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Help us Replace a Dinosaur...


...of a printer! Although we pride ourselves on bringing blockbuster, prehistoric dinosaur exhibits to Metro Detroit, we don't take pride in our prehistoric printer! Help us replace our printer through an exciting new metro Detroit fundraising opportunity called power2give, sponsored by CultureSource


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This summer at the Institute of Science promises to be the most exciting in years with a new dinosaur exhibition, a new planetarium program, and new summer camps.


Dinosaurs - The Lost World brings many newly discovered specimens to Michigan for the first time. If it roared or soared in the western Northern Hemisphere, you'll probably find it here. Don't miss this summer blockbuster which opens to the public on July 12.


A perfect complement to the The Lost World, our newest planetarium program Dinosaurs @ Dusk takes viewers back in time to meet the pterosaurs and ancestors of modern-day birds: the feathered dinosaurs. This program is part of our lineup of planetarium and Bat Zone tours that run daily now through Labor Day. Preview trailers and find program times here


Camp continues through the week of August 12 and includes popular classics as well as two new camps; one for the "Hacker" in your life, and another for the movie fan. Summer camp at Cranbrook is a memorable experience and a fantastic opportunity to give the science kid in your life a leg up on their science studies.


Finally, longtime visitors to the Institute of Science will recall the landmark White Oak that stood on the south lawn by the reflecting pool. Its demise four years ago was a great loss for us. We're pleased to tell you that through the generosity of a donor, a new tree has taken its place continuing another legacy at Cranbrook. Take a look on your way in during your next visit.


Go Science!

Dinosaurs - The Lost World Brings the Cretaceous to Cranbrook!  

Summer roars into the Institute when the much anticipated Dinosaurs - The Lost World opens with a Member preview on July 11. Taking the visitor back to the Cretaceous Period, The Lost World reveals the incredible diversity of dinosaurs, pterosaurs, and marine reptiles of western North America and includes many specimens never before exhibited in Michigan. Assembled from one of the world's most significant private fossil collections, The Hankla Collection, The Lost World features more than 60 complete skeletal mounts of research quality casts and several real skeletons, five types of fossil eggs, skin impressions, plants, and invertebrates displayed in three galleries covering over 6,000 square-feet. Traveling through time guests will marvel at a 36 foot-long molded track way of four dinosaurs and traces of other contemporary animals, discover a four- by eight-foot slab of sandstone loaded with real fossil bones preserved in coastal lagoon storm deposits, including numerous Edmontosaurus and T. rex bones and teeth, venture into the children's area where excavation activities focus on the work of paleontologists and geologists, and much more!


Dinosaurs - The Lost World is free with admission and opens to the public July 12. Member only preview is Thursday, July 11 at 5:30pm. Not a Member? Join now to enjoy this special preview event and unlimited access to this spectacular exhibition throughout its run until June 29, 2014. The Lost World was developed by Cranbrook Institute of Science in collaboration with John and Jack Hankla, who have assembled one of the world's most significant private fossil collections, The Hankla Collection.


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Adopt a Pet Dinosaur?


A recent survey by Public Policy Polling indicates that "Dinosaur" would be the third most popular choice as an exotic pet. The Institute can neither help achieve this goal nor would we encourage it. Trust us, even in fossil form there is maintenance involved. But we can offer an exclusive opportunity for Institute Members and supporters to adopt one of the dinosaurs in Dinosaurs - The Lost World. From an egg nest to the ferocious T. rex, as a sponsor, your name will be on the exhibition the length of the run, we'll provide an Official Adopt-a-Dinosaur Certificate and, among other benefits, your adoption also includes generous visitation rights! Explore details here.


For more information about the Public Policy Polling pet survey visit here.

Cranbrook Invites Campers to Hack This Camp! 


Summer Camp at the Institute of Science offers "Hackers" a unique opportunity this month. For the camper interested in electronics and technology Hack This Camp allows students entering grades 6-8 the chance to find out how things work! Campers will explore robots that respond to their environment, computer programming through Arduino, build their own one-string guitar, and construct a model trebuchet. Hack This Camp is offered July 15-19. For the Hacker who has completed the first Hack This Camp, or those already familiar with basic electronics and soldering, Hack This Camp 2.0 will develop those skills further. Campers will receive and develop their own Linux computer using a Raspberry Pi as well as create an echo-locator to detect bats, make a musical synthesizer, and learn how to design their own circuits. Hack This Camp 2.0 runs July 22-26.


Other camps, including a new film camp, are available through August 12. To download a copy of the Cranbrook Institute of Science Summer 2013 Camp Guide, click here or explore our camp offerings and register online


Before- and After-Care is available daily.

Summer Group Programs Offer Discounted Admission Rates 


Summer Group programs for camps, day care, senior facilities, or even neighborhood play groups, offer discounted access to the Institute of Science and its programs. Choose a Museum visit or a visit and up to four programs, with prices starting at just $8 per person. Optional programs include planetarium or Bat Zone shows for just $1 more. Programs are offered week days through August 30, 2013.


Minimum group visit size is 20 paid attendees. One Chaperone is admitted Free for every five children. Due to space limitations additional chaperones may not be able to attend programming. Member Discount does not apply to group visits. Lunch spaces are not scheduled and will be available on a first come, first served basis. To register visit here or call 248 645.3210