Spring 2014 Newsletter - Issue #39
It has been about six months since my last newsletter. Time seems to be moving faster than ever. Just before the last newsletter, I had surgery to remove two cavitations, and I believe that decision was a very good one.

At this point, my focus continues to be on detoxification and reducing inflammation.  Microbial issues don't seem to be a priority at this point, but mycotoxins from past mold exposure and long-term fungal sinus colonization have been areas of recent exploration.
I've been fortunate to attend a few excellent conferences this year.  Detoxify - Path to Healing with Dr. Lee Cowden, Bio-Resonance Scanning Workshop with Dr. David Jernigan, and Healing Lyme Without Antibiotics with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. I am very grateful that we have gifted healers such as these always looking for new solutions to wellness that will benefit us all.

While many of us that have experienced chronic health problems know that the journey is often a long one, I'm grateful for where I am today and optimistic for where tomorrow will take us. 


In Health,
Cavitation Surgery Update
In October 2013, I had two cavitations addressed surgically after they were suspected by Dr. Simon Yu MD in St. Louis.  The procedure was not as difficult as I had anticipated though it did take about eight days before I could chew normally.

The most exciting outcome has been with energetic testing.  Two separate doctors that use energetic testing have found that my body seems much better able to manage any remaining stressors, and very little seems to be found in energetic testing at this time.  I think this is a good indication that the procedure removed a significant stressor from my system.  Given that the issue had been present since high school, I actually wonder if it wasn't an important prerequisite for becoming so ill with Lyme in the first place in my situation.  

My acupuncturist does energetic, pulse, and tongue evaluation.  Things that she identified for years such as weak kidney yang and weak digestion have not come up since the procedure was done.  From her perspective, the shift was profound.  For me, this reinforces the importance of considering dental issues as key contributors in chronic illness. 

Whether or not that will be the last of the work that may need to be done remains a question for the future.  For now, I'm very pleased that I decided to move forward and have the procedure done. Learn More
Hansa Center Visit
I recently had the opportunity to attend a 3-day conference at the Hansa Center in Wichita, Kansas.  The focus of the event was to explore the basics of the Bio-Resonance Scanning system of energetic testing that Dr. Jernigan created.  

I very much enjoyed my visit to the center and all of the people I met there.  The energy at the clinic was very positive, and I heard many very hopeful patient recovery stories while there. Learn More
New Book of Hope from Amy B. Scher
Amy B. Scher is a gifted energy-medicine practitioner with a focus on helping people to clear emotional roadblocks to healing.

She just released her latest book Lessons From Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia which is a collection of stories of hope from those that have triumphed over these complex conditions.

One of the chapters in the book is my own contribution, and I am honored to be a part of it.  I'm excited to continue reading the other chapters to see what more I can learn. Learn More
Parasite Testing and Treatment
I recently learned about ParaWellness Research and Dr. Raphael d'Angelo.  One of his areas of focus is on parasite testing and treatment.  

He was recently on a radio show with Patrick Timpone which you can find here.

ParaWellness Research offers parasite testing using both stool and urine and creates treatment programs to address any parasites that are identified.

He is responsible for an exciting and unique essential oil tablet called AromaTab that is available by prescription that many have found helpful.  I recently incorporated AromaTab into my own  protocol as a broad-spectrum treatment option.  Learn More
Ryde for Lyme
LymeLight Foundation is an organization that is near and dear to me.  I am honored to be a volunteer with the Foundation and am touched by the work that is being done in support of young people with Lyme disease to provide them access to treatment grants.

The annual Ryde for Lyme event is coming up on August 2nd, and I would appreciate your support if you are interested and able. My goal is to raise $7500 in support of the organization.  Thanks in advance for your kind support.  Learn More
Recent Radio Shows and Podcasts
Information about Lyme disease and recovering from chronic illness seems to be growing exponentially.  I'm so excited that we have several excellent sources of valuable information available.  Here are a few of the recent radio shows and podcasts that are worth a listen.  To listen, click the orange links below.

Extreme Health Radio with Justin and Kate

OneRadioNetwork with Patrick Timpone
MAS PEMF Therapy System
In September 2013 at the Simon Yu Conference in St. Louis, I tried a PEMF system from one of the exhibitors.  I spent about 10 minutes on the mat and went back to the conference and noticed how warm I felt as it seemed to be improving my circulation.  I had never felt that with other PEMF systems I had tried.  

As a result, I rented the system for a month and later decided to invest in the MAS PEMF system so that I could use it more regularly.  I'm currently spending about 30 minutes a day on the MAS and 45 minutes a day on the Biomat.  I've found both of these tools to be very helpful in obtaining and maintaining wellness.

I've been using the MAS now almost daily for several months and have found it to be a very welcomed tool in my arsenal. Learn More
Rope Parasite
While the jury is still out on exactly what the "rope worm" is, many people seem to be expelling these from their bodies and feeling much better after doing so. 

Dr. Klinghardt refers to this as the "rope parasite" rather than the "rope worm" as it may not be a single worm.  It may be more of a biofilm community or mechanism that the body uses to detoxify itself.  No one really knows for sure, but many are looking forward to research that may shed more light.  

I recently wrote a blog post with my thoughts on this topic.  Learn More
BetterHealthGuy Tidbits!
Below you will find a number of links to information I have found useful over the past few months. I hope you find them to be of interest.

Lyme Less Live More - an exciting community connecting us to others on similar recovery journeys
Hansa Center Channel on YouTube - learn from Dr. Jernigan and his staff of doctors
My Lyme Treatment - a site discussing Reinhard's Lyme journey including treatment with hyperthermia
Connie Strasheim Blog - a new bog by Connie Strasheim
HealClick - an exciting new social network for those dealing with chronic illness
Treat Lyme and Associated Diseases - Dr. Marty Ross informational site for Lyme treatment
Sunlighten Sauna Therapy
In my experience, a focus on detoxification is key to supporting the body's ability to regain optimal health.  While I continue to use numerous tools for detoxification, a Sunlighten sauna has been one of my detoxification tools since 2008.  

The products are high quality and continuously advancing to take advantage of the latest in sauna technology.  

Sunlighten offers both walk-in and portable saunas to meet the needs of a wide variety of people on their road back to wellness.

May is Lyme Disease Awareness month, and all Sunlighten saunas are on sale in May.  Learn More
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