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Our Mission
* Educate the community about different faiths
* Increase understanding and respect among people of different faiths
* Foster cooperation among local faith communities to solve common community problems
* Help individuals in search of a spiritual home to find one


Center For Interfaith Projects Newsletter

Peace Image
Religions are sometimes blamed for much of the violence in the world. On the other hand, most religious traditons affirm peace as a central value. This interfaith panel will allow you to hear what representatives of four faith traditions have to say about this topic. The panelists include: David B. Myers (Reform Judaism), Cathy Schwingen (Catholicism), Stewart Herman (Lutheranism), and Ahmed Afzaal (Islam). In addition, Phil Mouch will present a position based on mysticism, his understanding of which is independent of any religious tradition. When: Sunday, March 17, 2-4p.m. Where: Concordia College, Frida Nielson. 
Cultural Diversity
The Center is working with the TU'DEAKO GROUP to build a more welcoming inclusive interfaith community. This organization, established in September 2010, serves the needs of New Americans. It is located at 15 S. 21st Street in Fargo. This organization needs a number of items, including an exercise bike or treadmill; a large screen television; diapers for children 1-3 years old; toilet paper; soap (laundry and shower); and skin lotion. They also need volunteers to sort and repackage food donations, transport food, etc. TU'DEAKO provides food for people in need and advocates for the hungry. If you have items to contribute or would like to volunteer, please call the TU'DEAKO GROUP at 701 235.0022 or 701 235.0033.
The people served represent many faith traditions. 
Recently I met with students from Concordia who are members of Better Together, an interfaith student organization that is one of many being created on college campuses throughout the United States. Their source is the Interfaith Youth Core under the direction of Eboo Patel, the charismatic young leader who is
part of the growing interfaith movement in the United States. The conviction behind Better Together is that college campuses can lead the way by modeling interfaith cooperation. It was inspiring to meet college students so committed to interfaith work. I encouraged these Concordia students to spread the word by connecting with students at MSUM and NDSU. The Center and Better Together plan to work together on projects.
The dynamic faculty member at Concordia who inspires these students and who directs interfaith activities is Dr. Jacqueline Bussie, Director of the Forum on Faith and Life.

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