Week of December 14, 2015   Volume 3 Issue 16
Textbook Buyback with
Rental Return
Rental Books are Due Back by December 21
The Campus Store will be hosting a textbook buyback and rental return event this Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm and Saturday from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm.

Remember to bring your ID!

This Week's Schedule of Events

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Today's Events
Finals Study Break: Finals Feast

Today from 8:00 - 10:00 pm at the Church of the Covenant
Take a break and enjoy donuts, refreshments, games and an open gym! Sponsored by the Church of the Covenant.

Study Snacks at the Library

The Library will be offering light snacks at the User Services Desk on several occasions during finals week:
Today from 7:00 am to 10:00 am and 9:00 pm to Midnight 
Tuesday from 7:00 am to 10:00 am

Parkhurst Cookie Exchange

Let Parkhurst Do Your Holiday Baking! 
No Stress and Less Mess! Contact kbailey@washjeff.edu for more information.

Register for Intro to Latin American Politics!

POL 250-02 is offered on MW at 2:15-3:50 pm, in Old Main 205
If you are looking for another course to finish up your Spring schedule, POL 250-02 still has openings!

Course Description
Introduction to Latin American politics. Focus is on political issues surrounding economic development in the Latin American context: political preconditions, policy choices of Latin American regimes and leaders, and political consequences of development in general, and of those policy choices in particular. Course also compares the political systems and development trajectories of Latin American countries to other countries in the world.

Extended Library Hours for Finals

The Library will be open the following extended hours for Reading Days and Finals.
Saturday, Dec. 12: 9 am to 9 pm
Sunday, Dec. 13: 11 am to 3 am (snacks from 9 pm to midnight)
Monday, Dec. 14: 7 am to 3 am (snacks from 7-10 am and 9 pm to midnight)
Tuesday, Dec. 15: 7 am to 3 am (snacks from 7-10 am and 9 pm to midnight)
Friday, Dec. 18: 8 am to midnight

A Note from Information & Technology Services

As we approach the holiday season and the end of the 2015 Fall term, the Office of Information & Technology Services would like to thank you for helping us maintain a secure and stable computing environment across campus.  Please take a moment to review our recently updated Terms of Service agreement, which includes helpful information on the use of technology resources, as well as new information on supported and unsupported devices.  The ITS HelpDesk is available to assist all members of the Campus community.  Please feel free to call the HelpDesk at campus extension 6022, or send an email to helpdesk@washjeff.edu.
Winter Break Closing

Halls close at 10:00 am on Sunday, December 20th. All students should vacate the halls by this time, but are expected to leave within 24 hours after their last final. Halls will reopen on January 6th for any student enrolled in an Intersession course or participating in a W&J sanctioned activity during the month of January. The halls will reopen on Tuesday, February 2nd for the Spring Semester. 

Keep Your Bike Warm This Winter!

Do you have a bicycle on campus, but don't have anywhere to store it this winter and don't want to have to take it home? The Sustainability Committee is offering indoor bike storage to students on campus! This is only available to a limited number of students, and it will be on a first come first serve reservation basis. The bike storage unit will be in the lower level of Beau in a locked unit, and you will be able to lock your bike to wall-mounted bike racks in the room. Students utilizing the bike storage will receive a key to the room. If you have questions or would like to reserve a spot for your bicycle, please email sustainability@washjeff.edu.
Athletic Facilities Holiday Hours of Operation

Swanson Wellness Center
Dec. 19-20: Closed
Dec. 21-23: Open 8:00 am - 6:30 pm
Dec. 24 - Jan. 3: Closed
Jan. 4 - Jan. 6: Open 8:00 am - 6:30 pm
Jan. 7 - Resume normal business hours
Henry Memorial Center
Dec. 19-20: Closed
Dec. 21-23: Open 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Dec. 24 - Jan. 3: Closed
Jan. 4 - Jan. 6: Open 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Jan. 7 - Resume normal business hours
Henry Memorial Pool
Dec. 19 - Jan. 6: Closed
Jan. 7:  Resume normal business hours
Swanson Tennis Courts
Closed for winter (December 9 - March 1)

Intersession Housing

If you intend to live on campus for Intersession, you must complete the Intersession Housing Request Form, which can be accessed on the Residence Life Spire page, to have swipe access to your residence hall over the Intersession Term.  The Office of Residence Life will not automatically include you on the approved roster for Intersession Housing just because you register for a course.

Intersession housing is designed for students that are registered for Intersession classes, student athletes in season, students working for a campus office, or an international student approved to stay.  For student workers on campus, your office will need to contact the Office of Residence Life at reslife@washjeff.edu or 724-229-5120 to verify that you are going to be working over Intersession.

Intersession housing will open on Wednesday, January 6th, at 12:00 pm. Classes begin the following day.

Important Info: Next Semester Meal Plans

It is that time of year again when W&J students have the opportunity to change their meal plans. Once again, we are doing it online so please follow the link below in order to change your meal plan for next semester.  If you want to stay on the same meal plan as the Fall 2015 semester you do not need to do anything! 
Please remember that you only have until Spring Semester drop/add to change your meal plan which is Wednesday February 10, 2016, there will be no meal plan changes taken after this date. 

If you have any questions about meal plans please contact Heather Breedlove in the Business Office.  She can be reached at hbreedlove@washjeff.edu or 724-223-6013

Student Employment Opportunities!

Student Ambassadors & Student Fellows for Fall 2016
The Office of Admission seeks articulate, responsible, and
energetic students to represent the College by interacting with prospective students and families, providing campus tours, interviewing prospective students, assisting with Admission events, and performing office tasks.
Start Date:  Fall Semester 2016 (training occurs in Spring semester 2016)
Applications are due by 5:00 PM Friday, January 15th.
Selected applicants invited to interview will be contacted the following week to set up interviews!
Student Ambassadors
Job Description:  Student Ambassadors work with the Office of Admission staff to ensure successful and informative campus tours, events, open houses and overnight programs for visitors.  The nature of the work will require some weekend and evening commitments, especially during the spring semester.  Ambassadors will assist with a variety of office responsibilities including, but not limited to: campus visit and event coordination, office communication, application processing, etc.
A successful candidate must be able to work independently with little direction and have strong organizational skills. Students must also possess outstanding interpersonal skills and enjoy communicating with a variety of people. In addition, Student Ambassadors must be able to adapt to the changing needs of the office environment.
Student Fellows
Job Description:  We are seeking current freshmen, sophomores and juniors who are articulate, responsible, and show great leadership within the College community. Student Fellows are a prestigious and select group of students who assist our office in interviewing prospective students who visit the College.  Not only do interviews with a Student Fellow give prospective students a chance to meet with a person who can give them first-hand information about the W&J experience, but it will give our Student Fellows the opportunity to assist in recruiting potentially successful students to our College.  Student Fellows will primarily conduct interviews on Saturdays.
Students do not have to be work study eligible to apply.
However, this position may be used for work study hours if eligible.
Questions/Concerns?  Please contact Katelyn Glaser at kglaser@washjeff.edu

Japan - Intersession 2017

Interested? Contact Dr. Miller
Any students who are interested in the Japan 2017 Intersession trip should talk with their parents over fall break about how to use the Intersession experience and begin making plans now. If you are interested in taking the 2017 Intersession trip to Japan, Please see Dr. Miller (Old Main, 204 F) or e-mail him at smiller@washjeff.edu as soon as possible.

Winter Tales 14

Submission Deadline is December 31
Winter Tales 14 is W&J's next annual 10-minute-play festival, which will premier eight new plays this February.  This year, we present a line of dialogue to inspire any playwrights who might suffer from writer's block upon reading this message.  The line is "What's that thing for?"  All students, faculty, alumni, and staff are invited to submit up to two 10-minute plays, which may be on any subject and may contain the line "What's that thing for?"  Please limit the play's number of pages to nine and the number of characters to four or fewer.
Submit your 10-minute play to Professor T.S. Frank at sfrank@washjeff.edu.  If chosen, your play will be produced as part of an evening of concert readings.  This year the winner of the best student-written 10-minute play will receive a $100.00 cash prize.  Manuscripts should follow industry format in 12 pt. font, Times New Roman, with margins at 1 inch.  The deadline for submissions is 12/31.

Upcoming Events
This Week's Parkhurst Dining Events

Make Your Own Smiley Cookie at the Commons

MTO Pancakes at the Commons

Pastabilities at G&T's

Late Night Wings at G&T's

Finals Study Break: Chair Massages & Relaxation

Tuesday from 6:00 - 8:00 pm in the Hub
Indulge in a chair massage and learn some guided relaxation techniques to help reduce any finals stress. Sponsored by Student Life.

Finals Study Break: Popcorn & Hot Cocoa

Wednesday from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm in Student Life (Rossin UL)
Join the Student Life staff for popcorn and a hot chocolate bar! Sponsored by Student Life.

Finals Study Break: Coloring Stress Relief

Thursday from 6:00 - 8:00 pm in the Media Room
Remember coloring when you were a kid without a care in the world? Go back to a simpler and stress-free time with fun coloring pages! Sponsored by Active Minds Chapter of W&J.

Finals Study Break: Grab & Go Bags

Friday Starting at 9:00 am in the Hub Lobby
Stop by the Hub to grab a snack pack. Great for packing and traveling time! 9:00 am until gone. Sponsored by SAIL.

Volunteer Opportunities
Reusable Food Containers Available!

Help reduce the use of disposable products. Last academic year W&J consumed approximately 238,000 styrofoam "to go" containers and paper boats, which were used for only minutes before heading to the landfill. The Sustainability Committee and Parkhurst are proud to offer the opportunity to use reusable "To Go" containers.  How it works: Take the container to the cashier at G&Ts or the Commons. You hand the container to the cashier, she/he will then hand you a clean container in which to place your food. You enjoy your delicious food and then rinse out the container. Next time you head to G&Ts or the Commons for food, simply bring your used container with you. Place your order with the cashier, hand him/her your used container, and the cashier will hand you a clean container in which to place your food. To get your first container or if you have any questions or concerns please e-mail jmarch@washjeff.edu.
Schedule of EventsEvents
Parkhurst Event - Make Your Own Smiley Cookie at the Commons
4:00 pm - Dean Eva's Open Office Hour (until 5:00 pm), Rossin UL
8:00 pm - Finals Feast (until 10:00), Church of the Covenant
9:00 pm - Snacks in the Library (until 12:00), U. Grant Miller Library

Parkhurst Event - MTO Pancakes at the Commons
7:00 am - Snacks in the Library (until 10:00), U. Grant Miller Library
6:00 pm - Chair Massages & Guided Relaxation Techniques (until 8:00), Hub UL

Parkhurst Event - Pastabilities at G&T's
9:00 am - Popcorn & Hot Chocolate (until 5:00 pm), Student Life (Rossin UL)

6:00 pm - Coloring Stress Relief (until 8:00), Media Room

Parkhurst Event - Late Night Wings at G&T's
9:00 am - Grab & Go Snack Packs (until gone), Hub Lobby

Examinations End & Winter Break Begins

10:00 am - Residence Halls Close for Winter Break

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