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Number 32

July 2014

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Viking Association

Mission Statement:

To create, promote, and sustain a "Viking-connected" community of alumni and friends, this Association will foster a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship among alumni, friends, North Salem High School (NSHS), its students and staff, and the community to support the mission, goals, and traditions of NSHS. 

Viking Association

Board of Directors:


Steve Chambers '62, President

Homer Wood '59, Vice President

Larry Smith '54, Treasurer

David Rhoten, '52 Secretary

Herb Triplett '54, Asst. Treas.

Doug Bolton '58, Asst. Secr.

Dick Hornaday '53

Michael T. Smith (friend)

Ken Simila '58 

Kay Mattson '81

Vijitra Boonkoom '92 


Feel free to contact the following:


Steve Chambers:

Michael T. Smith:

Homer Wood:







Featured in this issue:

  • Summer school
  • PE field upgrade
North High News

Homecoming 2014


Homecoming this year will be on Friday, September 26.  Our football opponent will be McMinnville, a new team in our conference, along with Forest Grove, and once again West Albany.  There will be the usual festivities of pep assembly, Hall of Fame induction, Homecoming Parade, and the game.  The Viking Association is going to try to start a new tradition with an all-class social event for alums.  Stay tuned for more information!


North High in the Summer


When summer vacation starts for most students, North High doesn't go to sleep. 


Summer School


There are three different summer school programs operating at North High this summer.  The Summer Transition Program, headed by Brad Lomax (class of 2000), has about 200 students who are incoming Viking freshmen.  They are getting a head start on skills that will make them successful at the high school level.  In addition to working on math, reading, and writing, the young people are learning "survival skills" for high school. Also, students are doing career exploration, including how to apply for a summer job, like the State Fair.


The Migrant Education Summer School works with around 80 migrant students from the entire school district.  They are honing their reading, writing and math abilities, while improving their English language skills.


The third program is Credit Recovery.  Students who are short on credits for graduation and who have not yet passed the State Tests in writing and math (now required for graduation in the state of Oregon) are doing remedial work to get those credits.  They must complete work samples in the areas of the state tests in lieu of the exams at this point.


Finally, the North High cafeteria is being used this summer for a Federal free breakfast and lunch program


This is not an empty school during summer time.


Building Renovations


The last capital bond measure passed by Salem-Keizer voters included money for repairs and renovations.  This summer several projects are improving our 77 year-old beautiful facility.  One of the largest endeavors District-wide is changing the flushing mechanism on every toilet in the District!  It is estimated that over 300,000 gallons of water will be saved every year as a result.


Photo by Lt. Col. Dwight Morse, NSHS JROTC

The bleachers in the gymnasium are being replaced.  The old ones were becoming unsafe.  The new ones will be easier for the custodial staff to pull out for events and store for PE use of the facility.  In addition, the gym floor is being resurfaced.


Phase II of the Bistro, the rooms for the Culinary Arts classes ("cooking" classes have been upgraded), features new cook stoves, replacing very old and outdated ones and new heating and cooling stations.  The Culinary Arts program, one of two in Salem-Keizer, will be able to more effectively cater events, as well as help prepare students for careers in food preparation and service.


The rickety stairs and ramps to the five portable classrooms are being torn down and replaced.  This is another safety consideration.  Portables were intended to be temporary, but budget constraints have led to their becoming permanent, so they need to be fixed up on occasion.


The band room sustained water damage last year as the sprinklers deployed during a small fire.  Carpets are being removed and tile put on the floors.  The band will notice a difference in acoustics when they return.


The final big project is the removal of the two very large chimneys related to the old, obsolete heating system for the building.  They are no longer used and are considered a real potential danger in case of earthquake.  The skyline profile of the building will definitely be changed, particularly from the back of the school. 


With all of this going on, the awesome custodial and maintenance staff for North High, headed by Jesus Ochoa, is doing a great job to get the school ready for the start of school in September.  Every room, every hallway, every office, every restroom is being completely cleaned and any repairs that are needed are done. 

Alumni News


PE/Softball Field



            In the future....?

A big capital improvement project led by the Viking Association is underway.  Recently we have had articles about the condition of our PE area, which is also used for softball games and football practices.  As there is no money from the School District for this, the Viking Association is asking for contributions to install artificial turf on the field so it is usable more often and by more groups.  We hope Viking donors will be a generous as they were to raise money for the football field, as well as the weightlifting facility before that.  Please go to our website to see how you can make your tax-deductible donations.



This year's class of Hall of Fame inductees have been chosen.  They are:


Distinguished Lifetime - Janet Taylor (former Salem mayor)


Achievement - Gary June (publishing company executive)


Service - Jon Yoder (North High science teacher)

Athletics - Grant Harter (basketball player)


We will have more information about these recipients next month.




It's reunion season.  Send us your pictures!


Honor Roll


The Honor Roll features alumni of Salem and North Salem High who have received honors or who have performed services to their communities, the nation, the world, or North High.  We will publish them by class, so you can conveniently look up classmates.  But we will need your help!  There are no stories without story-tellers, so if you know of someone who has received an honor or done something noteworthy, please let us know.  We hope it catches on, because our alumni are involved in a lot of things.  We will keep the clips up for about a year.  Send in your entries to Steve Chambers at the e-mail address in the left sidebar or at the bottom of the page.  Digital photos are welcome.

 Link:   HONOR ROLL 



If you have not already done so, please send to Steve Chambers your full contact information (name, maiden name where applicable, street address, phone number, and graduating class or if your are a friend) as this will help us keep in contact should your e-mail address change.


Please forward this newsletter to other Vikings so they can also stay in touch with the school.