What A Night!
Key Foundation Annual Meeting Standing Room Only!


MC Kevin Latina

On March 1, 2014 the Key Foundation Inc. had a great evening with almost 100 people sharing the spirit. Attendance exceeded expectations and additional tables needed to be set for the guests. It was the largest and most successful annual meeting with friends, brothers and attending from all over the Merrimack Valley and beyond. 


Key Foundation Founder, Thomas F. Markham, talked about the 25-year history of the TKF and introduced TKF 3.0 the new strategic plan.  He spoke about the courage it took to create the foundation in 1987 and challenged the audience to embrace the elements of the foundations new direction. "3.0 is natural growth of the spirit and principals that we began with."

Key Foundation Art Auction


The master of ceremonies was Kevin Latina. Kevin spoke about his experiences as a young man and the role of the foundation. He reminded us that he was the first person to receive a Diane P. Livoli Scholarship and that his years on camp staff were made possible with this support.


In recent years a highlight of this event was the annual art auction conducted by Adam Cunningham. Adam's wit is legendary and highly entertaining. This year the auction broke all records with one photo selling for $550. All items sold 500% over the starting price. Not only is Adam entertaining, he's an awesome auctioneer.


LtoR Luke Coughlin, Cole Ogonowski, & Frank Barre

The night was also the time for public recognition of Key Foundation Award and Scholarship recipents. Ben Savage was recognized with the Livoli Scholarship. Cole Ogonowski was awarded the Francis J. Barre Counselor of the year. This program awards an outstanding Scout who has completed summer Counselor in Training program. Cole was selected from dozens of CITs by the area directors of Wah-Tut-Ca.


The highest Award of the Key Foundation is the Craig Ryder Award For Excellence. This year 4 outstanding individuals were selected because of their personal dedication to advancing the outdoor program. George Nicolakakis, Dan Wood, Andrew Krause and Cheryl Rust. Beyond the recognition the Key Foundation will provide funding to support a program of their choosing.


The 2014 Dinner Committee was led by the venerable Robert C. Garrahan. Promotion of the event was conducted by George Kouloheras and Paul Sullivan. In addition to Adam Cunningham and Kevin Latina the event was staffed by Keith Lord and Dan Murphy. Together these brothers raised thousands of dollars for Key Foundation programs. Well done!


CREW 4371 "Founders" Recognized

At the Key Foundation Meeting the officers of Crew 4371 were publicly recognized for their role in the establishment of the new venture crew. This crew is based on science education by studying Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation. Crew 4371 was created under the TKF 3.0 strategic plan. The Key Foundation is proud to be the sponsoring institution for this program.


As original members of the crew each is entitled to wear a "founders" strip on their uniform. These strips were presented to the officers at the dinner.


Crew 4371 has several events planned over the next few months including a "great salamander hunt" this spring.

TKF Annual Report: Courage

The Key Foundation is proud to present its 2014 annual report on line. Using the Joomag magazine format this report is now available to all. The theme for this report is courage.


Courage is an essential ingredient for leadership. Leaders make things happen. When they do they cause change. It reminds us of the words in the Order of the Arrow ceremony whose guide say's, "it is not an easy journey, sometimes even friends will mock you, tempt you to betray your promise. All the world may seem against you and the path seem dark and lonely when you face the isolation that a leader often faces".


The report outlines the strategy of TKF 3.0. It also covers some of the many contributions of the foundation over the last year. You can read more here.

Lake Swim X Scheduled For July 19, 2014



Since 2005 groups of friends and brothers have swam the three-mile length of Northwood Lake. They do so to honor Andrew Curry Green, one of their own, who died on September 11, 2001.


The idea for the event came from Jon Keating as a way to raise funds for the building of the Andrew Curry Green Boathouse at Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation.  In the 9 lakeswims since this event has become iconic and a right of passage for friends and brothers young and old everywhere.


With Lake Swim X we celebrate 10 years of crossing the lake with our biggest event ever. On Saturday June 19, 2014 almost 30 swimmers  will be cheered on by hundreds of friends and brothers  as they strive to reach the hallowed shores of WTCSR.  Registration for Lake Swim X opens in May.


The majority of the proceeds from this event will benefit the Key Foundation Scholarships.

Vervaert Grants Available


Each year the Key Foundation Inc. provides grants for Boy & Cub Scout Summer Camps for the enhancement of programs offered during the season. Since 2002 the Key Foundation has awarded over $25,000 in grants and an additional $25,000 in materials. These grants were awarded to Lone Tree Scout Reservation, Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation, Camp Moonraker, Nihan , the Greater Lowell Day Camp.


These grants are available to all Scouting camps accredited by The National Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Individualgrants range from $200-$1,000 and can be used for a variety of items that will add to a youth's summer camping experience. The grant must be spent before the opening of the camp's 2014 season.


Often grants are given for program materials and equipment that add to a summer theme or a program area. Proposals are awarded by the Foundations Board of Directors and are based upon annual funds available, and the merit of the proposal. The Camp Director and Camping Chairman must approve the Grant application before submission. Grant applications must be submited by 6 PM EDST on May 1, 2014. For more information and an application CLICK HERE.


Wah-Tut-Ca Magazine Viral In 4 Countries


Wah-Tut-Ca magazine was released on February 14, 2014 in its new digital format. Since it was released it has accumulated over 2,100 opens, making this the largest read digital publication in the area. In the United States people from 18 states have read the magazine. In addition Wah-Tut-Ca  has been read in Ireland, France, and Australia. About half the reads came from Keynote clicks, the remainder came from social media and forwards from individuals.




...It's the sweet stars and star-like tunes and imagination that keeps youth yearning for WAHTUTCA. Y'all are the choir in harmony with the land. Attaboys and Attagals to y'all. I look forward to the March issue....


What an AWESOME magazine!




What a great promotional piece.


The trip to Johnson's is timeless... I crossed the lake in 1964 and it is great to know that the tradition is still alive.


Love the interactive format.


Love the content.


Fully digital but reads like a magazine!


Very Cool!


Don't stop doing it.


I went to sleep thinking about the "mussel article" and how much cleaner the lake is than when I was a kid. Mother Nature's little filters have done a good job cleaning up!"


Can't wait for the next issue.


Keep the Spirit Alive and Forward To A Friend or Brother


2013-14 Board Of Directors Meeting Schedule

April 7, 2014

May 6, 2014


Lake Swim X July 19, 2014.


All members and interested parties are welcome to attend all Key Foundation meetings.


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