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July is Parks & Rec Month!


July is Parks and Rec Month
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You are at the heart of what we do, which is why we want to celebrate National Parks and Recreation Month with you this July! Get in on the fun with these special offers:


Two for Tuesdays
Are you a Virginia Beach Recreation Center member? Bring a friend for FREE every Tuesday in July. Let them know what we're all about!


Little Island Park
Hit the beach at Little Island Park on weekends in July. The first 50 cars to park will receive a FREE gift!


BOGO Rentals at Munden Point Park
Rent 1 hour, and get 1 hour FREE for canoe and kayak rentals.


For more ways to celebrate visit VBgov.com/July
Kayak Rentals Now Available at Stumpy Lake  


Kayak at Stumpy Back by popular demand, kayaks are now available to rent 7 days a week at the beautiful, cypress-lined Stumpy Lake 


Hours (subject to change)

Through October 3 (no rentals July 19)

Monday - Friday: 12 pm - 7 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10 am - 6 pm


Rental Rates

Single kayak: $30 for 4 hours

Tandem kayak: $50 for 4 hours
Ages 6-12 must be in a tandem kayak with an adult; ages 13 and up are eligible to paddle a single boat. Life jackets and paddles will be provided with rental. Operated by Wild River Outfitters


Rentals will occur unless conditions are unsafe. Thunder and lightning will require for all users to exit the water and wait until the storm passes before resuming activity. Accommodations can be provided to special needs individuals that are able to operate the equipment used to control the kayak.


Prefer a guided tour? 
Join us on one of our upcoming scenic kayak tours!

Wednesday, July 26 | Hutton Circle | 9 - 11 am | $20 | Register

Sunday, August 10 | Full Moon Paddle at Stumpy Lake | 7 - 9 pm | $20 | Register

Saturday, August 23 | Horn Point | 9 - 11 am | $20 | Register

Don't Let Poison Ivy Ruin Your Outdoor Plans


Would you be able to spot poison ivy if you came across it in your backyard or along a trail in a wooded area? The old saying "Leaves of three, let it be!" is a helpful reminder for identification. Poison ivy begins to appear in early spring and continues to be poisonous through the fall. When in contact with skin, the sap oil (urushiol) of this plant can cause an allergic reaction. 



- Three pointed leaves with the middle one appearing larger than the 
  two outside leaves

- Red leaves in spring, green leaves in summer, yellow or deep red

  leaves in fall

- Shiny, oily appearance 


Symptoms of Skin Contact 

- Red rash within a few days of contact

- Swelling

- Itching

- Possible bumps, patches, streaking or weeping blisters


Protect Yourself

- Wear long sleeves, long pants, boots and gloves

- Barrier creams or lotions, such as Ivy Block, can be applied beforehand to reduce the risk of
  a rash

- Burning these poisonous plants produces smoke that, when inhaled, can cause lung irritation 


First Aid

- Immediately rinse skin with rubbing alcohol, poison plant wash, or degreasing soap (such as
  dishwashing soap) and lots of water

- Scrub under nails with a brush

- Apply wet compresses, calamine lotion, or hydrocortisone cream to the skin to reduce itching
  and blistering 

The Elves are Back!


Keebler Elf Door It looks like some elves have returned to Virginia Beach and made themselves at home in some of our City parks! Tiny doors have been spotted in trees at Great Neck, Bayville Farms and Red Wing Park. If you and your family stumble upon any of these doors, take a photo and post it to our Facebook page so others can share in the elfin magic! #TinyDoors

Virginia Beach Parks & Recreation is a proud landlord of the Tiny Door Project.
At What Rate Does Trash Decompose?


Litter in Park Our everyday choices affect the environment, and how we choose to dispose of the things we no longer, want, need or use can have either positive or negative impacts. We are lucky enough to live in an area where we have options for disposal of old clothes, shoes, food products, household trash, etc. There are organizations that reuse, repurpose or resell items we no longer need; we have curbside recycling and trash pickup; and we can build composting areas in our yards.


Despite these environmentally-friendly options, items are still improperly disposed - even tossed out of car windows. Why does this matter? For one, it's an eyesore. Beyond that, litter can pollute our waterways and threaten wildlife and their habitats. In fact, things hang around a lot longer than you might think.

Decomposition Rates

Paper2 - 4 weeksPlastic Container50 - 80 years
Apple Core1 - 2 monthsAluminum Can80 years
Carryout Food Bag4 - 8 monthsTin Can100 years
Orange Peels6 monthsPlastic Soda Bottle450 years 
Cigarette Butt1 - 5 yearsGlass Bottle500 years
Milk Carton (VOC)5 yearsStyrofoamNever
Plastic Bag10 - 20 yearsRubber TireNo Known Time
Leather50 years  

So, the next time you are getting rid of items that you no longer need, think about donating them; and when throwing your trash away, put what you can in the blue bin. Even little changes make a difference. For more information on waste management, visit VBgov.com.

Please Note Our Upcoming Facility Closures

Bow Creek Recreation Center is closed for a long-term modernization project


All Virginia Beach Recreation Centers, Owl Creek Tennis Center and administrative offices
will be closed on Monday, September 1 for Labor Day. City parks will be open!  


Don't forget that your membership is good at all Virginia Beach Recreation Centers! If your usual center is closed for maintenance, take the opportunity to visit another center. Use this locator to help you find one!

Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation believes all of our diverse citizens have a right to participate in community recreation and we are committed to creating equal access for everyone who may have a challenge or barrier. If you or your child requires additional support, we can help. Learn more about our accommodation and inclusion services.
We welcome your comments and questions. Feel free to email us at fun@VBgov.com.
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