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Behind the Wheel at Bussani
Making Your Home Accessible 

by Scott Rubesh, SureHands®

Americans take great pride in their homes, and most want
to continue living in a familiar environment throughout their lifetime. But if a disability occurs because of injury, illness
or aging, your apartment or home may no longer meet
your needs. It can be a shock to learn that an assisted living facility could range between $3,000-$5,000 in monthly costs, and a skilled nursing assistant could cost approximately $90,000-$100,000 a year. So we encourage people to consider how they can make modifications to their current living arrangement and stay right where they are.                                                                             [click here to read more] 

My New Honda Odyssey
Top Picks from Abilities Expo

This year's Abilities Expo in New Jersey on May 3-5 was quite an event. Vendors plied their wares from high-ticket items like home modifications and wheelchair vans to the least expensive items like t-shirts and special hand cream. Plus, there were plenty of opportunities to get involved in experiential workshops on all sorts of topics.  Here are some of our top picks from the weekend:

                                                              [click here to read more]

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