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2013 Smart Soccer Camp Registration

NOW is the time!

The month of June is prime time to register for the Smart Soccer camp we look forward to seeing your child at one of our camps this summer.

Camp fees will remain the same through the month of June but may increase July 1 so register TODAY to guarantee the current camp fees.

Please view camp locations and all relevant details on our camp registration page.


I am proud to announce my wife Bonnie raised $15,900 during her recent fundraising campaign in support of Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Great job Bonnie!

All candidates combined raised over $300,000 for a great cause!


Summer Soccer on the Horizon       

My June blog has been posted to accompany this newsletter please read here.
2013 Smart Soccer Camps

Since 1988!


groupOur 2013 Smart Soccer camp schedule and all camp applications are now posted on the website.

As I said above NOW is prime time for camp registration -- Don't Miss Out!

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Coaching Corner

Soccer Skills    


When teaching youngsters the main soccer skills are dribbling, passing, receiving / control and shooting. These can be taught in isolation as techniques then developed as skills with the advent of pressure on the player practicing the skill. In a nutshell this is the key approach. Increase the pressure to develop and enhance the skill.

Heading is introduced as a more advanced skill for older players (there are several different types of heading technique) and then of course there is the very specialist position of goalkeeping.

All of these skills need to be developed over time in the hope players then become proficient performing them in real game situations.


Of course I have diluted into two or three sentences concepts that people write books about - maybe I will one day!


As always with youth players keep it fun if they enjoy it they come back for more!

Cheerio for now.