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149314335 Welcome to the first Smart Soccer newsletter of 2013!

I hope your young soccer player has had the chance to kick the ball during the (too long?) winter months. Spring soccer is finally on the horizon!

May I begin by saying how proud I am of my wife Bonnie as she undertakes a ten week fundraising campaign to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It is such a worthy cause and Bonnie has planned several fun events in March and April that are being fully supported by family and friends.

Please learn more about Bonnie's upcoming trivia event and her campaign generally here and here.


Soccer Here, There - Everywhere!      

A brief March blog has been posted to accompany this newsletter please read here
2013 Smart Soccer Camps

Since 1988!


groupOur 2013 Smart Soccer camp schedule is posted on the website and we hope to have applications posted sometime in March.

Please stay tuned for further details on another great camp season!

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Coaching Corner

Squads Not Teams?   


With younger children creating small 'rigid' teams is very often counter productive leading to one sided games, lack of players when one or two fail to show and limited activities in the practice environment. This year in the spring I am introducing the 'squad' system to help alleviate some of these challenges. A squad can loosely be defined as two or more teams combined for the purpose of practices and games.


Another benefit of this approach is team coaching where, instead of working in isolation, coaches can benefit from sharing idea and practice activities. When coaches work effectively in cooperation it is not only more enjoyable for them, but much more fun and beneficial for the kids!


A program like this will always have its logistical challenges but if we are to make the enjoyment and soccer development of the child the priority then surely we can work to overcome any organizational challenges we may encounter. Let's hope so!

Cheerio for now.