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May 2013
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Jesus in Love supports lesbian, gay, bi trans and queer  (LGBTQ) spirituality, with an emphasis on art and literature. It promotes artistic and religious freedom and teaches love for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. It is based on these beliefs: God loves all people, including sexual minorities. The creative process is sacred. The queer visions, especially the gay Jesus and LGBT saints, will free people to experience the divine in new ways and lead to a more just world.


Jesus in Love was founded by lesbian Christian author Kittredge Cherry as her personal gift to the world.  


Artist Tony O'Connell challenges us to notice the holiness of LGBT people living around us, while saints from history can inspire us to get in touch with our own goodness. Read more in this issue.
Artist reclaims holiness in LGBT life

Saint Ryan by Tony O'Connell
British artist Tony O'Connell documents the sacred side of queer people and places. He takes photos of saintly moments among ordinary LGBT people and records his own pilgrimages to LGBT historical sites.


Since 1998 he has been photographing people with haloes formed by round objects from daily life. "The intention was to democratize the notion of sacredness and the process of canonization. We do not need the permission of anyone else to see perfection in each other," he explains. More info


(Credit: "Saint Ryan, Patron of Learning the Arts" by Tony O'Connell)

Day Against Homophobia invites prayers

Cartoon by Carlos Latuff
Christian and LGBT values clash in a new cartoon for the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) by Brazilian artist Carlos Latuff. IDAHO on May 17 raises awareness of LGBT rights violations and includes a "multi-faith global prayer initiative." More info
LGBT Litany: Harvey Milk, pray for us...

Harvey Milk by Robert Lentz
A new Dignity Litany of the Saints by Dr. Rachel Waltz puts LGBT saints into a traditional prayer format. It begins:

Harvey Milk; Pray for us

St. Joan of Arc; Pray for us

Our brothers and sisters who died at the hands of strangers; Pray for us

Matthew Shepard; Pray for us...

More info


(Credit: "Harvey Milk of San Francisco" by Brother Robert Lentz)


Christina Rossetti: Lesbian poet and saint

Cover of Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti

Christina Rossetti was a 19th-century English poet whose work ranged from Christmas carols to sensuous lesbian love poetry. A devout Christian who never married, she has been called a "queer virgin" and "gay mystic." Her best-known works are the carol "In the Bleak Midwinter" and "Goblin Market," a poem with a lesbian Christ figure  More info 


(Credit: Cover image for Rossetti's "Goblin Market and Other Poems," 1862, by her brother Dante Gabriel Rossetti)  

New LGBT Christian books


Spring brings a fresh crop of LGBT Christian books, including:


"Queering Christianity: Finding a Place at the Table for LGBTQI Christians" by Robert Shore-Goss, Thomas Bohache, Patrick S. Cheng and, Ramona Faye West. (Praeger)

"The Gendered Pulpit" by Angela Yarber (Parson's Porch Books). A lesbian Baptist minister-artist-scholar uses her own experience to discuss ways to include LGBTQ people and women in worship and preaching.

"Rainbow Theology: Bridging Race, Sexuality, and Spirit" by Patrick Cheng (Seabury Books) is the first book to explore theologies by LGBT people of color. 


"Does Jesus Really Love Me?: A Gay Christian's Pilgrimage in Search of God in America" by Jeff Chu (Harper). A gay Chinese American raised fundamentalist mixes investigative journalism with personal memoir as he visits hot spots in the debate over homosexuality and the church.


"Thorn in the Flesh: How Gay Sexuality is Changing the Episcopal Church" by Caroline J. Addington Hall (Rowman & Littlefield). The history is told by a lesbian Episcopal priest who works for full inclusion of gays and lesbians in the church. 

Sor Juana: Nun who loved a countess

Sor Juana InÚs de la Cruz by Lewis Williams
Sor Juana InÚs de la Cruz was a 17th-century Mexican nun whose writings include lesbian love poetry.  She is considered one of the greatest Latin American poets and an early advocate of women's rights.

Sor Juana's convent cell was Mexico City's intellectual hub and the largest library in Mexico.  She was visited by the city's elite, including the countess who became her passionate friend.  More info

(Credit: "Sor Juana InÚs de la Cruz" by Lewis Williams,
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Click to see highlights from past years at the Jesus in Love Blog to help you celebrate these holidays in May:


Sunday, May 12: Mother's Day


Celebrating Mother Jesus: Julian of Norwich


Honoring mothers who loved their gay sons so much that they founded PFLAG: Jeanne Manford and Adele Starr 



Sunday, May 19: Pentecost   


The Holy Spirit Arrives from "The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision" with art by Douglas Blanchard and text by Kittredge Cherry 


Pentecost celebrates the arrival of the Holy Spirit. May you experience an outpouring of the Holy Spirit in your own life this month!

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