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Viking Association

Mission Statement:

To create, promote, and sustain a "Viking-connected" community of alumni and friends, this Association will foster a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship among alumni, friends, North Salem High School (NSHS), its students and staff, and the community to support the mission, goals, and traditions of NSHS. 

Viking Association

Board of Directors:


Steve Chambers '62, President

Homer Wood '59, Vice President

Larry Smith '54, Treasurer

Vijitra Boonkoom '92, Secretary

Herb Triplett '54, Asst. Treas.

Doug Bolton '58

Dick Hornaday '53

Michael T. Smith (friend)

Ken Simila '58 

Sue Crothers '66

Kay Mattson '81


Feel free to contact the following:


Steve Chambers:

Michael T. Smith:

Homer Wood:








This is our first ever Special Edition, and it comes in response to two needs at North Salem High School.   Neither opportunity will cost you anything but TIME. These are other ways to give back to our great school.

The first is a State-sponsored program that is supported financially by the Alumni Association and which we hope eventually will reach every middle school and high school student in our attendance area.  Here is some information about the program and how YOU can help:

      • ASPIRE stands for Access to Student Assistance Programs In Reach of Everyone.
      • ASPIRE is a mentoring program that matches trained, supportive adult mentors with students to develop a plan to help them meet their education goals beyond high school.
      • ASPIRE mentors play a unique role in the life of a student as they help guide and assist them in pursuing education and training after graduation.
      • What makes a good mentor:
        • Enthusiasm
        • Having an interest in working with youth
        • Being reliable and consistent
        • Following program policies and procedures
      • Mentor Expectations:
        • Meet with students and encourage their interests
        • Explore careers, schools and scholarship opportunities with them
        • Proofread applications and essays for students
        • Keep students focused and on a timeline
        • Help students at FAFSA (the financial aid form) filing time
      • Mentor Training:
        • Mentors are trained and equipped by ASPIRE Specialists to support the students they're serving.
        • Training is easy and requires less than an hour of your time.
        • Resources are made available to mentors so they feel secure in their supportive role.
    • FAQ's:
      • How many hours will I need to volunteer?   As many as you have available to give.
      • How many students wil I be assigned?   As many as you feel comfortable working with.
      • How often will I meet with my student(s)?   Seniors: Once every 1-2 weeks   Other grades: Once every 1-2 months
      • How long do meetings last?   Average 15 minutes.
      • Do I need to have gone to college?   No
      • Do I need previous experience working with students?   No
Our tentative goal ts to have at least five alumni recruited and trained by the end of the first semester, preferably in October and November.  The need is far greater than just five, but this is a start.
If you have any other questions or want to volunteer, please contact:

Valerie Steele
Volunteer Services Director
Salem-Keizer Education Foundation
233 Commercial St NE
Salem, OR 97301

The second is a red carpet event to kick off the school year this coming week, and you are invited to join in the celebration!

State standards are getting higher than ever for our students so we want to encourage them to excel. North Salem High School is starting off the new year for incoming freshman by giving them the red carpet treatment on their first day of high school. 

On Tuesday, September 8, 2015, North Salem's freshmen will unload from buses on D Street, where they will enter the school by walking down a red carpet leading to the doors. The students will be "cheered in" by the school's leadership kids, the cheerleaders and football players, with applause and high fives. We have invited media, as well as the district's photographer to take photos. 

Place:    North Salem High School - 765 14th Street NE (D Street entrance)
Date:     Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Time:     7:00 a.m. or before
Parking is in the high school parking lot east of the railroad tracks (between North Salem High School and Parrish Middle School).

Students start arriving around 7:05 a.m. with the bulk of them arriving at school between 7:15 - 7:20 a.m. School starts at 7:30 a.m.

Wear  your red and black and join our celebration!



If you have not already done so, please send to Steve Chambers your full contact information (name, maiden name where applicable, street address, phone number, and graduating class or if your are a friend) as this will help us keep in contact should your e-mail address change.


Please forward this newsletter to other Vikings so they can also stay in touch with the school.