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Uganda Christmas Celebration

Namuyiga Cissy and Nanfuka Eseri share with us some information on how they celebrate their Sekukkulu (Luganda word meaning Christmas) with their families. "A day before Christmas we work a lot such as cleaning the compound, collecting firewood, fetching water, decorating the house, and on Christmas day, is a day of feasting." Cissy sharing her Sekukkulu experience with a smile.

Cissy and Eseri use banana leaves to prepare decorations.

During Christmas period, we get new clothes for Christmas. We collect food from the garden (matooke "green banana", sweet potatoes, cassava, ), we buy meat, rice, we sing special songs like joy to the world, decorate Christmas trees in the house with flowers and balloons, sometime with banana leaves. On the 24th, a day before Christmas, we all join as family members to work in preparation for a colorful Christmas. Then on Christmas day, we make sure that everybody in the family and even friends who come to visit us have something to eat and drink thus making the day colorful. Sekukkulu is one of the special occasions where a traditional, delicious dish is prepared locally known as Luwombo.


Luwambo in preparation!


Christmas is a public holiday in Uganda - a day of celebration and praying.  Many people go to churches and even the non-believers join other members.  "So we go to church in the morning to pray; and we also use this chance to wish our friends a Happy Christmas which means in my local language 'Sekukkulu Ennungi' ", Namuyiga Cissy explains.


Christmas Appeal

Thank you for your generous support for the COVE Christmas Party. This celebration is about sharing, love, food, family and new clothes. Your donation will provide all of these things as well as gifts for all the children. They know you as family, even across over seven thousands miles. They celebrate their continued support both in the birth of Jesus and the continued ability to have access to education (Look for pictures of the 2012 Christmas party celebration in the next Newsletter).


Christmas 2011


COVE Alliance Gift Donation Cards

This season give a gift with true meaning.


  Donate to COVE Alliance in the name of a friend or family member and make a difference in the life of a child.


Donation gift cards will be available in the narthex after masses on Saturday, December 8 and Sunday, December 9
for a minimum $10 donation.
If you have any questions or would like to purchase cards, please contact Carol Armstrong at 847-276-5169.
Thank you for your support!  


Restaurant Card Program


COVE Alliance is offering you a way to treat yourselves and your family to a wonderful dining experience and continue to support the children of Uganda. In lieu of our usual Holiday Gift Card program, we are selling gift cards which can be redeemed for certificates at thousands of participating restaurants nationwide. Each card costs only $10 and gives you $25 worth of dining certificates available online.


They make a great holiday gift for your family and friends and never expire!  Order yours today and help us spread the word by letting your friends and family know about this great program.  The cards will also be available year-round for birthdays, graduations, or Mother's/Father's Day gifts.


You can purchase cards in the narthex at St. Mary of Vernon on December 8th and 9th or Click here for an online order form.  

Please contact Sue Binetti if you have any questions.



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Please note that all letters and gifts for the children should be sent directly to Uganda at the following address - please do NOT send registered mail as this requires significant travel to retrieve from the post office:


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Please include the child's name and sponsorship number on the inside of the package. For further information, please refer to your "Guidelines for Sponsors".



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