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Edition 1May, 2012
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Taking Advantage of 2012
SCIN: An Attractive Tool
Defined Value Gifting
Taking Advantage of 2012

Did you know that now is the best time to do estate planning?  2012 presents unique opportunities for wealth transfer that must be taken advantage of before the end of the year.  We urge individuals to take advantage of this unique tax climate and real estate market to  secure significant estate tax-savings before it's too late. Read more....

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2012 presents a unique opportunity to preserve and protect your estate like never before.  With the generous exemptions created by the 2010 tax law and the current economic environment, individuals are poised to benefit significantly if they transfer wealth before January 1, 2013!

SCIN: An Attractive Tool in 2012 
In 2012, the benefit of a Self Cancelling Installment Note, or SCIN, is magnified like never before.  NOW is the time for individuals to take advantage of the unique low interest rate environment and decrease the size of their taxable estate. Read more....
Defined Value Gifting Validated in Wandry v. Commissioner
Hoffman & Associates has used defined value formula gifting since the early 1990's.  This key estate planning technique reduces exposure to valuation adjustments by the IRS and is a big win for taxpayers. Read more...