18 Arrowmen From Two Lodges Awarded 
Patrick Doyle NOAC Scholarships


Dan Murphy, Key Foundation NOAC Scholarship chairman, is pleased to announce that 18 youth Arrowmen will be attending the 100th Anniversary National Order Of The Arrow Conference this summer with a little help from TKF. The Patrick L. Doyle NOAC Scholarship is the oldest and likely the most revered programs of the Key Foundation. Since 1988 hundreds of Arrowmen have attended a National Conference with support from the foundation.


With the pending merger TKF immediately made the scholarship available to youth in Moswetuset Lodge as well as Nanepashemet. The TKF Board voted to give the largest number of scholarships ever, almost three times past NOACs. The average scholarship awarded was $450.


The Doyle Scholarship has two purposes:

  1. To provide the NOAC experience to youth Arrowmen
  2. To help the Lodge develop trained and motivated leaders dedicated to program growth, improvement and excellence.

With a new Lodge emerging the 2015 National Conference will play a significant role in its development. Surrounded by the best Lodge's in the Nation lodge leaders will have the people will have the opportunity to build a new and greater OA program.

You Speaka My Language!

The 2015 Centennial OA Conference will be a milestone in the development of our new Lodge. At this conference youth leaders from two Lodges will begin to shape the direction of the Order Of The Arrow in our communities.


The Patrick Doyle NOAC Scholarship committee was a wonderful opportunity to build relationships. Serving on the committee was Arrowmen from both councils that have active knowledge of the youth in their Lodge. Together they reviewed each application with the goal that every youth member of the lodges that want to go to NOAC would be able to.


The committee had a wonderful evening and BBQ. It was great not only for the purpose of reviewing applications but the social nature of the gathering. TKF member Bennett Sawyer commented on how much we had in common. "These people speak our language, they understand why we think this is important." John Halsey from Boston Minuteman agreed, "I just met these people and it was like I knew them my whole life".


Ultimately both groups had common experiences in camping and the order that shaped their lives. We are all friends and brothers.


Our thanks to the 2015 Patrick Doyle NOAC Scholarship committee: Daniel Murphy- Chairman, Bennett Sawyer, Ray Morrison, Ray Theberge, Jamisean Patterson, Keith Lord, and John Halsey. The committee would like to thank Jamisean for the sausages!


Who Was Patrick L. Doyle?

Patrick L. Doyle was a life scout of Troop 55 Billerica MA. He was also a Brotherhood member and committee chairman of Wannalancit Lodge #451. Pat was also as a staff member at Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation. At a Lodge Officer training program in the fall of 1982, officers and chairman were asked to write themselves a letter. The letter was part of the goal-setting program of the training. Youth members wrote about what they hoped that they would achieve by the end of the term. The letters were sealed and held by the Lodge Adviser who would return them at the end to the Lodge year. Only the youth member knew what was written.


On Thanksgiving Day in 1982 Patrick died in an automobile accident. A few months later the Lodge Adviser, Brian Lobao, returned the letter to Patrick's father. Together they opened the letter. Patrick wrote of his goals to be an effective committee chairman, and hope to become a member of the ceremonial team. He also wrote of how badly he wanted to attend the next NOAC, having missed the last one due to financial reasons. He was concerned about how he would raise the money to attend the next one.


In honor of their friend and brother, the Key Foundation named its NOAC Scholarship program for Patrick Doyle, a young man who had NOAC dreams.

LAKE SWIM XI July 18, 2015



Funding for the Patrick L. Doyle NOAC Scholarship and other TKF Scholarship programs are raised though the Annual Andrew Curry Green Lake Swim. Your participation in Lake Swim makes NOAC possible for many youth Arrowmen.

 Please join the contingent of dedicated friends and brothers as they swim the three-mile distance across Northwood Lake. This year families, friends, and scouters will also have the opportunity to participate in our Walk in The Woods on the NALMC loop adjacent to camp. As each event draws to a close we will kick off our lakeside BBQ where all are welcome. Good eats, fellowship, music, and games await the whole family as we celebrate our participants, the scouting program and all that our dear friend and brother Andrew Curry Green symbolizes to us. We want all to be welcome home to camp for this very special day.

Going the 3 mile distance of Northwood Lake has become a tradition and for many a right of passage for friends and brothers. Now it is clearly a team sport of a spotter and swimmer. Each team has the goal to raise a minimum of $250.

Use the link below to register your team. Only the swimmer needs to go through the online registration process and will be asked provide team information including registering his spotter. 



Get Back To Were You Once Belonged!

So many of our friends and brothers often comment, "it's been so long, I really need to get back to Wah-Tut-Ca! Well Saturday July 18, 2015 is the perfect chance! Come home bring your family and spend some time with friends and brothers!


At the close of the two events will be the annual TKF Family BBQ. Friends and Brothers, families, and children from all over the country are returning home to the hallowed shores of WTCSR. Join us for the best part of the day in celebration and remembrance.


Donations and Sponsorship for swim teams and hikers as well as BBQ tickets and walker registration can be obtained here:


Shout Out To TKF and Wannalancit Lodge!


Nanepashemet Lodge 158 has been getting lots of National Recognition and Awards. Below is a link to a National OA publication that describes the 2015 Banquet. The articles includes mention of the contributions of TKF and Wannalancit Lodge #451!


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