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Emily Sciaretta photographed by
Sandra Arenas (Raw Beauty Project NYC, September 2014)


Behind the Wheel at Bussani
Spinal Cord Injury 101
My name is Liz. Of all the things I did not plan on was becoming an expert in spinal cord injury and diseases. I am an expert through life not books. My methods of teaching vary dependent upon my audience. If you're in an elementary class at Career Day, I'm not going to go into details about proper bowel evacuation. I will, however, always be honest.                   
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Getting There On My Own...A Bronx Tale

Nicole grew up in the Bronx, so she and her family didn't drive much. But now a whole new world has opened up for her because of her brand new wheelchair accessible Honda Odyssey. 


At age 27, Nicole fell and broke her neck while installing solar panels. Since then, she had been living in a nursing home. Most of the other residents were much older and many had

succumbed to a debilitating institutionalized mindset. Plus
there was a curfew in place that severely limited her social time outside the facility. Six and a half years later, Nicole has just moved into her own apartment in the Bronx...and it even has a garage to park her Honda Odyssey!                                       [click here to read more]  


Service Tip: Keep Your Undercarriage Clean

SALT... it helps keep us safe on the snowy roads here in the Northeast. But it also wreaks havoc on our vehicles. As winter approaches, we want to remind you how important it is to clear salt and dirt from your wheelchair accessible van...and keep your undercarriage clean. 

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Trade In or Sell Your Used Van!

It's true...We want your used wheelchair van. Come on in with your handicap vehicle to one of our four convenient locations in New York. Our automotive experts will evaluate your van...give you the best price for it...and make your transition to your new wheelchair accessible vehicle as seamless as possible.

Remember that you can get a tax deduction when buying a new vehicle if you trade in your old vehicle! 
We'll even take a look at your non-converted van as a trade-in. So give us a call to see how you can cash in on that vehicle you no longer want or use.

Getting to Know Us

In the spotlight for this edition is Darcey Pineda, Administrative Assistant in our Mamaroneck, NY office. Darcey wears many hats and is our go-to girl supporting our customers and staff.

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New HighTower Docking Station:
Is It Right For You?

One of the most trusted names in transfer seating, B&D Independence has come out with a new docking system for power wheelchairs. Called HighTower, it was designed to eliminate ground clearance problems and improve stability. This means you can move about more freely and drive with confidence from your power wheelchair.

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