Gordon R. Williams Welcome Home Fund
For Units That Have Not Attended WTCSR


The Key Foundation Inc. established the Gordon R. Williams Welcome Home Fund. This program is made available to units that have never attended WTCSR as a Troop or Crew in the last 10 years. Units can apply for funding up to $25/youth member. These funds are paid directly to the unit. This fund is available to any Scout Unit from any Council attending Wah-Tut-Ca.


It is the foundation's belief that once a unit attends WTCSR that they will feel at home and as a result of Wah-Tut-Ca's unique program opportunities they are likely to return in the future. This program is established to as a result of the Key Foundation's commitment to the promotion of Wah-Tut-Ca and the benefits of summer camping


This fund is named after Gordon R. Williams, a former career professional of the BSA and Wah-Tut-Ca's first Camp Director.


Applications will be reviewed on a first come first reviewed basis. Deadline for application is March 31, 2015.

2014 TKF Scholarships Awarded


In 2005 The Key Foundation established the

Diane P. Livoli Scholarship

to help enable young people to serve on camp staff at Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation. The Livoli family has established a Trust within TKF to make money available to college-age camp staff. This money is to help offset the costs of higher education at a two- or four- year college, a trade school, or in a graduate program.


The goal is to make each camp season special for every camper who attends WTCSR. It is hoped that the staff members selected for the scholarship will set high standards of leadership and achievement for those who surround them. This scholarship program will allow the best and brightest to continue spending their summers at camp.

This year two scholarships were given. Matthew Countie served this past summer as the Workshop Director. Ben Savage held the position of CIT director. Both are college students.


The Francis J. Barre Counselor of the Year

is given annually to an outstanding member of the Counselor in Training. The purpose of this award is to inspire excellence and encourage the development of the reservation staff.This recognition is given in honor of Francis J. Barre, Eagle Scout, Vigil Honor Member, Camp Director and BSA career professional. Frank served in several Scout Councils and many Scout Camps. Upon his retirement his friends and brothers in the Yankee Clipper Council BSA established this program with the Key Foundation to honor his vast achievements in the development of the BSA's summer camping programs.


This year Matt Bennett, Troop 22, Witman MA has been selected to receive the honor. Matt will be presented with a "staff green" shirt at the Key Foundation's annual dinner in March. Additionally he will receive a cash "signing bonus" if he works on Wah-Tut-Ca Staff in 2015.

TKF Helping Camp Moses


This past summer TKF was asked by Camp Moses in Russell MA to help them with their efforts to expand and grow their summer camp program. TKF awarded an Alexander Vervaert grant to the camp to help them establish a fishing program on Russell pond.


In addition TKF's graphic capabilities were utilized to produce large format maps for each of the campsites as well as other locations. TKF also produced full color place mats for the campers.


Over a dozen colorful outdoor banners featuring the Scout Oath were produced for the 2014 summer camp season.

TKF At Camp Cashalot

This summer TKF was proud to support Camp Cachalot, in Plymouth MA.  TKF awarded Alexander A. Vervaert grants for the purchase of 6 tents. In addition to the grant TKF produced the opening campfire video, "Shout About Summer", an FStar Production featuring the camp staff.


TKF lent Cachalot its sound, video and lighting equipment for the summer season. The show was a big hit and was enthusiastically received by young and old. "I've never seen anything like it!" was the comment of one Scoutmaster with a smile ear to ear. One Scout cried, "It was wicked awesome".  Several "green screen" effects impressed a staff member.  "We had guys flying arrows, bullets and torpedo's".

Cachalot used the TKF equipment almost every night. One night they set it up as a "drive in theater". Another night they had a Hawaiian Luau with a light show at the waterfront. Eric Grady, the camps program director commented, "summer camp is always fun but thanks to the help of TKF it was so much more".

TKF also provided Cachalot with dozens of colorful banners. Camp Cachalot is owned and operated by the Narragansett Council, BSA.

TKF Assists Webelos Woods At Treasure Valley SR



Getting kids to the experience of Boy Scout summer camping is something TKF is always willing to help with. This month TKF and FStar Productions will be at Treasure Valley Scout Reservation in Rutland MA. 


TKF will provide its show equipment and banners to help provide youth with an unbelievable experience. 

FStar Productions Produces, "In The Woods" 

TKF believes that getting kids outdoors is a relevant and urgent social need for children and young adults. In a world where kids live an indoor life with little time to experience the outdoors, TKF believes that Scouting is the best opportunity for young people to develop a healthy lifestyle.

The show, "In The Woods" highlights the adventures of scouting in the great outdoors. This show will be presented at Treasure Valley's Webelos Woods and is also available free for any Scout Unit that requests it.


The boys in the band will be back on Dec 6, 2014 for another "in-concert" musical holiday event. The Flying Juhola's is TKF's house band playing popular music to an enthusiastic audience.

 This years proceeds will go to the Gordon R. Williams Welcome Home fund. Additional funding will be donated to a Scout Council, unrestricted to help pay for the indirect costs associated with providing the Scout Program to youth.

 See more about the concert in our next issue.

2014-15 Board Of Directors Meeting Schedule

Board Meetings

November 10, 2014
April 13, 2015
May 11. 2015


Flying Juhola Bros. Dec 6 2014
Annual Dinner Mar 7, 2015
Lake Swim XI  July 25 2015

All members and interested parties are welcome to attend all Key Foundation meetings.


Did You Know?


Anyone can be a Key Foundation member. Although some claim that TKF is an alumni organization of summer camp it is far more than that.

TKF was formed by Lodge Officers of the Order of the Arrow. The idea for TKF came from a National Order of the Arrow Conference. Our roots are embedded in the Order, and is why Arrowmen join.

TKF has always embraced  and enhanced the OA's mission of "promoting Scout Camping". That's why have given over $816,000 in projects, scholarships and promotion materials since 1987.


About Us


Powered By You The Keynote is published by The Key Foundation Inc. The views, opinions, content and editorial control are solely that that of the Key Foundation Inc., its members and supporters.  The Key Foundation is a private not for profit organization incorporated in Lowell MA. The Key Foundation is not affiliated with the Yankee Clipper Council or the Boy Scouts of America. 


Today our membership lives all over the world. Although there is some distance between where we live today, we work as a network of  friends and brothers to inspire, encourage and empower Scouts and adult Scout Leaders in the promotion of outdoor youth experiences.


2014 TKF/FStar Productions Horse to Water Publications.

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