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Volume 9, Issue 6                                                                                September 2015 
A Message from the President
Gene Musser

I have had the privilege of serving my country for 28 years, retiring from the Air Force Reserve in 2007.
Unfortunately, I witnessed firsthand the horror of war and the madness of religious strife and extremism. My personal experience led me on a journey eventually to Kirby-Smith Associates, a company dedicated to building the kingdom of God by assisting churches.
Today, I am President and Owner of Kirby-Smith Associates. As a firm, we wish people, of all faiths that are committed to peace, well; however, our focus is exclusively the Christian Community. As President, I passionately believe that strong churches make for a strong community, and that a strong community makes for a strong nation--a nation built in faith and justice for all.
Our mission at Kirby-Smith Associates is helping your Christian Ministry to Grow. Since our founding in 1938, we have served more than 20,000 churches, schools, and faith communities raising more than $6 billion.
Kirby-Smith Associates has served more than 35 different church denominations, and we have worked with 20 different partners to provide a full range of services to our clients.
In this issue, we highlight our partners. Have a faith-filled and safe Holiday season.
Charles Eugene Musser, President
Kirby-Smith Associates

The Importance of Prayer and Programming
Choosing Church Furniture
The Number One SEO Secret
Meet Our Partners

 Kirby-Smith Associates


Helping Your
Christian Ministry to Grow


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The importance of Prayer and Programming...
No Matter the Size of the Project
We have worked with churches of every size and denomination over our 120-year history. One of the first steps of a successful project is Programming...This is a critical step, regardless of how big or small a project, for many reasons..

Choosing Church Furniture
-Designing from the Inside Out-
The worship experience represents who you are, as a church, as a community, and as a body of believers. This experience includes visual, auditory and physical sensations which greatly enhance or reduce the value to the church member. All of these elements, and more, must be considered when designing your church building from the inside out.
The Number One SEO Secret
for Business Web Design

    by Paul Kennedy, President SK Advertising 
When we build a website for a company, one of the most requested components is Search Engine Optimization. Can you get me to the top of searches on Google?  How can I get ranked for a certain keyword?
We're glad you're reading this, because we are about to share with you the Number One way to improve your search rankings, no matter the keyword...
Meet Our Partners

When a church is looking to build, start a project, renovate, add furnishings, find a graphic designer, start/manage a website, find coaching for leadership, or has need of services specifically focusing on a church market, it can be a challenge to find the right company. Here are some options...



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