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Summer 2014 Newsletter
We would like to extend a warm congratulations to all of our students who graduated this semester:

Carter, Brendan MSPH
Cook, Kyla MSPH
Davoodi, Parnian MSPH
Dodson, Brittany MSPH
Duggan, Natasha MSPH
Eyoh, Enwonoabasi MSPH
Ghaffar, Atif MPHTM
Gulaya, Karan MD/MPH
 Kurniadi, Angela MPHTM
Levy, Deborah MSPH
Mancuso, Brooke MSPH
Molina, Emily MSPH
Oosterhouse, Tabitha MPHTM
Penney, Jessica MD/MPH
Roundy, Christopher MSPH
Ryani, Majed MPHTM
Shankar, Nivedita MSPH
Solomon, Heather MSPH
Stremick, Justine MD/MPH
Terhune, Elizabeth MSPH
Tomann, Margaret MSPH
Weingard, Matthew MD/MPH
Weinstein, Corey MSPH

We wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors, and we hope you will keep in touch!


Faculty Highlights
Assistant Professor Patricia Scaraffia, PhD received the Corinne Adams Baines Professorship Award from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. This professorship was established by Corinne Adams Baines, a Tulane SPHTM alumna, to honor an outstanding or promising faculty member in the School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine.
Associate Professor Daniel Bausch, MD was part of a delegation of experts from the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene who made a visit to Washington's Capitol Hill to advocate for continued funding for research in tropical medicine and global health.
Student and Fellow Highlights
Anusha Gopalakrishnan, PhD has accepted a post-doctoral position at the Duke University Medical Center. We will miss her in the Kumar lab and wish her the best in the future!

Christina Kozycki, MD, MPH&TM received a second year of support from the UJMT Fogarty Global Health Fellowship. She is working with the University of Rwanda and the Malaria and Other Parasitic Division of the MOH to explore factors that influence the performance of rapid diagnostic tests for malaria.

Masters student Nilima Mehta was selected to be a 2014-2015 New Orleans Albert Schweitzer Fellow. She will spend the next year implementing an education program to raise awareness about human trafficking and prostitution in the New Orleans area. She will also design a resource to aid in establishing future homes for trafficking survivors in other communities.

Christopher Roundy, MSPH received the Tulane SPH&TM Alumni Association and Student Recognition Award.
Justine Stremick, MPH&TM was given the Charles C. Bass Award for Outstanding Student in the MPH&TM Program.
Doctoral student Trevor Thompson
was awarded a 2014-2015 UJMT Fogarty Global Health Fellowship to work in Mali under Dr. Don Krogstad's mentorship. 
Corey Weinstein, MSPH was presented with the Ernest Carroll Faust Award for Outstanding Student in the MSPH Program.

DTM Happenings
Leadership changes
In April Dr. Nirbhay Kumar resigned from his position as Chair of the Department of Tropical Medicine. On behalf of all faculty, staff, post-docs, and students, we would like to thank Dr. Kumar for his years of service as Chair. We are very grateful for his strong leadership and his unwavering commitment to the department's growth, and we look forward to his continued role as DTM faculty.

We would like to welcome DTM professor Preston Marx, PhD as Interim Chair of our department. Dr. Marx also has an appointment as the Chair of the Division of Microbiology at the Tulane National Primate Research Center in Covington, LA, and his research interests include Simian models for AIDS pathogenesis, HIV vaccines, and strategies for preventing HIV transmission to women. If you have not yet had a chance to meet Dr. Marx, feel free to stop by his office and introduce yourself.
Mardi Gras 2014
We celebrated the carnival season with our annual King Cake Party. You can check out the photos from the event here
Health Sciences Research Days 2014
Post-doctoral fellow Rajesh Kumar and PhD students Nell Bond, Claribel Murillo, and Catherine Nation presented posters at Tulane's 25th annual Health Sciences Research Days.
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Get to Know Your Colleague
Meet Maria Teresa Mojica Ortiz -- a doctoral student visiting from Colombia. Maria Teresa is completing her internship research with Dr. Claudia Herrera, a post-doctoral fellow in the department. She is doing molecular diagnosis and genotyping of Trypanosoma cruzi in samples from some mammal reservoirs in northern Colombia; the results of this work will allow her to complete her doctoral thesis. Maria Teresa works as an Investigator and teacher in the Medicine Program at Magdelena University in Santa Marta, Colombia. Even before her visit to New Orleans she knew of the Tulane Department of Tropical Medicine -- one her her collaborators in Santa Marta, Dr. Juan Carlos Dib, is an alumnus of the department, and DTM faculty Dr. Mark Wiser has taught classes in her PhD program in Colombia. Maria Teresa enjoys spending her free time on the rugby field; she is training with the New Orleans Women's Rugby team and has a chance to participate in a few tournaments this summer before returning to Colombia.

DTM doctoral student Trevor Thompson is from Evangeline Parish in central Louisiana and was raised in a large Cajun family. Growing up in rural Louisiana exposed him to public health challenges and social disparities that affected him, his family, and his community and helped convince Trevor that the power of modern science should be used to combat these issues. His interest in global health began as an undergraduate studying parasitology with Dr. William Font at Southeastern Louisiana University and grew during his time as a research technician working with Dr. Frank Cogswell and Dr. Preston Marx at the Tulane National Primate Research Center. Trevor's career goal is to contribute to global malaria elimination by developing interventions based on biomedical research. His training with Dr. Donald Krogstad in the DTM has helped Trevor appreciate how molecular biology can improve our understanding of the epidemiology, biology and transmission of malaria to humans and the pathogenesis of human disease. He was recently awarded the UJMT Fogarty Global Health Fellowship, and he is excited to work on developing field-adaptable diagnostic methods for detecting asymptomatic P. falciparum infections at the University of Bamako in Mali under the supervision of Dr. Ousmane Koita. Trevor is particularly interested in the ability of vector-borne parasites to evade the selective pressures exerted by their vertebrate and invertebrate hosts. When he's not in the lab, you can find him running, gardening and experiencing the music of New Orleans. 

Alumni Spotlight
Alumnus gives seminar at Tulane
DTM alumnus Dr. Mark Riddle (MD/MPH '97) gave a departmental special seminar titled "Development of vaccines against bacterial diarrheas: needs, challenges, and progress" in February. Dr. Riddle is a Commander in the Medical Corps of the United States Navy and boarded in General Public Health & Preventive Medicine. He is a 1997 graduate of Tulane University where he earned both his MD and MPH&TM. Dr. Riddle has over 13 years in the field of applied clinical research and epidemiology ranging from pre-clinical vaccine development and clinical vaccine and drug development to vaccine health economics and market assessment. He currently serves as the Head of the Enteric Diseases Department (EDD) and leads a multi-disciplinary effort to develop new vaccines and define the burden of chronic disease sequelae of acute enteric infections through epidemiology, proteomics, and systems biology approaches.
Where in the world is Trop Med?
Faculty aids with the Ebola outbreak
Dr. Daniel Bausch was part of a team of experts sponsored by the WHO Global Outbreak and Alert Network to respond to the outbreak of Ebola virus in Guinea, West Africa. He joined in providing clinical care for patients suffering from this devastating disease as well as assisting in organizing the tracing of contacts. You can read some of Dr. Bausch's commentary on the outbreak here and here. DTM Assistant Clinical Professor Dr. Frederique Jacquerioz is currently responding to the outbreak in Guinea as well.
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Dr. Mark Riddle giving a special seminar on enteric vaccines.

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Justine receiving the Bass Award

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