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This Week in Honors
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This Week in Honors
Fullerton College Honors Program
Fall Semester: Week 1 
This Week in Honors

Every Monday morning during the academic semesters, you will receive "This Week in Honors" with information about our program, campus events, transfer workshops and deadlines, research conferences, scholarship opportunities, and more.  Please read this email carefully so you don't miss important information.


You can refer to our website for the archived newsletters:  http://fullertoncollegehonors.com/newsletters/


Please make sure we have your correct and updated email address.  If you stop receiving this newsletter, come to our office so we can keep you in the loop.


If your office or student club has an event or other information you'd like us to include, please let us know. 

New Honors Student Assistant - Jayson Barker


We're pleased to have Jayson Barker join us as the Honors Student Assistant.  Our previous assistant, Michelle Kim transferred to UC, Berkeley.  Jayson is a Physics major and serves as VP of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK).  Many of you already know him, but if you don't - stop by the Honors Program Office in Room 225.   


Contact: Jayson Barker 714.992.7133 jbarker@fullcoll.edu 

Open Honors Classes

The following honors classes are still open.  Please register for one of the remaining spots or attend the class on the first day. 


11640 ESC 130HF Intro to Oceanography TR 2:20 - 3:45 p.m. Heath 

13530 ANTH 101HF Physical Anthro TR 10:10 - 11:35 a.m. Markley 

11228 HIST 170HF History of US I MW 10:10 - 11:35 a.m. Douglas 

14075 HIST 171HF History of the US II TR 11:45 - 1:10 p.m. Ashenmiller 

12692 ESC 116HF Astronomy MW 11:10 - 1:10 p.m. Barbabas 

11272 PHIL 105HF  World Religions TR 10:10 - 11:35 a.m. Hansen 

13099 MATH 150AHF Calculus I TR 7:15 - 9:20 a.m. Clahane   


Math 290-295HF Math Seminars TR 4:30 - 5:55 p.m. Clahane

Please remember, our honors courses have small class sizes in order to facilitate seminar style learning, accommodate student presentations, and allow more interaction between faculty and students.  We've asked our faculty not to over-enroll classes beyond what they believe is best for the course.

Wait List Procedures

If you're on the waiting list for a class, make sure you show up on for the first class meeting. 


Please remember, our honors courses have small class sizes in order to facilitate seminar style learning, accommodate student presentations, and allow more interaction between faculty and students.  We've asked our faculty not to over-enroll classes beyond what they believe is best for the course.

Student Parking

If this is your first semester on campus, please be aware that parking is always difficult the first few weeks of the semester.  Come early and wear good walking shoes. 


August 25 - 31: You do not need a parking permit. 

Starting on September 2rd, you will need your parking permit.


If you haven't received your parking permit yet, stop by Campus Safety.


Campaign Internships
We have an election this semester -- November 4, 2014 (just 70 days from today).  There are lots of opportunities to get involved in local politics, work on political campaigns, advocate for your high school (Anaheim & Fullerton) or college (NOCCCD) through school bond measures, work with the League of Women Voters on voter registration drives and educating the community about ballot measures and candidate forums, or volunteer as a poll worker on election day.

Register to Vote: http://registertovote.ca.gov/ 

The League of Women Voters is a nonpartisan political organization encouraging the informed and active participation of citizens in government. It influences public policy through education and advocacy.  They are looking for students interested in learning more about local candidates, ballot measures, and registering people to vote.  Contact Jodi Balma if you're interested in volunteering or a formal internship.


Sharon Quirk-Silva, Assembly 65th District

Re-election Campaign


NOCCCD Bond Campaign

There will be opportunities to work on the NOCCCD Bond Campaign soon.  If you're interested, please contact me, Jodi Balma.

For information about other campaigns or to get involved with our local political parties:

OC Republican Party: http://www.ocgop.org/intern/
OC Democratic Party: http://www.ocdemocrats.org/intern

POSC 299 - Political Internship Course (1-Unit)
Contact me, Jodi Balma, if you're interested in enrolling in the internship course and earning college credit for your political internship.


Club and College Days - Get Involved


Wednesday, Aug 27th and Thursday, Aug 28th

Fullerton College Quad

Stop by and check out some of the great student clubs and opportunities Fullerton College has to offer this semester.   


As a student here, you have two choices.  You can drive to campus, take classes, and leave. You'll collect your credits and be eligible for transfer, but you'll never really feel like you're a part of campus.  The second choice is to take advantage of all (or at least some) of the amazing opportunities we have to offer students - join a club (or 5 or 6 of them), join Associated Students and let your voice be heard on campus, attend our campus sporting events with a couple of friends from class and support our amazing athletes, join the Forensics team and put your debate skills to good use, hang out in the student lounge instead of rushing back home after class,  attend...or even try out for one of our campus theater events...the list goes on and on.  Our students who get involved and take leadership roles on campus truly feel a part of the Fullerton College family.  Take the first step this week and join a student club.   


As long as you're here, why not take advantage
of everything we have to offer you?



Honor Societies - AGS and PTK

A great way to get involved, meet your future life-long friends, and make a difference on campus to join one or both of our honors societies.  


AGS - Alpha Gamma Sigma
Wednesday, August 27th
3:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Room 226

PTK - Phi Theta Kappa
Wednesday, August 27th
3:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Room 515


Transfer Workshops

Our former students will tell you that the Cadena Transfer Center is a key reason they were able to transfer.  You should be attending as many of their workshops as possible and making sure that you're on target to transfer.   It's never too early to start thinking about transfer. 


Important Dates!

Some Good Advice for College Students...

Adapted from "10 Things to do in College (Probably) More Important than Going to Class."  by Sarah Juliet Lauro 


"1. Learn to use the library
I've overheard students bragging that they'd never set foot in the library in four years -- until, that is, my assignment mandated that they check out one of those old-timey, dusty word accordions. Libraries are glorious places that cannot be supplanted by the Internet and electronic databases, no matter how convenient it is not to leave your room. In the best of them, there are rooms where you are given white gloves to wear because the pages you'll be handling are so precious. Sometimes, the books are shelved on mechanical, rolling stacks that you must crank by hand, like a music box, to reveal the hidden aisle that you need. To find any book is a treasure hunt of sorts, and there is no replacement for the serendipitous events that transpire in the library: you bend down to tie your shoe, and find yourself at eye-level with a book you didn't know you needed to read, but you find it is the exact right thing.



You'll find our Fullerton College librarians are helpful, informative, and dedicated to your academic success.  You can "Ask-a-Librarian" almost anything in person, over the phone, or in online chat.  You can schedule a one-on-one appointment with a Librarian to help you get started on a research project. We highly recommend the course LIB 100 HF Honors Intro to Research.  If you transfer without getting to know our incredible library staff, you're really missing out!  


2. Attend campus-sponsored events
Film screenings, poetry readings, guest lectures by visiting professors, student art shows. One of the single best moments from my college days was a farewell reading by the poet Thom Gunn.

http://cadena.fullcoll.edu  and

The Cadena/Transfer Center is an amazing Cultural Center with events that will entertain, educate, and enlighten you.  Student Forums, guest speakers, field trips, and more.  Make sure you bookmark our Fine Arts Division's calendar so you don't miss out on Theater, Art, or Music productions from our students and faculty.  They are amazing! 

3a. Learn political views that are different from your parents.
Hey, what is socialism? What is this red devil communism I keep hearing about when grandpa's watching TV? And, 3b: Protest something: be it the removal of graffiti on campus or the rising cost of tuition. Learn about the power of having opinions and making them heard.


It's an election year so you can really make your voice heard by volunteering for a political campaign.  Get involved with campus politics by joining Associated Students.    


4. Develop an appreciation for coffee.
Put down that Mountain Dew monstrosity.


5. Use campus resources to improve yourself.
Utilize writing and tutoring centers, but also co-ops and collective farms; like mental health houses, and botanical gardens, and the craft center; like the gym and its jujitsu classes; like Italian conversation clubs.


Take advantage of the Academic Support Center - tutoring, writing, and the skills center.  http://academicsupport.fullcoll.edu/  Jobs are available.


Join a student club during Club Rush on Wednesday and Thursday of this week in the Quad.  If you can't find a club for you, start one.  


6. Meet with your academic advisor.
Make sure that you know how to schedule your classes to graduate on time. It can be hard to figure out exactly what your requirements are and how to get them fulfilled.  


Linda Kelly-Mandich, Honors Counselor, is available for our honors students.  Make an Education Plan with her and update it each and every semester to make sure you're on track to achieve your academic goals.  Get to know and talk to the faculty members in your major. 


7. Go abroad.
And don't just hang out at MacDo speaking English with your similarly displaced classmates. Be uncomfortable. Feel stupid. Get lost. Try.


Fullerton College has an amazing Study Abroad Program where 40 FC and Cypress students travel with two professors and take our courses.  No worry about transferring units.  Almost every student I've talked to has cited it as the best thing they did at Fullerton College.  Travel to Rome in the spring or England/Scotland in 2016.   



8. Read the news.
Ok, this you can do on the Internet. I'm not a Luddite -- but learn how to discern actual journalism from the electric fury of somebody's blog. And... transitioning to the next point: learn how to talk about current events.


http://rtumble.com is a great way to keep up with news in California.  Download the "Pulse" app to aggregate news on your phone or tablet.  Better yet, write for the Hornet and get journalism experience.  http://hornet.fullcoll.edu/  


9. Develop the art of conversation.
I learned this in high school because I lived in a place that was so romantically boring (or so Rabat, Morocco seemed to us at 15) that there was nothing to do but sit in smoky cafes and converse. Cafes may no longer be smoky, but they serve the same purpose (see again No. 4). So do living rooms, and the non-quiet areas of the library.

Put down your phone and talk to the person sitting next to you.  Hang out in the Quad between classes and get to know your classmates.  Arrange a study group to study, but also so you leave this campus with lifelong friends who you've gotten to know over long, deep conversations. 

10. This is the single greatest piece of advice I'm going to give you: Go to Office Hours.
This is time that faculty has (to) set aside to meet one-on-one with students, and you should take advantage of it. Go early and go often: Form relationships with your teacher, ask questions about difficult material, prime them for that moment when you'll ask for a letter of recommendation, and show them that you care -- not just about your grade, but about your education.

One of the great advantages of our honors courses is their small size so you can really get to know your professors.  Go to their office hours and introduce yourself.  We have some of the best teachers I've ever met - get to know them and enrich your life.

If you do all of that here's what you'll learn at college: the campus is a microcosm of the world at large -- full of brilliant, diverse opportunities that no one is going to make you take -- and there's a reason for this, because if you do it right (and by "it" I mean not just college, but life), the whole world will be your classroom.
The Honors Program Staff is here to help you.  If you have any questions, please stop by our office in College Center: Room 225 or 714.992.7133. 

Jean Foster, Administrative Assistant
Jayson Barker, Student Assistant
Jodi Balma, Coordinator


Join our Facebook Page: FC Honors Program 


Jodi Balma
Coordinator, Honors Program
Honors Program, College Center, Room 225

Professor, Political Science Department
Political Science Office 1425-02
Fullerton College