Great Night At The Annual Dinner and Art Auction


One week ago, March 7, 2015, The Key Foundation Inc. held it's Annual Business Meeting & Art Auction. This year's meeting was held at the University Of Massachusetts Lowell Conference center in downtown Lowell. George Kouloheras, Vice President for Community Events, described it as one of our best events for our always-expanding network of "friends and brothers". The event raised nearly $8,000 to be used for camping support and scholarships.


The event had several distinguished guests. In attendance from Yankee Clipper Council were Council President Michael Tager, Interim Scout Executive Jonathan Pleva and WTCSR Camp Director David Fitzgerald. Attending from Boston Minuteman Council, were Council President Michael Jeans and Scout Executive Chuck Eaton. A large representation from Moswetuset and Nanepashemet Lodges attended, including Lodge Chiefs Matt McCarthy and Robert Sean McLaughlin. Also participating was the officers of Venture Crew 4371.


George expresses his thanks to the members of the board that helped organize this years event; Zack Shepherd, Andrew Rubenstein, Daniel Murphy, Adam Cunningham and Keith Lord.

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Clearly worth the price of attendance at a TKF event is our own master of the sharp wit, Adam Cunningham. This year Adam out did himself, often bringing the crowd to hysterics while raising money for TKF programs as the auctioneer of the artwork.


At times the competition for the art was fierce with bids in the hundreds of dollars. The foundation would like to thank the artists, photographers, and framing crew for their wonderful contributions. Thanks goes to; Keith Lord, Lily Desgroseilliers, Ray Morrison, Justin St. Louis, Tom Ford, Kerry Quinn Eckelkamp, Andrew Rubenstein, Linda Marie Lobao, and Brian Lobao.

YCC TO TKF: "Help Scouting Thrive"

The Key Foundation was honored to have YCC Council President Michael Tager at the annual meeting. Mr. Tager addressed the crowd by first thanking the foundation for its past contributions to Scouting in our communities. He went on to speak about the new council and the challenges and opportunities of the merger between Boston Minuteman and Yankee Clipper Councils.


The YCC President said, "We are asking for TKF to help us build our new council, the objective of which is to make Scouting thrive". He noted that as both an organization and as individual members each of us can make a substantial contribution toward success. Mr. Tager ended with the words, "Let's work together to make this happen". His message was warmly and enthusiastically received by the membership in attendance.

TKF Founder: "We have the greatest opportunity"

Thomas Markham, founder of The Key Foundation, delivered the keynote address at the 2015 TKF Annual meeting. The theme of his speech was, "The Pathway Towards A Better Tomorrow. Tom began with the words, "it has been a remarkable year; Good days and not so good days and some outright bad days". He then thanked Key Foundation President and CEO Brian Lobao for, "his steady hand in the heat of emotion, challenge, and outright intrusion". "A near lifetime of work, passion and energy was unjustly invaded but yet Brian demonstrated commitment to our values and kept TKF moving forward in a positive direction as TKF has done for almost 30 years.


Tom spoke of the pending merger and the challenges of uniting council's and lodges. He said, "...we have the greatest opportunity ever to impact and shape the lives of young people by uniting behind what's important, respectfully dismissing what's not and carrying on. There's too much riding on what we stand for and what we believe in to cave to the interests of division and control. Visions and horizons in service of others and not bound to the controllers, but instead designed by the dreamers, idealist and progressives who choose a pathway of service... good is never good enough".


Noting the roots of TKF are firmly planted in the soil of the Order of the Arrow, Tom quoted Dr. Goodman. Tom recalled, "E. Urner Goodman once said he was more interested in things that matter, things that survive generations, and things of the spirit rather than of mechanics. Tom told us the three principles of the order as described by Dr. Goodman that are relevant to our pathway forward. "Brotherhood- in a day when there is too much hatred, deceit and anger at home and abroad. Cheerfulness- in a day when pessimists have the floor and cynics are popular. Service- in a day when too many are interested only in getting or dividing rather than giving and uniting.


Tom concluded saying we must pick up where Dr. Goodman left off. " Our pathway is unclear, but the future of all that we value is far too important. The days ahead will bring something new. Let us approach it knowing there's nothing that divides us that is as strong as all that unites us".


Awards Presented

Preserving The Order Of The Arrow's History
2015 marks the 100
th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow. At the National Order of the Arrow Conference this August there is a special project to honor the Order's Lodge's past and present. Each Lodge in the nation has sent a stone engraved with their Lodge name to be part of a memorial display.


The opportunity to honor legacy Lodge's was also afforded by the National OA Committee. The Key Foundation working with the Lone Tree Spirit Foundation has provided the funding to remember the legacy Lodge's of Yankee Clipper Council. Stones are being engraved with the names of Shingebis Lodge, Passaquo Lodge, Winnepurkit Lodge and Wannalancit Lodge. Former Lodge Chief Jeff Reynolds funded the stone for Amiskwi Lodge  The Key foundation believes that history needs to remain relevant only as a way to shape the future-not to dwell on it or attempt to relive it.  We believe that the grand visions of tomorrow require an honest look at the realities of the past and the present as it can inspire us with a desire to make the world a better place. We believe that our history should be remembered and preserved.


LAKE SWIM XI July 17, 2015


ACGSMLOGO George Kouloheras, Key Foundation Vice President for Community Events, is pleased to announce the date of The Andrew Curry Green Lake Swim XI. On July 17, 2015 over two dozen swimmers will once again attempt to swim the distance of three miles of Northwood Lake.


This years swim is being directed by Robert Patterson as veteran swimmer of many Lake Swims. Registration and information will be available May 1. 

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