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June 2014

The Importance of Giving and Receiving



This story began one day as our Bill Guttman showed Pastor Roy Bowden from New Life Ministries, two sailboats at the docks that were offered for donation to his ministry. Pastor Roy accepted the two boats and appreciated the donation. As the two made their way back down the docks Pastor Roy noticed a section of dock in disrepair where the Tenneco once docked. Then, from his heart, the Pastor offered to repair that dock and other sections of dock throughout the Marina that were in need of some TLC.


The New Life Ministry, which helps veterans rebuild their lives, quickly went to work on the project. Pastor Roy said the drive behind the project was to say how much they appreciated the Pelicans Perch staff for believing in what they do to help veterans. He went on to say, "we appreciate the fact that they have given our program folks hope in a time where hope seems scarce." Friendship and generosity is what this relationship between Pelican's Perch and New Life Ministry is made of. The women and men that participated in the build did a wonderful job bringing the area back to life. Pelican's Perch is very thankful for the hard work put in by the ministry. Check out the finished product next time you are on the docks!






Hurricane Season is Back


The 2014 hurricane season has officially arrived...are you prepared? Reserve your spot in the Hurricane Plan in case"that storm" decides to pay us a visit. Our new 50-ton Marine Travel Lift is the fastest and most rapid lifting Travel Lift in the area, and because of its mechanical condition, should provide the most reliable, trouble-free service as well. Our Hurricane Plan only has six spaces remaining, so don't delay on reserving your spot. See details online and call Bill or Patsy for assistance 850-453-3471.

Bottom Job Package


Is it time for a fresh bottom job? We currently have a bottom job package deal starting as low as $50 per foot that includes: haul-out, pressure washing, blocking, and laydays. Plus two coats of anti-fouling paint. Seahawk and Pettit Trinidad is our choice of bottom paint. There has been a waiting list all year until right the Marina for more details!

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