September 2013   

A busy fall at Dawson Strategic

New projects cropped up like dandelions this summer and Dawson Strategic enters the fall with a full workload of interesting commercial and trade policy issues. Increasingly, our client work is drawing us into new economic issues such as the nexus between trade and security, the digital economy, prospects for fulfilling the Canada-US perimeter security plan, and the role of states/provinces in binational supply chains.  At the regional level, we have been very involved in the development of the Council of the Great Lakes Region, and look forward to continuing involvement on CGLR's economic and border projects. READ MORE

IP, Trade and Pharma

Recent research by Dawson Strategic

In "Strong Medicine: Can Free Trade Agreements Cure Canada's Pharmaceutical Ills?" we argue that, as a condition of accepting IP reforms in our trade negotiations with the European Union and in the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Canada must ensure that strengthened IP protection yields increased investment in pharmaceutical research and development. 
 "Canada's Trade Agreements and the Pharmaceutical Industry: The Road to Asia Runs Through Brussels" examines the economic benefits to Canada of both the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the Trans-Pacific Partnership and concludes that the benefits of these trade agreements far exceed the potential additional costs that might result from bringing Canada's IP protection regime in line with those in other developed nations. READ MORE
Defensive Interests key for Canada in TPP
The TPP does not offer Canada strong market access gains in the short term but the agreement is important for a series of strategic reasons
In a paper recently published by the Fraser Institute, we examine some of the reasons why the TPP is important for achieving Canada's trade objectives. The TPP provides Canada and its other members with the opportunity to address issues such as electronic commerce, digital media, and third-party logistics that had not yet entered the commercial mainstream when Canada negotiated the NAFTA and WTO agreements in the early 1990s. The agreement also offers a defense against the erosion of NAFTA preferences. Canada's presence at the negotiating table helps to ensure that the terms of the final agreement are at least consistent with NAFTA so that Canada does not have to undertake costly reforms to adapt to a new system. READ MORE
Launch of Canada-U.S. Energy Technology Leadership Group
A binational partnership for energy innovation

Recent investments in the energy sector in Canada and the U.S. have led to significant advances in innovative, cutting-edge technologies that increase the safety and efficiency of resource development. In response to the rapid development of this industry and a constantly changing policy landscape, senior management executives from Canadian and American companies formed the Energy Technology Leadership Group in July 2013. Led by Washington, DC-based specialists Paul Frazer and  Bryan Tackettthe Technology Leadership Group is working directly with Canadian and American legislators and regulators  to assist them in drafting more accurate legislation and regulations. READ MORE

Xena takes Dawson Strategic to task on TPP
Laura and Xena discuss TPP in a Twitter exchange of ideas
Yes, Xena, Warrior Princess, known in real life as Lucy Lawless, responded to our report on the TPP recently published by the Fraser Institute. We are pleased to see that our ideas inspire debate among mortals and superheroes alike. READ MORE

In our advisory work, we help solve to cross-border problems before they become crises by engaging the right players at the right level and finding common interests on both sides. Businesses, if you get jammed up at the border once, call talk radio but if it happens five times, call Dawson Strategic.

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