Winter 2014 Newsletter - Issue #40
It has been a great year, and I am more optimistic now than ever.  There are so many emerging tools and treatment options that I feel strongly that we all have so much reason to be hopeful.  It can, no doubt, be a difficult journey, but people do get well!

While the journey is not easy, I am grateful for the many gifts, meaningful friendships, important lessons, and other wonderful things that have emerged from this aspect of my life.  

Be optimistic, envision yourself well, and make it happen because you can and you have it within yourself to make it a reality.


In Health,
Mold and Mycotoxins
Mold is a topic near and dear to my heart.  It is one of the issues I believe is often overlooked and in many cases holds us back from optimal recovery.  I highly suggest that anyone with chronic illness explore this possibility.  Living in an environment that is not conducive to recovery may negate many of the other things we attempt to do to get well.  I know the story all too well as I lived in an apartment with black mold for ten years of my journey.

I was fortunate this year to have the opportunity to write an article for the July edition of the Townsend Letter.  The article was a collaboration with two of the healers I respect the most, namely Neil Nathan MD and Wayne Anderson ND.  It was a great honor to have the opportunity to work with them on this article.  I hope that you will read it and consider whether mold may be something that you may need to explore with your doctor to optimize your recovery.  Learn More

ILADS 2014 - Washington DC
In October, I attended my 9th annual ILADS event.  It has been amazing to watch these events grow each year.  ILADS has done a tremendous service to all of us that have been challenged with Lyme disease.  

My notes from the event are available on my blog.  I hope that you find them helpful.  I personally learned a ton and did my best to capture some of the highlights for you.  Enjoy!  Learn More Summit #13: Redox

In July, Dana Gorman and held a Summit on Redox.  The event included participants such as Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr. Lee Cowden, Dr. Christopher Shade PhD, Dr. Garry Gordon, Dr. Anju Usman, and other powerhouses. 

It was a superb event with a great deal of information shared.  My notes from the event are available for your review.  Thanks to Dana Gorman for making things happen!  Enjoy! Learn More
My Top 10 Lists from
As I was running out the door from Summit #13 to catch my flight home, Dana asked me to do my Top 10 Lists.  I shared my Top 10 on the following topics:
  • Mold
  • Favorite Products
  • Things You May Have Missed
I hope you find these Top 10 collections helpful.  Learn More

THRiiiVE Summit #13
Scott's Top Ten Lists
The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today

One of my heroes in the treatment of chronic illness is Neil Nathan MD.  Dr. Nathan works at Gordon Medical Associates in Santa Rosa, CA and is a pioneer and healer.  I was fortunate to have collaborated with him on the mycotoxin article mentioned earlier in this newsletter.

His show "The Cutting Edge of Health and Wellness Today" is co-hosted by Jacob Teitelbaum MD who is well-known in the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia worlds.  The show is a wealth of information.

Some recent shows:
Essential Medcast
As many of you know, my recovery journey was mentored by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD of Sophia Health Institute near Seattle.

I recently had the opportunity to be interviewed by Dr. Christine Schaffner ND who is the Clinic Director at Sophia.

In this interview with Dr. Schaffner, I discuss my experiences recovering from Lyme disease, my road to recovery, and how I maintain optimal health.

Thanks to Dr. Schaffner for this exciting opportunity.  Learn More
AutismOne 2015 in Chicago
I was honored to have recently been invited to speak at the 2015 AutismOne conference in Chicago next May.  

As many know, there are a number of common theme in autism and other chronic conditions such as Lyme disease. 

I am excited to attend this event and look forward to both learning and sharing through this exciting opportunity.  I hope that you can join me.  Learn More
Treating Tick-Borne Disease Using Integrative Therapies
In June, BioResource put on a wonderful conference on integrative treatment for Lyme disease.  With products from Pekana, Syntrion, and Beyond Balance, they truly have some magical options.

The speakers included Kristine Gedroic MD, Joseph Burrascano MD, Raj Patel MD, and Susan McCamish CTN.

I shared my notes from this event on my blog and hope that you will find them informative.  Learn More
Double Your LymeLight Gift!
As part of LymeLight Foundation's Season of Giving, we have an exciting opportunity to double ALL donations.  LymeLight has provided over 200 treatment grants totaling over $750,000 to children and young adults ages 3-25. 

I am both a volunteer and serve on the Board of Directors of the LymeLight Foundation and am honored to be a small part of this important work that touches so many lives.

Please join me in supporting LymeLight Foundation.  This is an especially exciting time given that a generous donor will match all of our contributions!

Thank you in advance for your kind support!  Donate Now
Biomat - A Favorite Healing Tool
It has been almost two years now since I started regularly using a Biomat, and I am still in love with it. I use it 4-5 times a week for 30-45 minutes and find it continues to bring balance and wellness into my day and my life.

I'm still at times surprised by some of the stories of things that I hear from people in terms of what has improved since they started using the Biomat. Having tried many gadgets over the years, this is one of a handful that I continue to regularly use.

The Biomat is amethyst crystals combined with far infrared and negative ions. The heat feels amazing on any areas of soreness, and I feel incredibly calm and centered after doing a session on the mat.

Some have reported reduced inflammation, reduced pain, reduced stress and anxiety, improved sleep, improved circulation, enhanced detoxification, and more.  Learn More
Recent Radio Shows and Podcasts
Information about Lyme disease and recovering from chronic illness seems to be growing exponentially.  I'm so excited that we have several excellent sources of valuable information available.  Here are a few of the recent radio shows and podcasts that are worth listening to.  To listen, click the orange links below.

Extreme Health Radio with Justin and Kate

OneRadioNetwork with Patrick Timpone
BetterHealthGuy Tidbits!
Below you will find a handful of links to information I have found useful over the past few months. I hope you find them to be of interest.

Silicon Valley Health Institute - some excellent lectures from some heavy hitters
Dr. Isaac Eliaz MD - excellent lecture on Modified Citrus Pectin and Galectin-3
Dr. Justin Marchegiani DC - a wealth of excellent videos on health topics of interest
Dr. Ben Lynch ND - MTHFR Made Easy!
Sunlighten Sauna Therapy
I value Sunlighten saunas because their Solocarbon heaters are medical-grade, proven 95-99% effective and clinically shown to increase core temperature. Their overall product quality is top notch.

If you are considering purchasing a sauna in support of your health goals, I recommend contacting Sunlighten while they are offering Black Friday specials. To find out more about the specials, tell them that you heard about Sunlighten from

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