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August 19, 2013

We have many important updates in this newsletter:
  • 4th Quarter Rates have been released
  • Schedule of Benefits are back!
  • Broker Fall Luncheon

Keep reading for all of the great news!

4th Quarter Rates Released


We are pleased to report the release of our 4th Quarter Rates, which are now available for instant quoting on our Online Quoting Tool.


Haven't tried online quoting with NHP?  There is no faster or easier way to quote with NHP, and we have already experienced tremendous activity from our broker community.  Not only is our Online Quoting Tool quick and convenient, but any sale resulting from a quote generated online will earn you...



We have been thrilled with the use and results of our Online Quoting tool, and would like to remind you that NHP will be offering brokers who generate a sale through an online quote a .5% bonus on your commission!  Through 2013, any quote that generates new business for NHP pays you a 3.5% commission on that account.  The number of sales keeps growing, and we want you all to be a part of it.

Registration is Easy


Still haven't registered as an NHP broker?  It's easy!


 Simply complete our NHP Broker Agreement, and a W-9 form, and email them along with a copy of your MA license to sales@nhp.org.  Once you are registered, you will receive a log-in and password to the NHP Broker Portal.  After logging in, you are just three easy steps away from obtaining a quote:


1.            Prospect- Add the information for a prospective new group.

2.            Census- Complete or upload a census of group members.

3.            Quote- Get your quote!



Schedule of Benefits- You Asked, We listened


In response to your requests, and to assist you in selling NHP, we have resurrected our Schedule of Benefits on the NHP website.  NHP continues to maintain SBCs per federal guidelines, and we have now made them all available for easy viewing and reference.

Broker Fall Luncheon


Please be on the lookout for your invitation to our Annual Broker Luncheon.  


More than ever before, during 2013 NHP implemented a number of important initiatives to improve the broker experience and make doing business with NHP more convenient and more enjoyable.  In addition, 2014 brings the most significant changes to the market since Massachusetts Healthcare Reform.


This year's luncheon will include a presentation on the progress NHP has made this year, and the exciting initiatives slated for 2014 (you won't want to miss it!)  We'll also provide much needed information on the the ACA regulated changes pertinent to brokers, and how we anticipate they will impact the way we conduct business.


The Broker Fall Luncheon serves as a thank you to our brokers for all the work you have done for us throughout the year.  Without you, NHP would not be on this path of growth and advancement, and we look forward to seeing you all there.

Thank you for your continued and growing support of Neighborhood Health Plan. We recognize and appreciate the significant contribution that Brokers bring to NHP and we will continue our ongoing commitment to bringing you exceptional products and service as well as the tools you need to allow you to best serve your clients. More to come!

Patty Rich
Director of Commercial Sales
Neighborhood Health Plan

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