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Oct 2015  

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Last month's survey question: 
Kinnaird Bagpipes is happy to announce our website updates.  What website features do you find the most useful?  

Top Answers that appeared more than once:
-Product listings
-Excellent Descriptions
-Upcoming Events
-Sound recordings

This month's survey question:          
Do you practice any piping/drumming superstitions?

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  Pricing Update
McCallum Bagpipes is increasing their pricing and with the exchange rate as it is, unfortunately we will have to also increase our prices on McCallum products starting Nov 1st.  Take advantage of the current prices for Bagpipes, Pipe Chanters, and Practice Chanters now before the price goes up!

Scots Recipes
With the holidays fast approaching and harvest wrapping up soon, we want to see your favorite Scots recipes.  Email us your recipe (include a photo if you can) and we will feature one in every newsletter.  If we use your recipe, we will send you a gift.

US customers- Save Now! The exchange rate offers about 20% discount!
Ex.: McCallum Poly Band Chanters are $160 CAD, but with the conversion it is currently about $122 USD*!!
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Canadian Customers-
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Upcoming Events  

Oct 10 Indianapolis Scottish Highland Games & Festival

Oct 12 Thanksgiving Day- Kinnaird Bagpipes will be Closed

Oct 16 Saskatoon Irish Ceili at St Joseph's Parish Hall

Oct 16-17 Stone Mountain Scottish Festival & Highland Games

Oct 18 St Luke's Day

Oct 31 All Hallow's Eve/Halloween

Nov 2 All Souls Day

Nov 5 Guy Fawkes Day

Nov 11 Remembrance Day- Kinnaird Bagpipes will be Closed

Featured Article
With Halloween approaching, here are a few Scottish superstitions:

-A dog would not approach a person who was soon to die.  If a family member was ill, they watched to see how the dog reacted towards them.

-Before moving into a new house, a cat was thrown into it. If a curse or disease had been left there, the cat would become the victim and die, saving the family.

-Spiders made their nests on standing corn stalks.  The height of the nest from the ground predicted the depth of snow that would come in winter.

-If the first foal is seen with its head towards the observer, it would be a prosperous year. If it faces the other way, there would be misfortune.

-The word "Hare" was not said at sea, as it brought forth strong winds.

-The birth of a black sheep spelled doom for the rest of the flock, so it was typically killed.

-The bite of a pig was said to produce cancer.

-to ensure a newborn's safety, several steps were taken: knots were untied, mirrors were turned over, doors & windows were unlocked and the babies were given whisky to ward off evil spirits.

-"May the White Heather, symbol of my sorrow, bring good fortune to all who find it.

Video Clip

Different animals seem to react differently to the Bagpipes.  Here is one flamingo's reaction:

Flamingo Dancer

Scottish Humour

Wee Hamish' kindergarten class was on a field trip to their local police station where they saw pictures tacked to a bulletin board of the 10 most-wanted criminals. One of the youngsters pointed to a picture and asked if it really was the photo of a wanted person.

"Yes," said the policeman, "the detectives want very badly to capture him."

Wee Hamish asked, "Why didn't you keep him when you took his picture?"

Scottish Trivia

The 9 of Diamonds is referred to as Scotland's curse for several reasons:

1) It was secretly used by Sir John Dalrymple to authorize the Glencoe Massacre
2) The Duke of Cumberland wrote "no quarter" on a 9 of Diamonds after the Battle of Culloden
3) Nine diamonds were stolen from the crown of Scotland and a tax was levied on the people to pay for them.
4) James IV spent time searching for this missing card before the Battle of Flodden. His time could have been better spent preparing for battle.
Product Reviews           
Highland Bagpipe Tuner HBT3
"It's really helpful when you're by yourself. Clip the microphone to your drone or chanter, plug it into the tuner and play. You can see the needle while you're blowing and tell in an instant whether your drone or chanter is properly tuned. I often do this after I've tuned the drones by ear, to be sure I've done it accurately. Another plus: since it's set up for the true bagpipe scale, it's easy to use.. "

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