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Jesus in Love supports lesbian, gay, bi trans and queer  (LGBTQ) spirituality, with an emphasis on art and literature. It promotes artistic and religious freedom and teaches love for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. It is based on these beliefs: God loves all people, including sexual minorities. The creative process is sacred. The queer visions, especially the gay Jesus and LGBT saints, will free people to experience the divine in new ways and lead to a more just world.


Jesus in Love was founded by lesbian Christian author Kittredge Cherry as her personal gift to the world.  


This special Palm Sunday newsletter offers LGBT resources for Holy Week. We are entering an historic Holy Week as the Supreme Court considers two marriage equality cases on Tuesday and Wednesday. May justice flow!
Gay Passion of Christ series starts today
Jesus Enters the City by Douglas Blanchard
Jesus Before the Soldiers by Douglas Blanchard A gay vision of Christ's Passion starts today at the Jesus in Love Blog. New posts will run daily through Easter.

The series includes all 24 paintings in Douglas Blanchard's "The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision," with expanded text by Kittredge Cherry. The paintings show Jesus as a contemporary gay man in a modern city. Click to see:

Overview    Jesus and the prophets    Jesus Enters the City

(Credit: "Jesus Enters the City" and "Jesus Before the Soldiers" by Douglas Blanchard)
LGBT Stations of the Cross shows struggle for equality
Jesus falls 1st time -  Nazis persecution
"Stations of the Cross: The Struggle for LGBT Equality" is a new set of 14 paintings that link the crucifixion of Jesus with the history of LGBT people, including the Stonewall Rebellion, Harvey Milk's assassination, AIDS, ex-gay conversion therapy, the same-sex marriage ban, and LGBT teen suicides.

Click to see the series at the Jesus in Love Blog.

Jesus dies / Transgender murder The paintings will displayed in Washington, DC this week while the Supreme Court looks at marriage equality.

Mary Button painted the LGBT Stations series for Believe Out Loud, an online network empowering Christians to work for LGBT equality.

(Credit: Station 3: Jesus Falls / Nazi persecution and Station 12: Jesus dies / transwoman murdered by Mary Button)
Right-wing rants against Kittredge Cherry and queer Christ

A major right-wing website attacked me for saying, "Christ lives in every individual of every different shade of sexual orientation and gender identity." Newsbusters called my ideas "bizarre" in their recent report "Rewriting the Bible: The Gospel According to Liberals." I'm condemned along with President Obama, Lady Gaga and Rev. Jesse Jackson!  


It's not the first time. Blasphemy 101: 'Lesbian Christian' Kittredge Cherry Offers 'Rainbow Christ Prayer' was posted by Americans for Truth about Homosexuality. It is classified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Palm Sunday / Holy Week offering
for Jesus in Love

 Kittredge Cherry with Jesus Rises by Douglas BlanchardI am collecting a Holy Week offering to support my work at Jesus in Love for LGBT spirituality and the arts. Click to give now.


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(Image: Kittredge Cherry with "Jesus Rises" by Douglas Blanchard. Photo by Audrey) 

Holy Week is a good time to wrestle with tough issues. Some may enjoy the new book "Faitheist" by Chris Stedman. It tells how he went from being an Evangelical Christian to an openly gay atheist who works to help atheists and believers to find common ground.

This Holy Week let's reflect on the meaning of Christ's suffering and death... and pray for the Supreme Court as it hears oral arguments on LGBT equality. Resurrection is coming.  

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Holding Hands

CAN GAYS AND LESBIANS BE TRUE CHRISTIANS? See the "Gay and Christian" website! It shows that a person can be both a Christian and a loving, sexually-active gay man or lesbian.
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Art for the birthing
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Images by Janet McKenzie  
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