Summer 2015 Newsletter - Issue #41
This month marks 10 years since I launched in 2005.  Time for a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, sugar-free cake to celebrate!

It is hard to believe that it has been that long.  It has been 19 years ago since I first had the tick bite that contributed to my Lyme disease starting in 1997, and 10 years ago this summer that I finally got diagnosed with Lyme.

Interestingly, I started the web site before I even knew what was wrong with me.

Fortunately, I don't think of Lyme as being something I still deal with.  It has been years now since I have thought of Lyme as one of my primary areas of focus in terms of further optimizing my heath.

Over the past six months, my focus has been on heavy metals and detoxification.  I did two rounds of apheresis at the end of last year in an attempt to further detoxify my system, reduce inflammation, and improve my overall health.  

I have been of the opinion for some time that toxins were a more significant issue for me than any of the microbial issues, and I still hold that opinion today.  While it is difficult to know for sure what may have caused it, my inflammation worsened notably in my neck, shoulders, and upper back around the time of the apheresis.  

In continuing to work with my practitioners, the consensus seems to be that the procedures may have been so effective at pulling toxins from the blood that the body may then have released toxins that were stored in other tissues and this may have led to an inflammatory response.  There is no way to know for sure and my response may be uncommon.  

Fortunately, I have a great team of healers that I have worked with, and my focus the past several months has been on detoxification.  I'm doing much better now but continuing my focus on heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and other similar toxins - even after years of detoxification!  

Lucky for me, many of my home tools such as my FIR sauna and Biomat have continued to be excellent options in support of this effort.  

While this was a definite bump in the road, it may ultimately be a very good thing as I may now be able to release and remove toxins that I had not previously been able to access.  

It has reminded me once again that a focus on detoxification is such a critical part of recovering health.  

Be optimistic.... 


Take Care of Yourself,
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Autism One - WOW!
Last year, I regretted not attending AutismOne as it looked like such a great event.  This year, I was asked to speak and that sealed the deal.  

I have to say that it was one of the best conferences I have been to in quite some time.  Five or more speakers were lecturing at any one time.  The exhibitors were superb, and I found some exciting new products and made some new connections as well.  

The parents at this event were incredibly well-educated which was not surprising to me, but it is still striking how much we have to learn to get well in many cases.

Some of the speakers included Dietrich Klinghardt, Andrew Wakefield, Jeff Bradstreet, Roy Dittman, Stephanie Seneff, and many other greats.  The coolest thing is that all of these videos are available FREE for you to watch and learn just as if you were there.  What a gift!

I spoke on "The Many Layers to Recovering from Lyme and Chronic Illness" and there was a lot of interest in the topic.  The slides and video of my talk are both available online for your review.

RESTORE - New Option for GI Health
I recently heard about a new product called RESTORE a couple of months ago and then again at AutismOne. Dr. Zach Bush lectured on it at the event and it sounded like it was worth a try. I am using it now.

According to their web site, RESTORE "promotes digestive wellness, supports immune function, and increases mental clarity". They go on to state that "RESTORE can repair the gut damage caused by glyphosate and can block additional damage" and "RESTORE blocks gluten's effect on intestinal tissue and it even repairs the damage to those tissues."

Anything that can help minimize the impact of gluten, GMO, and glyphosate on my health is something that gets my attention.   

If it does half of what it sounds like it does, I think this could be a very exciting new option for supporting GI health and improving tight junction damage which is involved in leaky gut.

And, they even provide a 90 day return guarantee.  

An Integrative Approach to Chronic Infections and Tick-Borne Illness

In May, I traveled to New Jersey for a conference hosted by Beyond Balance.  

The event was titled "An Integrative Approach to Chronic Infections and Tick-Borne Illness" and had some excellent speakers including Dr. Ann Corson, Dr. Kristine Gedroic, Dr. Marie Matheson, Dr. Tom Moorcroft, and Susan McCamish. 

I learned a ton and recently blogged about some of what I learned at the event.  

Recent Interviews
I have had the honor of being interviewed about recovering from Lyme and chronic illness on a couple of radio shows in the past few months.  

The two most recent are:


"Moldy" Movie - A New Documentary
Recently, Dave Asprey from completed a new documentary on mold called "Moldy".  The documentary features Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker and clearly shows the impact that mold can have on one's life.

In my own personal recovery journey from Lyme, mold was a major player and must be fully explored in order to optimize one's path to wellness.

If people with Lyme are not getting better, the first thing to explore is mold.  It's everywhere and what you think may be Lyme may actually be mold.  

For anyone with complex chronic illness, this is a not-to-miss.  Learn More
Ryde For Lyme is Almost Here!
Ryde for Lyme is one of two main fundraising events held by LymeLight Foundation each year.  This year, the event is August 1 and we have a big opportunity here.

We have an anonymous donor that has generously agreed to match up to $80,000 of donations.  That is HUGE and will allow us to reach out to so many more children and young adults in need of treatment care.  

We still have about $50,000 to go to reach our goal over the next six weeks.  
If you are able, please consider a donation.  No amount is too small.  Every donation changes a life.

Thank you in advance for your kind support!  Donate Now
Vibrational Healing For Autism

Tami Duncan is an enlightened soul that I have had the honor to have as a friend for many years.

She has recovered her own son from autism and helped many other children and parents along the way.

She recently published her latest book "Vibrational Healing for Autism".  I just got my copy and am looking forward to reading it.  It looks great! 

The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today

One of my heroes in the treatment of chronic illness is Neil Nathan MD.  Dr. Nathan works at Gordon Medical Associates in Santa Rosa, CA and is a pioneer and healer.  

His show "The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today" is a wealth of information.

Some recent shows:
Townsend Letter Articles
Last summer, I had the opportunity to write the article "Mold and Mycotoxins: Often Overlooked Factors in Chronic Lyme Disease" with Dr. Neil Nathan and Dr. Wayne Anderson.  It was published in the July 2014 issue of Townsend and is available here.

This year, my contribution to the July 2015 Townsend Letter is "Unraveling the Mystery of Bartonellosis". This was a collaboration with Dr. Robert Mozayeni and Dr. Edward Breitschwerdt.  While it may not be available online right away, it will be available in print in a few short weeks.  Throughout the process, I learned a ton and I hope you will as well.

Biomat - A Favorite Healing Tool
I have regularly used a Biomat for 2.5 years now since first trying it at a conference.  I've never regretted getting one and continue to be impressed by how positive the feedback from others has been as well. 

Biomat is amethyst crystals combined with far infrared and negative ions.  

Some have reported reduced inflammation, reduced pain, reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep, improved circulation, enhanced detoxification, and more.  

Recent Radio Shows and Podcasts
Information about Lyme disease and recovering from chronic illness seems to be growing exponentially.  I'm so excited that we have several excellent sources of valuable information available.  Here are a few of the recent radio shows and podcasts that may be worth listening to.  To listen, click the orange links below.

Lyme Ninja Radio with Mackay Rippey LAc

Extreme Health Radio with Justin and Kate

OneRadioNetwork with Patrick Timpone
BetterHealthGuy Tidbits!
Below you will find a handful of links to information I have found useful over the past few months. I hope you find them to be of interest.
sunlightenSunlighten Sauna - $100 Off!

For nearly 7 years, I have enjoyed using my Sunlighten sauna and continue to be very impressed with the health benefits I have experienced. Having FIR sauna therapy at home has allowed me to improve my overall health and vitality while naturally supporting my ongoing detoxification efforts.
Sunlighten offers the only medical grade, clinically-backed and proven 99% effective sauna on the market that may naturally detoxify the body, aid in pain relief, boost cell health and immunity all while increasing relaxation. 

In all the years that I have used and supported Sunlighten, this is the first time that they have offered a very special $100 discount for readers of my newsletter.  If you are interested in a sauna of your own, this may very well be the time to make it happen.  The offer is valid through 6/30/15.  

Contact them today and a professional sauna consultant will guide you through the different saunas available and make the appropriate recommendation based on your unique wellness goals. Empower yourself towards healthier living and start healing naturally. 

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