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Volume 9, Issue 5                                                                                July 2015 
A Message from the President
Gene Musser 

Our Resource Partners provide helpful information to our common clients when looking at the needs of churches on many topics. Don't overlook the value of local expertise from those close to home when searching out excellence and practical tips for church needs. The benefits of their advice and experiences are in the articles below.  


Enjoy the rest of the summer! 


Charles Eugene Musser, President
Kirby-Smith Associates

A Church "Going Green"
The Right Committee Members
Know the Rules for Taking Tax Deductions

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A Church "Going Green" Gets Green
and Saves Green

 by Nathan Fry, Arthur Funk & Sons Construction,Inc.


By definition, "Environmental Stewardship is the responsibility for environmental quality shared by all those whose actions affect the environment."   Churches understand Stewardship, mostly when it comes to finances. When it comes to the environment, churches can be stewards as well as save money.   


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The Right Committee Members Can Make
All the Difference

    by Bahret Church Interiors


Choosing the right committee members are very important. The right people can make a project or put the brakes on a church project moving forward. Many factors are involved in picking a committee.


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Know the Rules for Taking Tax Deductions

 by Rick Rodgers

You are probably aware that donations made to a church are tax deductible - provided you follow the rules. You need to itemize deductions in order to deduct your donations. The standard deduction in 2015 is $6,300 for single filers and $12,600 for joint. Your total deductions (including charitable donations) will need to exceed these limits to be able to itemize. ....   


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