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Our Mission
* Educate the community about different faiths
* Increase understanding and respect among people of different faiths
* Foster cooperation among local faith communities to solve common community problems
* Help individuals in search of a spiritual home to find one


Center For Interfaith Projects Newsletter

June 2013 Interfaith News

Beyond Our Differences
global interfaith
Please join us for a viewing of the award-winning documentary: Beyond Our Differences.
The film, while acknowledging important differences between the world's faiths, explores the common ground that should unite major world religions. Paulo Coello calls the video "a gigantic effort, an extraordinary result, an important message for today." After the film, we invite you to participate in a lively interfaith discussion led by Palestinian Ghazi Q. Hassoun, a liberal reformist Muslim, and David B. Myers, a Reform Jew. We are interested in your responses to the film. To see a preview of the documentary, go to 
When: Sunday, June 23, 7;30p.m.
Where: FM Unitarian Universalist Church, 121 9th Street South, Fargo. 
Welcoming Atheists
According to some polls, atheists are one of the most feared groups in the country. I recently gave a talk to a well-know local secular group: Red River Freethinkers.  I proposed that the Center and RRF collaborate in organizing a public panel--Ask the Atheists--that will give local atheists an opportunity to humanize themselves and answer any questions people have about atheism. The panel will be sometime the Fall of 2013. 
Climate Change and Religion
climate change
I will be meeting with professors in the Religion Department at Concordia to discuss plans for interfaith event on climate change. The format of the panel is yet to be determined. As far as I know, this urgent issue has not often been discussed in an interfaith setting. One possible question we will explore: Do people of faith have a special responsibility to work together to solve this problem? We are tentatively thinking about having the event at the end of this September 2013.

David Myers, Executive Director
Center for Interfaith Projects
701 388-7368