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August 2014
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Mahogany Mill Boat Ramp

State and local officials gathered at the new Mahogany Mill Boat Ramp on June 25 to cut the ribbon on Florida's first major construction project to be funded with money from the Natural Resources Damage Assessment funded by BP PLC in the wake of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

The previously abandoned industrial site was transformed into a three-lane boat ramp, complete with plenty of parking, green space filled with native plants and porous concrete paving to prevent run-off issues in Pensacola Bay.

The boat ramp also marks the reversal of a poor environmental legacy at that location. The Mahogany Mill received shipments of the namesake wood from Central America, which it processed at the rate of 400,000 board feet per month. 

Crews had to deal with hazardous waste and other mill equipment left behind when they began construction on the park. The renovated area is now a 2.32-acre park, located next to Harbor View Marina and just off of Fla. 292, and Old Barrancas Ave.


Only one 6KW Northern Lights Generator left in stock. Ready to ship.  Save 5% on all models (5-38KW) when ordered in the month of August. Call today and Save $$$.


The ideal 6kW generator set is small and lightweight. The M673L3 certainly qualifies. But it stands apart through its remarkable long-life reliability. The reason? The M673L3 runs at 1800 rpm (1500 rpm for 50 Hz), instead of 3600 rpm. The M673L3 has a balanced Lugger three cylinder diesel instead of a rough two banger.


Four plateform isolation mounts reduce vibration transmission even more. M673L3 has a Sound Maze air intake system. Air enters through a molded rubber hose and an acoustic dampening chamber. Air goes in but much less noise gets out.


The generator's automatic voltage regulator is powered by an auxiliary AC stator winding that isolates it from the main windings. The AVR always has clean power to provide excitation for faster load response and better motor starting. Your air conditioner and other motor driven equipment will love being matched with the 673. A 30 amp AC circuit breaker in the junction box protects your wiring. Safety shutdowns for low oil pressure, high coolant temperature and high exhaust temperature protect your engine.


The M673L3 meets US EPA Tier III emission standards. You, your moorage neighbors and the environment will all benefit. 1800 rpm reliability, low emissions, quiet operation and strong motor starting. Good things do come in small packages.

Big Mike's Fiberglass

Big Mike's Fiberglass is a small, family owned fiberglass boat repair company, owned and operated by Mike Lunn, and son, Justin.  Their repair shop is located at Harbor View Marina, across the bridge from Pelican's Perch Marina.  Services offered include collision repair, custom work, gelcoat repair and insurance work. For more information on the services offered visit their website.

David's Boatyard Tip

Check Zinc Anodes Every Six Months


Protecting your equipment from electrolysis requires the use of sacrificial zinc anodes. Typically found on your shafts, trim tabs and, in older applications, rudders. Fresh zincs on your boat are key to helping keep your gear healthy and working properly, the zincs need to be attached to a clean surface for a good bond, and sanding the shaft clean before installation is recommended.


Also, keep your boat bottom clean improves fuel economy and improves the life of bottom paint.

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