Boatyard Ramblings
October 2015
Word of Mouth

Funny how things come back to us. In this fast-paced world where we depend so much on blogs, forums and social media for referrals or recommendations, it's surprising how much of our business at Pelican's Perch is simply a verbal referral from a satisfied customer. Just plain old-fashioned, but still extremely relevant word of mouth. Almost 90% of the business we track comes from that.

Many of the things we believe in reflect good old-fashioned values. Our word is everything to us. Quality work done right the first time, at a fair price. Genuine Southern hospitality with a truly welcoming smile and helpful attitude. A comfortable and enjoyable boatyard experience.

That's what defines Pelican's Perch and makes us one of the most well-known and personally recommended boatyards on the coast. For us, we didn't have to come back to it as we never changed, it's always been that way at Pelican's Perch and always will be.

More Marine Supplies. More convenience.
Bill has always made the ship store his passion. And he's good at it. If he doesn't have what you need, he'll find it...quickly. With the recent closing of a local marine store Bill's taken advantage of opportunity and is expanding his inventory and store. This is good news for you as nobody wants to look for a part while in the middle of a project.
Stop by and see the new, expanded store next time you're at the marina and let Bill fix you up with what you need.
Expanded Yard Space
It's no secret David's been busy in the yard this entire year. Work space has become a premium and motivated us to create an additional three haul outs and work spaces immediately adjacent to the office. These new gravel areas are ready to go and will provide some sorely needed relief to David.
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