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Our Mission
* Educate the community about different faiths
* Increase understanding and respect among people of different faiths
* Foster cooperation among local faith communities to solve common community problems
* Help individuals in search of a spiritual home to find one


Center For Interfaith Projects Newsletter

We seek to build bridges and promote mutual understanding by encouraging respectful dialogue about differences and the search for common ground beyond our differences.
Ask An Atheist
Humanism People of all faiths, and those who espouse no faith, are invited to Ask an Atheist, an event that features a panel of four young atheists. Many people have a very negative view of atheists and atheism. People of faith may ask: How can one be good without God? How can there be meaning in a godless universe? Aren't atheists angry people who are intolerant of all religions? The answers may surprise you. To promote a better understanding of atheism, this event will provide an opportunity for members of the community to ask honest questions and get honest answers. Join us for a panel discussion to learn what it means to be an atheist. The panelists include Robyn Adams and Brittany Widseth of the Concordia Secular Student Community (recently recognized as an official student organization by the Concordia administration), and Jeff Eide and Trevor Nelson of the FM Secular Community. Where: Concordia's Knutson Campus Center, Jones A/B. When: Sunday, October 27, 2:30-4:30. Sponsors: Center for Interfaith Projects, FM Unitarian Universalist Church, Concordia's Secular Student Community, FM Secular Community, and Red River Freethinkers. For information: call David B. Myers--701 388-7368.
New Books and New Videos
Please consider visiting the Center's Interfaith Library to check out new books and DVDs purchased with funds from a Bremer Grant. 
 One-on-One Guidance
If you would like to explore a faith or secular worldview, we will provide you with suggestions for reading and videos. It is like a free tutorial. For example, if you would like to learn more about Buddhism and Buddhist meditation, we have the resources to guide your study. The same can be done with Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, etc.

David B. Myers, PhD
Executive Director
Center for Interfaith Projects
701 388-7368