May 2016 Newsletter - Issue #44
Scott with Dr. Richard Horowitz
May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and it has already been a very exciting month.

I had the opportunity to attend the Bay Area Lyme Foundation's LymeAid 2016 event.  It was a superb event that raised big money for Lyme disease research and awareness.  Dr. Richard Horowitz, Dr. Neil Spector, and nearly 300 others came together in support of BALF and their goals to make big differences in the lives of those living with Lyme disease.  It was an amazing event.

Dr. Horowitz' book Why Can't I Get Better? Solving the Mystery of Lyme and Chronic Disease is at the top of my list of books on Lyme and a must-read for anyone recovering from Lyme or practitioners treating patients with Lyme.  

I am looking forward to his upcoming book How Can I Get Better?: An Action Plan for Treating Resistant Lyme and Chronic Disease as well which comes out later this year.  He shared with me at the event that the reason he is doing the upcoming book is that he's that excited about some of the newer options that have emerged since the first book.  I am grateful for all of the work Dr. Horowitz has done to help all of us that are recovering from Lyme disease.

Over the past many years, I have seen the Lyme landscape continue to change. There is more awareness, there are more options, there are better tests, and there is definitely more hope.  

This is the 20th year since the tick bite that contributed to my chronic health challenges, and so much has changed.  We need even more change, even better treatment options, even more definitive and more widely accepted tests, but we are making progress.

Be optimistic....and be hopeful!

In Better Health,
My Latest Updates
Scott with Diana Ross
As I mentioned in previous newsletters, I had once again gotten exposed to mold on a consistent basis last year and had to make some adjustments and start treating for mold illness.  Fortunately, I'm very happy with the progress and feel that things are on a very good path again.

I have said so many times and believe very deeply that mold is a MAJOR factor in many with chronic illness. Not exploring it may lead to years of unnecessary suffering.  

I continue to do LDI (low dose immunotherapy) for foods, inhalants, and a custom nasal washings LDI.  I'm also doing essentially the approach outlined in the mold article I wrote with Dr. Neil Nathan awhile ago.  

Things are good.  Life is good.  Mold is bad.

P.S. I was very fortunate to get to attend the Bay Area Lyme Foundation LymeAid 2016 event with the entire team from LymeLight Foundation.  The photo here is of me with Diana Ross.  I was pretty excited to see her and yet, I've learned that many of the people I told about it had no idea who she was.  Yikes!
The Forum for Integrative Medicine: Managing Chronic Complex Illness
In March, I attended an excellent conference in San Diego - it was one of my favorites in some time.  

The speakers were amazing and included Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr. Ann Corson, Dr. Kristine Gedroic, Dr. Patricia Kane, Dr. Raj Patel, Susan McCamish, and many other greats.

I just posted my notes from this event within the past week or so and they can be found here. Enjoy!

Next year's TFIM event will be in April in San Francisco and is sure to be another top-notch event.  I can't wait.

Guest Blogger: A Patient's Mother Interviews Ty R. Vincent, MD about LDI for Autism, Pediatric Lyme and PANDAS
Dr. Ty Vincent MD
Guest Blogger Jennifer Elrod shared this exciting interview on LDI (low dose immunotherapy) from her discussions with Dr. Ty Vincent MD.  

I have personally been doing LDI for over six months and have been excited with some of the reports I have heard from people doing it.

Nothing is a one-size-fits-all solution for Lyme and related issues, but for some, LDI may hold great promise.

Enjoy this informative interview from Jennifer Elrod and Dr. Ty Vincent MD.  

Sunlighten's Lyme Awareness Special
Personally, detoxification has been a major and ongoing focus of my health-supporting regime.   
For almost 8 years, I have enjoyed using my Sunlighten sauna and continue to be a very satisfied user.
Sunlighten offers the only medical grade, clinically-backed and proven 99% effective sauna on the market that may naturally detoxify the body, aid in pain relief, boost cell health and immunity all while increasing relaxation. 

Contact them today and a professional sauna consultant will guide you through the different saunas available and make the appropriate recommendation based on your unique wellness goals. Empower yourself towards healthier living and start healing naturally. 

SPECIAL: For Lyme Awareness month, Sunlighten is offering FREE shipping through May 31, 2016.  If you are considering a sauna, this may be a great opportunity.  

Learn More
Corson's Corner
Dr. Ann Corson MD
Dr. Corson generously allowed me to share several of her recent presentations on my site.

They are a treasure trove of information on chronic illness, Bartonella, treating pregnant and pediatric patients, and much more.

Dr. Corson has been one of my heroes for many years and her passion to help people recover their lives is obvious from the moment you meet her.

I hope you enjoy these wonderful presentation slides that Dr. Corson has so freely shared with us.

Fx Herbals - Fx Vital
Fx Herbals recently created a product called Fx Vital which was formulated by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD.  As Dr. Klinghardt has been my primary mentor for many years, this immediately captured my attention.  

The product contains:

Artemisia Annua, Japanese Knotweed, Whole Leaf Stevia, Cryptolepis, Cilantro, Curcumin, and Ginger in a phospholipid base. 

I'm very excited about this as a new option for microbial support and have been using it now for a month. I think this product is exciting and worth exploring. 

Of course, discuss with your doctor before making any changes to your protocol.

Fibromyalgia Summit - May 12-14
We all loved the recent Chronic Lyme Disease Summit. 

May 12-14th is the FREE Fibromyalgia Summit. If you cannot attend live, recordings are also available for purchase.

Speakers include: Jacob Teitelbaum MD, Max Lugavere, Bill Rawls MD, Cort Johnson, Robert Hedaya MD, and many more.

Current Evaluation and Treatment of Mold Toxicity Conference
Dr. Neil Nathan MD
Dr. Nathan is hosting "Current Evaluation and Treatment of Mold Toxicity" June 11, 2016 in Santa Rosa, CA.  

I have no doubt that this will be a superb event for those wanting to learn more about mold illness.  

Speakers include Dr. Neil Nathan and Industrial Hygienist, John Banta.

Don't miss it!

Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe
I had an opportunity recently to go to a screening of the new documentary film "Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe". 

This is the film that was pulled under pressure from the Tribeca film festival. To say the film is emotional is an understatement. 

Interestingly, Andrew Wakefield is not suggesting that vaccinations are a bad thing; far from it. He does suggest that the MMR vaccine be given separately and that more studies be done to evaluate the safety of the current vaccination schedule for children and at what age the vaccinations are administered. 

This was the second time I had the opportunity to meet him. He has lost a lot standing up for what he believes. If you get a chance to see this film, I think it is time well spent. I learned a lot.

Is Your House Making You Sick? 
As most of you know, beyond Lyme, I was significantly impacted by toxic mold.  In fact, this hit me twice.  I have had to move my home once and change my work arrangements another time.

I think that mold is a very commonly overlooked problem in those dealing with chronic illness and thus the topic is near and dear to me.

A new book on mold from Andrea Fabry just came out called "Is Your House Making You Sick?" and is another great resource on the topic of mold illness.

Educate yourself, explore mold as a possibility, and be sure this is not holding you back from reaching your full recovery potential.

The Tick Factor
The Tick Factor is an exciting conference coming up in September in Amsterdam. I have been asked to chair this event and am very much looking forward to it.

Speakers include Dr. Joe Burrascano, Dr. Ann Corson, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr. Armin Schwarzbach, Susan McCamish and several others.

LymeLight Events
I have worked with the LymeLight Foundation for the last few years and love the work the Foundation does to support children and young adults with Lyme.  

We had our Dart for Art fundraiser in April, and it was a huge success.  The funds raised from this event will go directly to grants for children and young adults for Lyme disease treatment.

We have two main fundraisers per year and the other is Ryde for Lyme.  Ryde for Lyme is August 6, 2016, and I am hoping to raise at least $2500 for LymeLight.  More would be an even bigger blessing for those that benefit from the foundation's work. Thanks in advance for your generous support!

How to Beat Chronic Lyme: Through Physical, Emotional & Spiritual Healing
"How to Beat Chronic Lyme Through Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Healing" is a book that was just recently released in 2016 by author Robert Groleau.

For years, I have suggested how important emotional health is in recovering from Lyme, and it was and is a significant part of my ongoing personal work.  

"Emotional issues are the elephant in the room that nobody talks about in illness. They are the underlying cause of illness, and resolving them will take your healing to a new level. So why do people avoid dealing with them? There aren't many good options. Therapy costs a lot of money, and often doesn't help much. This book breaks down the task into manageable parts. Robert discusses what he did, how it worked, and how you can do it without spending a lot of money."

Biomat - One Of My Favorite Tools
Biomat contains far infrared, negative ions, and amethyst crystals.

Some have used the Biomat to increase circulation, reduce stress and fatigue, soothe and relax, support the immune system, improve sleep, reduce inflammation, increase tissue oxygenation, and provide muscle relaxation.  

Over 3 years now, and I still LOVE it!  Learn More
Recent Radio Shows and Podcasts
Information about Lyme disease and recovering from chronic illness seems to be growing exponentially.  I'm so excited that we have several excellent sources of valuable information available.  Here are a few of the recent radio shows and podcasts that may be worth listening to.  To listen, click the orange links below.

Lyme Ninja Radio with Mackay Rippey LAc

Extreme Health Radio with Justin and Kate
BetterHealthGuy Tidbits!
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