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November 2015
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New film
Why we need LGBT saints
8 new queer saints
November books

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Greetings on All Saints Day! LGBT saints are important because people are searching for alternative examlpes of how to lead loving lives. You'll find many ways to connect with queer saints in this month's newsletter.
New film highlights queer saints

Tony O'Connell kissing St Sebastian
Prayers to queer saints and a re-enactment of Saint Sebastian's martyrdom make a strong statement against homophobic violence in a new film for All Saints Day by queer British artist Tony O'Connell.
He sculpted a life-size statue of Sebastian and filmed his interactions with the figure, who is known as the patron saint of homosexuality. The short video film premieres today for All Saints Day. His "Litany of the Queer Saints"  can be a model prayer for people of faith. Get info and see video

(Credit: Tony O'Connell kisses St Sebastian in his new film) 
All Saints Day: Why we need LGBT saints

St John Altarpiece by Memling
LGBT saints show us not only THEIR place in history, but also OUR place. Churches have tried to control people by burying queer history, but the stories of the saints are being reclaimed At first I thought that LGBT saints were rare.  Gradually I came to see that they are everywhere.... More info

(Credit: St John Altarpiece by Hans Memling, 15th century)
Eight profiles added to LGBT Saints series 
Radclyffe Hall
Malachy of Armagh by Rowan Lewgalon All Saints Day is celebrated today with the addition of eight new profiles to the LGBT Saints page at They include both traditional saints such as Malachy of Armagh (left) and alternative saints such as Radclyffe Hall (right). More info
Visit All Saints/All Souls memorial now

Candles Welcome to Jesus in Love's LGBTQ-friendly online memorial. Many believe that the souls of the dead are visiting this weekend for All Saints Day, All Souls and Day of the Dead. Religion and society have often dishonored LGBT lives. May ALL saints and ALL souls to be restored to wholeness and holiness here.
New LGBT Christian books for November


"Our Lives Matter: A Womanist Queer Theology" by Pamela R. Lightsey

"Sexuality, Ideology, and the Bible: Antipodean Engagements" by Robert Myles and Carolyn Blyth (editors)

"Rescuing Jesus: How People of Color, Women, and Queer Christians are Reclaiming Evangelicalism" by Deborah Jian Lee

"And God Saw It All was Very Good: Catholic LGBT People in Europe Telling Their Stories" by Sandra Taylor and Hazel Barnes (editors)
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Allen Schindler: Gay martyr in the military

Coming up later this month:

Nov. 20 - Transgender Day of Remembrance
Nov. 29 - Advent begins 
On this All Saints Day, I close with a few lines from the "Litany of the Queer Saints" in Tony O'Connell's new film. It is posted today at the Jesus in Love Blog:

Saint Uncumber, gender defiant bearded lady, patron of purity and refusal, pray for us.
Saint Oscar Wilde, our saint of humour, grace and elegance, whose gentle hands were put to hard labour, pray for us.
Holy Innocents driven to death by the church, pray for us.
Daughters of Stonewall, pray for us.

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Divine Love in Human Flesh
Reclaiming the Season of Advent
for Gay Christians 

Dec. 4-6  at Easton Mountain Retreat 

December is a time of anticipation, reflection, and hope. The days grow darker, the winds turn cold, and we wait for the rebirth of the Light. For Christians, this is the season of Advent. We light candles, chant carols and contemplate the mystery of Love made Flesh in Jesus. For gay people of faith this season can be especially rich and profound, as we reclaim our ancient symbols and explore new understandings of Divine Incarnation.

In this Advent retreat we will gently and creatively consider the ways in which our lives reveal the queer face of Christ to the world. We will share our stories, our struggles, our joys, our loves and our hard-won wisdom. We will use creative ritual, contemplative silence, shared prayer, experiential workshops, conversations and discussions, to reclaim and re-embody our faith. This retreat will welcome all people who seek to deepen their spiritual lives during this holy season, however, it will especially focus on the wonder and grace of our lives as gay Christians, as people called to allow Divine Love to take flesh in us and in our world.
The retreat will be hosted by John Stasio, founder of Easton Mountain Retreat Center, and Michael B Kelly PhD, presenter of The Erotic Contemplative video-series, and author of Seduced by Grace: Contemporary Spirituality, Gay Experience and Christian Faith. They will be joined by an experienced team of facilitators who will offer a variety of workshops and programs. Join us as we prepare for Christmas in the beautiful, contemplative surrounds of Easton Mountain.

Advent Starry Night For more info and bookings contact:
Easton Mountain Retreat
391 Herrington Hill Rd
Greenwich NY, 12834
518-692-8023518-692-8023 or 800-553-8235800-553-8235 FREE

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Art for the birthing
of Magdalene Christianity  
Images by Janet McKenzie  
celebrating women of the New Testament 
as models for the emerging church of today. 

Dog potrait by Trudie Barreras

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See A GAY FAIRY TALE now. What happens when a Prince truly loves another Prince?
Happy All Saints Day! 
Innovative Religious Art

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           Harvey Milk icon by Robert Lentz    Saints Perpetua and Felicity by Robert Lentz  
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Favorites of Jesus in Love readers are pictured here. Above: Sergius & Bacchus, Harvey Milk, Perpetua & Felicity.


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       Jonathan & David by Robert Lentz    Hildegard of Bingen and Richardis by Lewis Williams    St. Wencelaus and Podiven by Lewis Williams


Book cover Passion of Christ A Gay Vision
By Kittredge Cherry
with art by Douglas Blanchard

Reflect on Jesus as a gay man in a modern city
"Accessible but profound"
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Santos Queer presenta en las fechas adecuadas durante todo el año tanto santas y santos como mártires, héroes, heroinas y personas consagradas de especial interés para las personas  lesbianas, gays, bisexuales y transexuales (LGBT) y sus aliados.
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