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This Week in Honors
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This Week in Honors
Fullerton College Honors Program
Spring Semester: Week #1 
This Week in Honors

Every Monday morning during the academic semesters, you will receive "This Week in Honors" with information about our program, campus events, transfer workshops and deadlines, research conferences, scholarship opportunities, and more.  Please read this email carefully so you don't miss important information.


Please make sure we have your correct and updated email address.  If you stop receiving this newsletter, come to our office so we can keep you in the loop.


If your department, office, or student club has an event or other information you'd like us to include, please let us know. 

Graduation Deadline

Students must apply for graduation by the deadline dates to obtain Associate's Degrees. Associate's Degrees are not automatically issued.

Spring Graduation Deadline - Friday, February 21, 2014



Graduation: Saturday, May 24th at 6:00 p.m.


Information Booths



If you're new to campus, stop by one of the Information Booths around campus and ask for help.  The helpful folks at these booths have class schedules, campus maps, and other great information.   


Associated Students will host a table in the Quad this week.  If you want to get involved with student government, campus clubs, or just have a question for them - stop by and talk with one of your student representatives.
New Honors Students

We have 55 new honors students this semester.   Please welcome them and help them with any questions they might have.  Invite them to your club meetings and encourage them to get involved on campus.


First Name
Last Name
Leny MarieBiala
CynthiaSanchez Palomino
Baek HyunYi

Student Parking

If this is your first semester on campus, please be aware that parking is always difficult the first few weeks of the semester.  Parking permits are not needed the first week.  Come early and wear good walking shoes. 


If you haven't received your parking permit yet, stop by Campus Safety to get it.


Open Honors Classes

We still have seats left in a few of our Honors Classes for spring.  Please show up on the first day and ask for an add code. 


Music 196H or Theater 196H:  Friday 8:00 - 11:10 a.m. Room 1002

English 100H: 9:30 - 11:35 TTH Room 523S

English 243H: 11:45 - 1:10 MW Room 523S

Math 291H: 4:30 - 6:35 p T Room 624  


Wait List Procedures

If you're on the waiting list for a class, make sure you show up on for the first class meeting. 


Please remember, our honors courses have small class sizes in order to facilitate seminar style learning, accommodate student presentations, and allow more interaction between faculty and students.  We've asked our faculty not to over-enroll classes beyond what they believe is best for the course.



Transfer Center's Link to Scholarships 


Middle Class Scholarship (MCS)

The Middle Class Scholarship (MCS) is a new program beginning 

in the 2014-15 academic year that provides undergraduate students 

with family incomes up to $150,000 a scholarship to attend 

University of California (UC) or California State University (CSU) 


  • Students must meet the following requirements:
    • Be a California resident attending a UC or CSU; be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident or have AB 540* student status; meet certain income and other financial aid standards; maintain satisfactory academic progress; not be in default on a student loan; and, must not be incarcerated.
    For More Info: http://www.csac.ca.gov/mcs.asp
    Fullerton College Scholarships
  • The Fullerton College Foundation and Academic Divisions offer hundreds of scholarships for our continuing and transferring students.  Please visit the Fullerton College Foundation's website to get started on your application.   
  • http://www.fullcollfoundation.org/  
    Bay Area Research Symposium - Application Deadline: Feb 16th



    The Bay Honors Consortium and UC Berkeley invite community college Honors Students to present their original research at the 7th Annual Honors Research Symposium on Saturday, May 3, 2014.


    With stimulating presentations of research in a wide range of disciplines, campus tours and dynamic entertainment, this promises to be a stimulating event you won't soon forget.


    They are now accepting proposals to present at the Symposium. You will need to submit a 100-150 word abstract.  The deadline to submit them is February 16, 2014.




    UCI Research Conference -- April 5, 2014

    Congratulations to the following students who will be presenting their research at the Honors Transfer Council of California Research Conference at the University of California, Irvine on Saturday, April 5, 2014.


    Angelica MedlinWhat Constitutes a Person?: Abortion Then and Now
    Kayla MorenoVirginity: A Modern Measurement of Personal Worth
    Nur SattarTracks to Recovery: The Benefits of the California High Speed Rail
    Deborah WheelerTime to Bee Worried: The Collapse of Bee Colonise
    Keziah TanThe Race to Diversity: Racial Discrimination in University of California Undergraduate Admissions
    Jenny MattiThe Impacts of Global Warming On our Agriculture Industry
    Joshua KleinbergsSoldiers For Hire: The Consequences and Effects of the Use of Private Military Contractors
    Daphne Ruiz TerronesPor La Causa: Creating a Transfer-Driven Culture at Continuing Education Schools
    Nora MattiPhthalates: California: A Battle for Water
    Hanna de CastroNeighbors: Crossing Barriers to Build a Community
    Lisa HaygoodLost Innocence: Understanding the Communication Climate and Disclosure Theory Used by Sexually Abused Schoolchildren
    Paz Carisa FlournoyLegislating Bloodlines: The Historical Role of Law in American Eugenics
    Aaron WodkaIs this the solution? A close analysis of the Oregon's Pay it Forward Bill and its potential to revolutionize financing post-secondary studies.
    Mariah DuranDoes Daydreaming have a direct correlation to creative writing?
    Van Gia TuAmerica's Geopolitical Focus: How We Shape Negative Concepts and Give Chances to Our Enemies.
    Tiffany LeeA Symbolic Interactionist Analysis: Developing Gender Identity
    Julianne LeeThe Effect of CTL019 Cells in Leukemia Patients
    Michael HerronTasmanian Devil Facial Tumor Disease: Driving Australia's Largest Carnivorous Marsupial Toward Extinction Through Transmissible, Carcinogenic Lacerations
    Lisa HaygoodPlurality vs Proportional Representation: A Cost Analysis of the Antiquated US Electoral Process
    Rasha MoubasherGreenhouse Gases Portend Doom for the Planet
    Daniela Miller

    "The Simpsons" and the Subjugation of the Working Class


    A huge thank you to all the faculty who worked with our students on their research projects.   

    Nominate a Teacher of the Year


    Pick up a form at Associated Students or Student Affairs and nominate any full-time or part-time community college teacher at Fullerton College whose efforts have inspired and enabled students to improve in their lives in ways specifically attributable to that teacher.


    Nominators are limited to former students whose perspective allows them to assess the benefits conferred by the nominated teacher, and to teachers, counselors and administrators who are in a position to evaluate the classroom effectiveness of that teacher.




    Wednesday, February 12, 2014 by 4pm

    to A.S. Office (Rm 222) or

    Student Affairs (Rm 223)



    Alumni Mentors



    Art Motta
    Politics and Latin American and Latino Studies
    University of California, Santa Cruz

    Porter College Representative at Student Union Assembly (SUA), UC Santa Cruz, Senator at Porter Senate and Intern at El Centro: Chicano Latino Resource Center, UCSC  


    Fullerton College

    Class of 2013 Political Science Chicana/Chicano Studies Commencement Speaker Fullerton, California


    "Choosing UC Santa Cruz has been one of the best decisions of my life thus far. My post Fullerton College plans mainly consisted of transferring to Cal State Fullerton in order to stay close to home. By not fulfilling transfer requirements in time for spring transfer, I felt stuck at Fullerton College, but I quickly changed my perceptions. I was able to enjoy another semester as a hornet, obtain two AA degrees and eventually transfer to UC Santa Cruz.


    Approximately 375 miles from Fullerton College, UC Santa Cruz is located in a redwood forest, on a hill overlooking the Monterey Bay. Each morning, I walk through the forest, passing deer and other local fauna on my way across campus. A number of staff and faculty have been welcoming, thus allowing me to build valuable relationships on campus. The student body is even more captivating. With over 150 student groups and organizations, there is a place for everyone to shine on campus. While keeping up with my academics, I have actively been engaged through a handful of unique student groups, forming new bonds and friendships where we strive to keep each other focused foremost on our academics. Keep in mind though, to enjoy the extras as well.


    Please do not hesitate to send me a message for further information: amotta@ucsc.edu"

     Art Motta 


    Cadena Transfer Workshops

    Save the date and mark your calendar.  Print out the calendar with important dates and events for the Cadena Transfer Center:


     Spring Semester Calendar 


    The Honors Program Staff is here to help you.  If you have any questions, please stop by our office in College Center: Room 225 or 714.992.7133. 

    Jean Foster, Administrative Assistant
    Michelle Kim, Student Assistant


    Join our Facebook Page: FC Honors Program 


    Jodi Balma
    Coordinator, Honors Program
    Honors Program, College Center, Room 225

    Associate Professor, Political Science Department
    Political Science Office 1425-02 714.992.7522
    Fullerton College