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The ducks are back. The Reflecting Pool is being refilled. We're seeing green. We can confidently say spring has finally come to Cranbrook. Celebrate inside and out and start planning your summer fun now. Join us and explore.


Go Science! 

The Nature Conservancy Says Just Dune It!

SCIENCE TALKS, the Institute's popular lecture series in partnership with The Nature Conservancy, welcomes Shaun Howard on Thursday, May 7 at 6:30pm. Shaun will examine the dunes of the Great Lakes and discuss the pressures they face and what we need to do to preserve them. The February 19 lecture has been rescheduled for Thursday, June 11. Mary Khoury will explain what "connectivity' means in our river systems and why it is so important.

Learn more about this engaging lecture series.
Help Eradicate Invasives!
Invasive plants, such as vinca and garlic mustard, squeeze native plants out and reduce the biodiversity of forest ecosystems. To help combat this problem, the Institute of Science will host a garlic mustard pull on Thursday, May 14 from 3-5pm as one of the Friends of the Rouge River's Rescue Site events in 2015. No need to preregister, just meet outside the Main Entrance at the Institute of Science. We recommend wearing long sleeves, long pants and boots or sturdy shoes to protect from poison ivy and uneven terrain. Hats, bug spray and sunscreen may be helpful items to bring, too. Gloves will be provided. 

Willow Winds and the Birch Bark Canoe Celebrate Michigan's Waterways

The history and importance of what the Native Americans called the wigwass-jiiman, or birch bark canoe, is revealed in the Institute's newest installation, Willow Winds. Canoes were an indispensable mode of transport and commerce for both the Native Peoples and the fur traders of the 17th, 18th , and 19th Centuries, allowing access to food and trade opportunities. Willow Winds examines the construction and use of canoes and features related objects from the Institute's collection. Botany specimens of the plants used to make the canoes, artifacts that the French Voyageurs would have used in their lives on the rivers, and video demonstrations of the construction methods of traditional canoes are part of the experience. Willow Winds and the Birch Bark Canoe is free with admission.

Enter a Black Hole and Join the Hubble Space Mission in Cranbrook Space Odyssey

Discover the universe around you during Cranbrook Space Odyssey through August 31. Search the cosmos for one of the most unique objects known to science in Black Holes: Space Warps & Time Twists, and explore the Hubble Space Telescope New Views of the Universe. Interactive exhibits, objects and artifacts on loan and from the Institute's own collections, and the Institute's astronomical resources, launch the visitor into an intergalactic experience! Cranbrook Space Odyssey is free with admission.

Indoor Exploration and Survival Outdoors-it's Summer Camp 2015

Cranbrook Institute of Science is now taking reservations for curious campers who want to explore science this coming summer. Campers ages 5-14 are invited to register now to utilize Cranbrook's 319-acre "outdoor laboratory" and the resources of a museum to discover the wonder of science and create a lifetime of memories and learning experiences. Week-long camps begin June 22 and run through August 10. To review camp selections visit our website or call 248 645.3210 for a 2015 Explore Science Summer Camp Guide.

Be a Superhero for Science by Supporting the 2015 Annual Fund Campaign

Leap into action and support science by making a gift today! Your superhero effort will help us: 

  • Provide exciting hands-on activities; 
  • Offer comprehensive educational programming; 
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  • Maintain one of the most extensive natural history collections in the country! 

Thanks in advance for rising to the occasion!