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9 September 2013

Happy September!

I hope this finds you well! Yet whether life feels like the best we've ever known, the worst we've ever known, or anywhere in between, isn't it amazing how yoga practice makes it (even) better? Every time.

Just one class can make such a wonderful difference. And over time, with consistent, repeated practice? Ahhhhh, the experience of yoga just keeps opening us to even greater joy, freedom, strength, ease, and peace.

Getting to enjoy a community all practicing yoga together? Pure joy! We uplift one another, all together journeying beyond where we ever imagined we could.

My passion is for you to have your own experiences of all the ways that consistent yoga practice can so effectively support, empower, and continually revitalize you. Plus it's fun. And it develops fitness and health in every aspect of being.

Listening to you is what I enjoy best. Please share with me your experiences - your successes, your challenges, your breakdowns, your breakthroughs, what you notice about yoga and anything else.

To all yoga practitioners at the shala, I say a great big "Thank you!" You continually amaze and inspire me. See you soon! 

If you haven't been in a while or are new to yoga or the shala, you are invited to come on in! You can even register for a class online. Or call, text, or email with any questions.


Looking forward to hearing from you,




Top 10 reasons not to do yoga

A few years ago, yoga teacher Sadie Nardini published an article entitled Top 10 Reasons Not to Do Yoga.

It's true.

If you would rather look older, are a fan of heavy metal toxicity build-up in your body, are an athlete who doesn't want speed or endurance, welcome growing heavier with age, hate what you've seen of yoga, enjoy long hospital stays, prefer slow mental decline as you age, enjoy being stressed or aggravated, are a fan of feeling chronic pain in your lower back, or savor insomnia, then you won't want to do yoga.

If, however, any of these things aren't true for you... well, what's holding you back?

You can! 
youcan"I can't do yoga."

Can you breathe?

Can you show up on your mat consistently, repeatedly? Just keep returning, keep practicing?

Can you become curious about your experience, whatever it is in the moment? And relax into it to see what unfolds?

This is all that's needed to experience the benefits of yoga. Just keep showing up, keep practicing. Let each experience be the unique experience it is. Breathe.

Everything else comes with time, through consistent steady practice, allowing your experience to unfold. 

In the yoga tradition, there's a wonderful promise that consistently proves itself true: No effort in the practice of yoga is ever wasted.

Just start practicing, keep practicing, and prepare to be amazed.
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