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Number 49

December 2015

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Viking Association

Mission Statement:

To create, promote, and sustain a "Viking-connected" community of alumni and friends, this Association will foster a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship among alumni, friends, North Salem High School (NSHS), its students and staff, and the community to support the mission, goals, and traditions of NSHS. 

Viking Association

Board of Directors:


Steve Chambers '62, President

Homer Wood '59, Vice President

Larry Smith '54, Treasurer

Vijitra Boonkoom '92, Secretary

Herb Triplett '54, Asst. Treas.

Doug Bolton '58

Dick Hornaday '53

Michael T. Smith (friend)

Ken Simila '58 

Kay Mattson '81


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Steve Chambers:

Michael T. Smith:

Homer Wood:






Featured in this issue:

  • Fitness Center campaign
  • Marching Band
  • Statesman Athlete of the Week
A Viking's New Year's Resolution:                         Be who you needed when you were younger.
Fitness Center

When the North High weight room was built some 25 years ago with fundraising and labor by parents and alumni, it was considered a state-of -the-art facility.  Not any more!  Time and the elements have ravaged the room and the equipment, most of which is original.  In addition, curriculum has changed with new ideas of fitness.
Stationary bikes, those that are left, may be missing pedals or seats or both.  Still weights are rusted so that lifters cannot lift without getting rust on their clothing.  Ceiling insulation and weight benches have developed tears.  Weight platforms are crumbling.  The drinking fountain is becoming unsafe.  The rubber flooring is coming apart.
In a joint effort by your Viking Association, the Booster Club, and staff and students of the school a campaign is under way to repair and renovate the weight room into a 21st century era classroom to meet the needs of the nearly 1/3 of the student body who use this facility every year.  The room is used by 8 classes a semester averaging over 40 kids a class.  A minority of the students are athletes involved in any school sports.  Just under half are girls.

Over the years, the philosophy for usage of the facility has changed, with an increasing focus on learning for lifetime fitness, rather than just athletic training.  With increasing concern around obesity in young people, there is a greater need for fitness education.  In addition, more staff are interested in the room for fitness and weight loss.  WE WANT THE FACILITY TO BE A FITNESS CENTER, not just a weight room.

(Artist's schematics of future Fitness Center with weight platforms at upper left in bird's eye view and lower left, stationary bikes in middle above and lower right, bar and kettle bells and medicine balls upper right) 
North's athletic trainer, assigned to the school by Hope Orthopedic, uses the room for rehabilitation of injuries.  She would like to expand the capability of the facility to meet these needs. 

The School District has made a few repairs and repainted the room and hopes to add increased lighting and improve heating and ventilation.  But because the room and equipment was originally donated, District policies prohibit their replacement by the District.  SO IT IS UP TO US!

A campaign is under way to raise close to $200,000 to purchase new equipment and flooring. A steering committee has been formed and nearly 20 Viking Hall of Fame members have agreed to be an honorary steering committee, lending their names to the effort.  Students will be working to raise funds and encourage donations as well.  A letter has gone out to over 2500 Vikings, including most of you. 

We hope you will consider donating to this cause which impacts so many of North's students and staff.  We are obviously looking for major donors, both individual and business, and seeking grants as well.  But even the smallest donations will help us meet our goal and give you a sense of ownership for the project.  All donors' names will be listed on the room's wall.  Business donations over $1000 can have the business logo inscribed, the logo's size based on the size of the gift.

We are encouraging friends of the school to not only give in their own names, but in honor of others-like a son or daughter-and in memory of loved ones.  You can even make donations toward specific items of equipment (see the list in the letter that was sent out). 

If you have lost your letter, you can click on the "Donate" tab in the upper left "Links" area in this newsletter.  Here you may donate securely by credit card.  Or you can mail a check or cash to "Viking Association" with a memo to "Fitness" care of the Viking Association at North High, 765 14th St. NE, Salem OR 97301.  All donations are tax-deducible.

And don't forget to give to the ongoing operations of the Alumni and Friends Association.  Without these funds, we cannot keep doing what we are doing for the school.

Statesman Athlete of the Week

Junior Jessica Braun was voted the Statesman newspaper's Athlete of the Week for the Mid-Willamette Valley a couple weeks ago for her accomplishments on the North High swimming team.  She was an Athlete of the Week last spring for golf.

Band makes North Proud

The Pride of the Vikings Marching Band once again showed why "pride" is a part of their name.  The North High musicians and Color Guard were awarded first place among marching bands at the Festival of Lights Parade earlier this month in Keizer, Oregon.

The Jazz Band enlivened the halls with jolly holiday music the day before Winter Break.



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