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This Week in Honors
Fullerton College Honors Program
Spring Semester: Week #16
Finals Week

Exit Survey
If you are transferring, graduating, or just leaving Fullerton College, please fill out an Exit Survey for us before you go.  We really need this information and really appreciate your help.

Register to Vote - Deadline - TODAY, May 19th
To be eligible to vote in the June 3, 2014 Primary Election, the deadline to register to vote is TODAY - May 19th.

To register online you will need

  • Your California driver license or California identification card number,
  • The last four digits of your social security number and
  • Your date of birth.

Political Campaigns
There are two Assembly candidates who are recruiting Fullerton College students for their campaigns.  Though the jobs are volunteer right now, both are planning to hire campaign staff in the near future. 

Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva (Democrat) 65th Assembly District

Candidate for the 55th Assembly District, Phillip Chen (Republican)

Working on local campaigns is a great way to learn more about your community, politics, and elections.

Congratulations Graduation Class of 2014!

Friday, May 23rd, is the 2014 Fullerton College Commencement and we want to congratulate our Honors students who are graduating this year! 

Please stop by the Honors Office and complete our Exit Survey and tell us where you're transferring. 

Honors Students
Ashley Adams
Maria Marquez Alvarez
Mauricio Alarcon Morales
Evelyn Martinez
Samantha Andersen
Daniela Miller
Jesus Angulo-Limon
Rasha Moubasher
Tyler Appel
Rory Mulcahey
Crystal Brisbane
Danielle Navarro
Jessica Calderon
Eric Nelson
Jenna Cariou
Chelsea Padilla
Moonsun Choi
Jose Padilla
Rachel Chung
Kamran Pakdamanian
Marisol Contreras
Raymond Paramo
Jewel Ann Curameng
Aarti Patel
Jacob DeCarlo
Angelique Phan
Andrew Esguerra
Heather Pineda
Andrew Fischer
Zachary PIttman
Vincent Franco
Lindsay Regan
Richard Gaber
Jordan Reyes
Steven Garcia
Dailyn Rodriguez Reyes
Alexandro Garza
Heba Sairafe
Jeanette Gonzalez
Priscilla San Juan
Edward Gunawan
Brian Trigueros
Katie Gutierrez
Alberts Trujillo
Melissa Jimenez
Sok Ung
Johnny Kampa
Pablo Vasquez
Renee Lauper
Andrea Virgen
Kyoo Yeon Lee
Ai-Vy Vo
Rachael Linker
Jordan Wainwright
Qingni Liu
David Wallace
Jessica Lopez
Aaron Wodka
Nicole Lozeau
Charles Woon
Maggie Yousef

If you have met the requirements to be Honors Certified, please fill out the application so we can certify you and list that accomplishment on your final transcript. 

Honors Certified Students
Amy Aldana
Yu Min Lee
Eric Arellano 
Madelyn Liwag
Irving Barrios Salas
Hsiu Lu
Amanda Chavez
Marwin Luminarias
Yejeong Choi
Irene Martinez
Hannamarie De Castro
Nora Matti
Christopher Flores
Yazmin Mendez
Paz Flournoy
Ameer Muhtaseb
Courtney Fonti
Marianne Nasiero
Karmina Garcia
Somin Oh
Natalie Gennaoui
Yun Su Park
Lisa Haygood
Maria Pelaez
Sarah Heim
Brandon Poore
Amelia Itnyre
Noura Qreini
Lena Jaurequi
Alicia Razo
Jake Joblon
Gaithrri Shanmuganathan
Suman Khadka
Matthew Song
Namra Khalil
Alexia Sotelo Beyza
Chang Suk Kim
Marlen Tagle Rodriguez
Ji Hye Kim
Keziah Tan
Michelle Kim
Winnie Tu
Shannon Kim
Rosemary Vilchis
Joshua Kleinbergs
Ann Vu
Huyen (Virginia) Le
Desmond Zamarripa
Shirley Lee

Certified students will be able to pick up an Honors medal this week (after Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.) to wear at Commencement on Friday.

Congratulations Graduating Honors Students!

Summer and Fall Clearance Forms
Summer 2014 Classes
LIB 100HF Honors Introduction to Research
MATH 290HF Honors Pure Mathematics Seminar*
MATH 291HF Honors Applied Mathematics Seminar*
MATH 295HF Honors General Mathematics Seminar*

Fall 2014 Classes
ACCT 102HF Honors Financial Accounting
ANTH 101HF Honors Physical Anthropology
ANTH 102HF Honors Cultural Anthropology
ART 196HF Honors Creative Arts - Arts
BUS 240HF Honors Legal Environment of Business
ENGL 100HF Honors College Writing
ENGL 103HF Honors Critical Reasoning and Writing
ESC 116HF Honors Astronomy
ESC 130HF Honors Introduction to Oceanography
HIST 110HF Honors Western Civilization I
HIST 170HF Honors History of the U.S. I 
HIST 171HF Honors History of the U.S. II
MATH 120HF Honors Introductory Probability and Statistics
MATH 150AHF Honors Calculus I
MATH 290HF Honors Pure Mathematics Seminar*
MATH 291HF Honors Applied Mathematics Seminar*
MATH 295HF Honors General Mathematics Seminar*
MUS 196HF Honors Creative Arts - Music
PHIL 105HF Honors World Religions
POSC 100HF Honors American Government
SOC 101HF Honors Intro to Sociology
THEA 196HF Honors Creative Arts - Theater

*Note: These classes are not UC Transferrable.

These are the classes offered in the Summer and Fall 2014 semester. As always, you will have to pick up a clearance form in the Honors Office in order to register for these classes. 

Clearance forms for the Summer semester is in yellow and the Fall ones are in red/pink. Be sure you pick up the right clearance form before heading over to the counseling center to be cleared.
Honors Student Ambassadors

We're accepting applications for next year's Honors Student Ambassadors.   Applications available in the Honors Program Office. 


Participate in on-campus recruitment events (Smart Start Saturday, Club Rush, High School Senior/Parent Night, classroom announcements, etc),

Visit local high school college fairs

Attend one meeting each month with the Lead Ambassador

Contribute ideas and articles for the program newsletter

Help plan and promote social activities for the Honors Program students

Participate in a minimum of two recruitment events per semester

Give campus tours and help with campus events as needed
California Cousins Mentor Program


The International Student Center is recruiting mentors for the California Cousins Program. This program connects Fullerton College students with incoming international students to help ease the transition to the United States, Orange County, and college life in general. Mentor applications are available online here and are due by May 23. Student mentors must have a minimum 2.0 GPA, be willing to participate in the California Cousin Program for at least two semesters, and have attended Fullerton College for at least one semester. Mentors can earn community service learning hours, participate in free field trips, and develop lifelong friendships with people from around the world.

Celebrate Your Achievement
Transfer Celebration
The Transfer Celebration is for honoring our Transfer Class of 2014 and will be held on Thursday, May 22 from 1-3 p.m. in the Library Courtyard.


Light refreshments will be provided and students will receive a transfer medallion that can be worn at commencement.


RSVP by May 20th at the Transfer Center, room 212.  
Look Who Got In
You've told your friends, you've posted on Facebook -- now tell the Transfer Center!

If you have been admitted to a university for Fall 2014, the Transfer Center wants to add your name to their "Look Who Got In" window display!
To do so, register for a star in the Transfer Center, located in Room 212. 
CCCP Scholars Program
UCLA's Center for Community College Partnerships (CCCP) presents the CCCP Scholars Program for the 2014-2015 Academic Year. The goal of the program is to motivate, inform and prepare students to transfer from a California community college to a selective Top Tier Research institution such as UCLA. Students in the program have access to our summer and year-long academic preparatory transfer programs which guide students through the community college experience, the application and admissions process, research and pre-graduate opportunities and career exploration. The programs use Critical Race Theory as a framework to address issues from a social justice and educational equity perspective.


DATES: July 13 - July 18, 2014

(6-day residential program)


DESCRIPTION: Students learn to navigate the community college system with the goal of transferring and making a smooth and successful transition to a University of California campus. Focus on the educational pipeline through graduate school.

Application Deadline: May 23, 2014



DATES: July 27-August 1, 2014

6-day residential program


DESCRIPTION: Students learn to navigate the community college system with the goal of transferring & making a smooth and successful transition to a UC campus. The program focuses on the history, educational pipeline & resources available to Native American and Pacific Islander communities.

Application Deadline: May 23, 2014



DATES: August 10 - August 15, 2014
(6-day residential program)


DESCRIPTION: Focuses on majors, resources and pathways to science careers. Participants are immersed in science preparation; learn vital information on science research; interact with faculty; visit labs; & exposed to support programs for science majors.

Application Deadline: July 1, 2014



DATES: July 27 - August 1, 2014
(6-day residential program)


DESCRIPTION: Students receive individualized advising on the UC application and personal statement. Introduction to research, University writing, and support programs. The program focuses on the history of and resources available to African-American students

Application Deadline: May 23, 2014


DATE: August 23, 2014

DESCRIPTION: One-day, all-day introduction to the CCCP Scholars Program, transfer requirements, campus tour, career & graduate school information, and tips for success at the community college.

Application Deadline: July 1, 2014
For more information, deadlines and application, visit www.cccp.ucla.edu 
UC Davis Pre-Health Student Alliance
Empowering the Next Generation of Health Care Professionals
October 11-12, 2014 at UC Davis

UC Davis is hosting the 12th Annual Pre-Medical and Pre-Health Professions National Conference.

World-renown Speakers
- 45 World Leaders in Medicine and Healthcare
- 400 Deans of Admission from Top Health-professions Schools

Full Pre-Health Professions Programming
- Medicine (MD/DO)
- Public Health
- Pharmacy
- Dentistry
- Nursing
- Veterinary Medicine
- Physician Assistant
- PhD & STEM
- Physical and Occupational Therapy
- Optometry
- Chiropractic
- Podiatric Medicine
- Naturopathic Medicine

Conference will include
- 110 Medical Schools
- 30 Pharmacy Schools 
- 30 Dentistry Schools
- 30 Nursing Schools
- 25 Public Health Schools
- 15 Veterinary Schools
- 25 Graduate and STEM Schools
- 15 Physician Assistant Schools
- 15 Physical and Occupational Therapy Programs

Conference Highlights
- Deans of Admission Panel and Q&A Sessions
- Pre-Health Professions Fair (over 500 Programs Represented)
- Non-Traditional Medical and Health Professions Student Panel
- Inspirational Stories
- Interactive Workshops
- Over 1200 Speakers (Deans of Medical and Health Professions Schools, Physicians, Pharmacists, Dentists, Public Health Professionals, Veterinarians, PAs, Researchers in STEM, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Optometrists, and more!)
Over 300 Workshops

- Pre-Registration: $25, Nov 1, 2013 to Feb 1, 2014
- Early Registration: $35, Feb 1 to July 2, 2014
- Regular Registration: $45, July 2 to Oct 2, 2014
- Late Registration: $55, Oct 2 to Oct 11, 2014
- At-Door Registration: $60, Oct 11 to Oct 12, 2014
- Group Registration: $35, Nov 1, 2013 to Oct 1, 2014
(min 7 tickets)

All Inclusive Packages for $95.00 Registration Deadline:
October 8, 2014 (will sell out prior to deadline)
- Access to All Keynote Sessions
- Access to Over 300 Workshopes
- Access to Pre-Health Professions Fair
- Bus Transportation from:
UCSD, UC Riverside, UC Irvine, UCLA, USC, Mt. Sac, UC Merced, Fresno State, Stanford, UC Berkeley, SF State, UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, U of Oregon, and U of Nevada Reno. Available and open to EVERYONE
Limited Fee Waivers & Free Housing Available

For More Information and Registration, please visit:

This conference has sold out the last 11 years, so register early.
UC Davis Pre-Med Surgical Internship
The UC Davis Pre-Medical Surgical Internship, Mentorship, and Research Program is a unique and rigorous experience that exposes participants to the field of surgery by immersing them in a professional medical environment. Program components are designed to introduce the academic and clinical activities typically experience by physicians and medical students. This competitive program is intended for individuals who have demonstrated their interest in pursuing a career as a physician. We pride ourselves in accepting participants who are responsible, mature, and committed. 

This program is open to ALL pre-medical students regardless of year, academic standing, or academic institution. If you are interested in a career in medicine then you are eligible to apply! All undergraduate, graduate, and post-baccalaureate students from all institutions who plan to apply to medical school are eligible. This includes community college, CSU, UC, private university, and graduating high school students who are at least 17 years old.

The site for the program is the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA. This 650-bed hospital is the major teaching affiliate for the UC Davis School of Medicine.

For more information, visit: http://www.premedsurgery.org/
Club Meetings
Club meetings will resume in Fall and more information about the clubs available on campus and when they will be active again can be found at Student Affairs in Room 223.
University Representatives
Spring Schedule:

Appointments are currently available. Please contact the Transfer Center to book an appointment, (714) 992-7086.

UCR Summer Research Experience

There is an upcoming summer research experience at University of California Riverside. It will be an excellent opportunity for undergraduates interested in Chemistry, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and/or Materials Science/Engineering.


This program will be targeting students from local colleges with the objective of inspiring students from e.g. first-in-the-family-to-attend-college backgrounds towards studies in the sciences and engineering.


If you have any questions or wanted to learn more, please contact Ludwig Bartels (bartels@ucr.edu).

Cadena Transfer Workshops

CSULB Transfer Admission Workshop

California State University, Long Beach will be hosting Transfer Admissions Workshops for prospective transfer students throughout Spring 2014. While the workshop will focus on Spring & Fall 2015 applicants, they will also also provide an in-depth overview on general transfer admission requirements for students who wish to start planning in advance.


Save the date and mark your calendar.  Print out the calendar with important dates and events for the Cadena Transfer Center:


Cadena Spring Calendar 

The Honors Program Staff is here to help you.  If you have any questions, please stop by our office in College Center: Room 225 or 714.992.7133. 

Jean Foster, Administrative Assistant
Michelle Kim, Student Assistant


Join our Facebook Page: FC Honors Program 


Jodi Balma
Coordinator, Honors Program
Honors Program, College Center, Room 225

Professor, Political Science Department
Political Science Office 1425-02 714.992.7522
Fullerton College