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John Heldman, CFA

Partner | Portfolio Manager

Dave Hutchison, CFA
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Goal Tending

As I drove to the office, listening to a B.B. King CD (I know, old-school) for the third time in 2 days, I suddenly decided to switch to the radio.  Given the dismal state of radio music, I turned to National Public Radio, seeking intellectual substance.
I happened to catch the tail end of Marketplace, a business-focused news segment on NPR.  Host David Brancaccio was interviewing Colin Camerer, a California Institute of Technology professor of behavioral finance - who knew the rocket scientists at Cal Tech would be interested in wildly unpredictable humans?   Professor Camerer spends his days analyzing the choices that people make in the realm of economics and finance.   He was discussing a study he did of independent taxicab drivers and the seemingly illogical choices that guide their scheduling decisions.

What he found was these sole proprietors often target a certain amount of daily income and then call it a day.  For instance, $200 per day might do the trick, and they're done.  On very good days the cabbies would hit their target compensation early and quit driving.  On slow days they would work longer hours to hit the target daily income.  They worked less on good days and more on bad days.  Sound logical?
The professor's research showed that had they worked a full day on the busier days, they could have worked a partial day on the slow days.  The result: 20% more income with the same number of hours worked.  They were leaving money on the table by not "making hay while the sun shines".
It can work that way in investing, too.  Here at Triad we have a strict process for our research of new ideas and the way we build our portfolios.  But we know that good ideas are rare; when they come they can come in bunches, sometimes several in the same industry and/or sector.  We've allowed ourselves the flexibility to try and take advantage of these situations by not setting hard limits.   
What's needed is intelligent, thoughtful consideration of the risks and rewards, while keeping in mind previously established long-term goals.  For example, had the cab drivers targeted a weekly income goal instead of daily, they might have put more money in their pockets while working the same number of hours.  We try and think along these lines to make sure we are balancing discipline with flexibility to react when opportunity knocks (or in taxi-speak, flags you down).  

-John Heldman, CFA
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