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Feb. - Apr. 2013
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Importance of Preventive Care
Top 10 Indications for Radiography and Ultrasound
VICSD Teleradiology Group
Stay Tuned - New I-131 CE Course
New Regulations in California
Notes Facilitate Veterinarian's Delivery of Preventive Care
VICSD Ultrasound and Prevention: IBD and GI Disease
Educational Opportunities and Videos
What's Your Diagnosis?
Importance of Preventive Care


Vets don't communicate the importance of preventive care.


From the data it is clear that veterinarians have not been communicating to pet owners the importance of regular office visits as a way to prevent, diagnose, and treat disease early.

Black Dog


The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) published results of their findings in 2011 regarding veterinary preventive care and, for the first time, issued recommended preventive care guidelines for canines and felines. Since the study was published, veterinarians are starting to focus more on preventive care as a way to improve pet health and outcomes.

Top 10 Indications for Radiography and Ultrasound

There are many indications for ordering imaging for pets.

Here are the top 10 indications for radiography and ultrasound: 

  • baseline ultrasound for geriatric canines and felines
  • determine intestinal disorders (vomiting and diarrhea)
  • abdominal masses
  • urinary bladder disease
  • heart disease
  • vascular abnormalities
  • abnormal blood work
  • infections
  • unexplained weight loss
  • pre-surgical
VICSD is the only outpatient imaging facility in San  Diego to offer all three ultrasound services:

VICSD Teleradiology Group

Teleradiology realizes the vision of having a board-certified veterinary radiologist working in every veterinary practice. The VICSD Teleradiolgy Group delivers cost-effective expert interpretation and radiograph review to practices everywhere.


The VICSD team of board-certified radiologists provides superior second-opinion teleradiology services.  Their expertise in interpretation and image delivery ensures that clients are receiving the highest level of diagnostic imaging services.


Read about our teleradiology services menu. 

Stay Tuned: New I-131 Course

Stay tuned for VICSD's launch of its new online CE Veterinary I-131 course, the first of its kind in the nation.


This one-hour comprehensive lecture by Dr. Seth Wallack will discuss feline hyperthyroidism, making a diagnosis, diagnostic imaging, treatment options, pretreatment imaging, and post-treatment expectations. Dr. Wallack will also address thyroid disease in canines. VICSD is a nationally recognized leader in I-131 treatment.

This course is worth 1 CE credit and has been approved by RACE.


New Regulations in California 
California RVTs must comply with new 2013 regulations imposed by the Veterinary Medical Board (VMB). As of July, 2013, VMB will require that all RVTs renewing their license for the second time or more demonstrate completion of 20 hours of CE credits within the two years prior to renewal.

Notes Facilitate Veterinarian's Delivery of Preventive Care


Vetology's radiograph review and ultrasound screening can be used to detect disease early.  For veterinarians just starting to offer geriatric screening packages or for those veterinarians staying ahead of the preventive medicine curve, Vetology offers a feature called Notes read which is a great way to add a radiologist review for preventive care at a lower cost - all with the click of a mouse.


A Notes read is a less expensive radiology report that provides a summary of the findings, conclusions and recommendations.



Ultrasound and Prevention: IBD and GI Disease

Real-Time Ultrasound and GI Disease

Assistant Holds Pet Mobile Ultrasound
Real-time ultrasound is well-suited to early detection of feline IBD and assessment for pancreatitis. For pet owners interested in an accurate abdominal ultrasound but with limited financial resources, real-time ultrasound can help in assessing the bowel and pancreas. 

Ultrasound, IBD and Early Preventive Care

As cats age, they are at greater risk of developing certain diseases and conditions. For example, problems such as thyroid disease, intestinal disease and kidney disease increase with advancing age. However, when such diseases are diagnosed in their early stages, treatment can delay their progression or even reduce the risk of transition to neoplasia.


Inflammatory bowel disease or IBD is one such condition.

VICSD's Real-Time Ultrasound Speed

VICSD's real-time ultrasound service is a lower-cost alternative to mobile ultrasound and is a good option for pet owners whose pets need imaging soon but don't require emergency hospital care.


VICSD's real-time ultrasound uses AAVR certified registered veterinary medical sonographers (RVMS), ensuring expert care and the convenience of having the ultrasound performed at your clinic

Educational Opportunities and Videos


Watch Previous Lectures

Play Me.

VICSD CT Virtual Rhinoscopy Video


Featured CE Course

Nation's First Online CE Veterinary MRI Course!

14.5 CE Credits

Veterinary MRI was created by John Posh, R.T. (R)(MR), Director of the MRI Internship Program at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. 

The course consists of 13 video lessons, short exams, and a technical portion. Students can enroll at any time and must complete and pass all 13 exams and fulfill the technical portion requirement to receive 14.5 CE credits approved by RACE. Tuition: $1,500

CE Credit: 2 Hours
Instructor: Candi Stafford, RVT
Open To: Technicians Working w/ Radiation Equipment
Cost: $50/person
Fulfills requirements for California radiation safety mandate

CE Credit: None
Open To: Veterinarians
Cost: $75/person

CE Credit: None
Open To: Veterinarians and Veterinary Sonographers
Two options are available.


CE Credit: None
Open To: Veterinarians
Cost: $1,500 for one week; $2,500 for two weeks

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WYD Thorax Feb 2013
What's Your Diagnosis?

This challenge involves a 12 year-old F/Y Rottweiler. History: polydipsic, sleeping more, occasional tripping, weak at left foreleg. The veterinarian did a geriatric screen prior to the dog's scheduled dental procedure. Three views of the abdomen and thorax are available for your interpretation. 

View images and submit your answer for a chance to win a pizza party for your clinic. 

Thanks to Dr. Beth Gordon of High Valley Veterinary Hospital for submitting this case.



There was no challenge winner last time.
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