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Apr 2016 

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Last month's survey question:
Which of these bagpipe parts do you think still could use some improvements, considering all of the currently available options on the market?  
Pipe Bag 15.7%
Chanter Reeds 44.9%
Drone Reeds 15.7%
Blowpipe/Mouthpiece 29.2%
Chanter 5.6%
Drones 3.3%
Other (including moisture control, practice chanters, hemp, stocks, valves, cords) 13.4%  
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 It's time once again for our Annual Customer Survey! 
We value your feedback and appreciate all of the comments and suggestions.  As a thank you, if you complete the survey before April 20th, your name will be entered to win a $100 Gift Certificate.  


The Lake Diefenbaker Pipe Band School is now accepting applications. This year, they will also be offering Highland Dancing.

Pipe Bands
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Upcoming Events 
Scottish Humour

Hector & Hamish went to the movies to see a film with a horse race in it.  "I bet that black one will win," said Hamish.  "I bet he won't," said Hector.  The black horse won, and then Hamish admitted he'd seen the film before.  "I saw it too," said Hector.  "But I thought he would never win two times in a row." 
Featured Article

2016 marks the 100th Anniversary of the Easter Rising in Ireland.

The Easter Rising of 1916 was the opening event for the Irish War of Independence. Occurring Easter Week in 1916, it was mainly centered in Dublin, although some surrounded communities were also involved.
The goal of the rising was to attain political freedom and establish an Irish Republic. With the outbreak of World War I, the British Government suspended the Home Rule Bill. Several Irish groups including the Citizen Army, the Irish Volunteers, and the Sinn Fein, decided that they needed to take a stand.

Under leadership of Padhraic Pearse, they began planning their uprising for Easter Sunday. They arranged for a series of parades to run throughout the city as a signal to the other rebels. Their plans were discovered and the parades were canceled. They decided to hold off until the next day.
Around noon on Easter Monday April 24th, about 2000 men lead by Pearse seized control of the Dublin post office (which became their headquarters) and many other strategic points in the city. They hoisted one tricolor flag on one side of the post office and a green flag with the inscription "Irish Republic" on the other. Pearse then read the Proclamation of the Republic. By the next morning, they controlled a considerable part of Dublin. British reinforcements began to arrive on Tuesday and Martial law was proclaimed. There were numerous street fights.

On the morning of April 29th, the post office was under violent attack and Pearse sent out an unconditional surrender. The leaders of the uprising were court-martialed and executed by firing squad. Military casualties were 116 dead, 368 wounded, and 9 missing. As for policemen, 16 died and 29 were injured. It's believed that of the Irish, 64 rebels and 254 civilians died, and 2217 were wounded. A total of 3430 men and 79 women were arrested, although many were later released.

The leaders of the Rising were buried in the old prison yard of Arbor Hill Prison. A memorial was placed there and the Proclamation is inscribed on the wall in Irish and English.

The uprising was the first of a series of events that culminated in the establishment of the Irish Free State (later the Republic of Ireland). There are plans for centenary celebrations of the Easter Rising in 2016.

Video Clip

Ever wonder how tartan is made?  Here's a look inside the D C Dalgliesh Tartan Mill.

Scottish Trivia

The word "clan" means children or descendants.  They grew to an extended network of people who felt loyalty to a certain clan chief.  Sometimes an extension was due to conquest, alliance or marriage.  Smaller families with less status often sought protection from their neighbours, becoming a "sept" or branch of the larger clan.

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McCallum Blackwood Practice Chanter PC7 Technocolors

"These chanters play well and feel good in the hand. My kids love them and think there fun and now can tell them apart as they are different colors." 

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