November 2012   

Sustaining the Crude Economy
New report examines future prospects for Canadian energy competitiveness in global markets
Canada is a nation rich in energy resources. Oil, natural gas, hydro, uranium, coal, wind - Canada has abundant supplies of renewable and non-renewable resources. We are the largest foreign supplier of oil to the United States and the world's third largest natural gas producer and exporter. But the game is changing: shrinking US demand for imports, inability to service Asian markets, distribution bottlenecks, inefficient regulatory processes, and labour shortages will impair the ability of Canadian energy producers to compete in global energy markets. Does Canada need a comprehensive national energy strategy to tackle these challenges? In a recent report published by the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, we argue that the answer is no. READ MORE

Canada, China and Foreign Investment  

Canada must engage with China using rules-based frameworks

Becoming activists in national debate on the proposed Foreign Investment Protection and Promotion Agreement (FIPA) was not planned but we were surprised by the distorted information that opponents were using to get Canadians riled up. There were claims  that Canada was signing a free trade agreement with China (not true),  that we could oppose no future Chinese investment (not true), and that the FIPA obligated Canada to provide unfettered access to Canadian energy reserves (also not true).   A major news organization called Laura asking for a rebuttal and the result is a plain-language explanation of the agreement. READ MORE
Issues and Interests in the TPP
Canada has ample opportunity to participate in negotiations in the key areas of the agreement

Having received the blessing of US Congress on October 9th, Canada will take its seat at the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiating table in New Zealand on December 3rd for the 15th round of negotiations towards what is being dubbed a "next generation 21st century trade agreement".As negotiations unfold over the next several months, it will become clear where Canadian and American interests and positions will converge, and where there will be dissonance. READ MORE 

A Safe and Smart Border
Encouraging signs of progress, but are the RCC and BTB initiatives sustainable?
The Canada-U.S. Regulatory Cooperation Council and Beyond the Border have shown some encouraging signs of progress but in a new paper published by the Woodrow Wilson Center, Laura Dawson and Christopher Sands question the sustainability of the process. From the perspective of the smaller partner, Laura suggests that Canada can build better cooperation with the U.S. when we demonstrate how North American regulatory cooperation and border management can help serve our shared trade objectives in emerging markets in Asia and beyond. On December 12, Christopher and Laura will meet at the Wilson Center in Washington to discuss the progress in the first year and to introduce their new paper "A Safe and Smart Border." READ MORE
US Election Punditry
Drama, speculation and a little gambling
Laura honed her punditry skills as a recurring election panelist on CTV's Powerplay.  Host Don Martin and various US panellists were a lot of fun but it soon became evident that Laura should not make bets on national television.  READ MORE
Where in the World is Dawson Strategic?
From the Great Lakes to the Big Easy and the Far East, we've been stacking up the Aeroplan miles

No one can argue that international trade consulting opens doors to a lot of travel - sometimes nearby, sometimes halfway around the world. Over the past few months, we've been to Buffalo, New Orleans, Kyrgyzstan and a few places in between. READ MORE



Dawson Strategic's client advisory work is closely tied to our research program. We have interesting projects in manufacturing, procurement, anti-contraband, border facilitation and transportation, among others. In our advisory work, we help solve to cross-border problems before they become crises by engaging the right players at the right level and finding common interests on both sides.


Businesses, if you get jammed up at the border once, call talk radio but if it happens five times, call Dawson Strategic.

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