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New Year's Eve / Jan 2016
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Gay wedding at Cana
Bridge of Light
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Beloved Disciple John
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Happy New Year! Enter 2016 by celebrating LGBT spirituality... with visionary artwork and the hidden history of queer saints. May the rainbow candles of the Bridge of Light guide your way!
Gay wedding of Jesus and John at Cana explored in new LGBT art show
Wedding at Cana by Christopher Olwage
A wedding between Jesus and his beloved disciple is explored in a recent art show by gay New Zealand artist Christopher Olwage. He gives flesh to an ancient tradition that Jesus and John were the bridal couple at the Cana wedding feast. 
His goal was to get people to think more deeply about their faith by considering questions such as: "What if Christ were gay? ...How different would the world be? How different would you be?" His Auckland show also included a self-portrait as Saint Sebastian and a dance peformance on the Passion of Saint Francis. More info

(Credit: Detial from "The Wedding of Jesus and John 'the Beloved Disciple' at Cana" by Christopher Olwage)  
Greet the New Year with Bridge of Light 
Rainbow Candles
Welcome the new year with Bridge of Light, a winter holiday based on LGBT culture and the colors of the rainbow.

Each color stands for a spiritual principle expressed in the lives and history of LGBTQ people. The colors can also match models of the queer Christ
. More info 
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K Cherry with Xmas ornaments San Diego
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Many thanks
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Beloved Disciple: The man Jesus loved

Jesus and Beloved Disciple by Laurie Gudim

Love between Jesus and his Beloved Disciple has been celebrated by artists since medieval times. And the idea that they were lovers has caused controversy since the 16th century. John the Evangelist is usually considered to be the unnamed "disciple whom Jesus loved" from the gospel of John. More info 


(Credit: "Jesus and the Beloved Disciple" by Laurie Gudim

New LGBT Christian books of 2015

"The Life and Struggles of Our Mother Walatta Petros: A 17th-Century African Biography of an Ethiopian Woman" by Galawdewos (translated and edited by Wendy Laura Belcher and Michael Kleiner)

Queer saint Walatta's story is "the earliest known depiction of same-sex desire among women in sub-Saharan Africa."

Just added to:
Jonathan & David: Love between men in the Bible
David and Jonathan window from Scotland
Jonathan fell in love with David in Biblical times.  Intense love between the two men is portrayed by artists old and new. The same-sex couple's powerful love story shows that gay relationships are affirmed and blessed by God.   More info    


(Credit: David and Jonathan window, St. Mark's Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland)    

Epiphany: Three kings or three queens?

Reimagining the three kings as queer or female gives fresh meaning to Epiphany. The holiday on Jan. 6 celebrates the visit of the Magi to the infant Jesus.

New visions include a controversial painting of female Magi and Biblical scholarship suggesing that the Magi were eunuchs -- people who today would be called gay or transgender. More info

(Credit: "Epiphany" by Janet McKenzie)
Thank you to all December donors

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A warm thank-you to the 28 people who gave to my Christmas and December offerings for Jesus in Love! Click to see their names and comments such as:
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I wish you a wonderful year ahead.  May the Rainbow Christ inspire you throughout 2016!

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Trudie Barreras

Looking for a new way to highlight the interactions of Jesus with women?  Trudie Barreras has written a series of dramatic monologues including 'The Woman at the Well Witnesses', 'Rescued by Jesus', 'Martha's Story' and more.  For more information, contact Photo by Shirley Cooper.
Holding Hands

QUEER CHRISTIAN? See free info now. Why being Christian and queer is okay.

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