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July 2015  

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Last month's survey question:                  
Are you aware of any travel opportunities with piping/drumming?  Some local pipers were fortunate to be part of an event in Shanghai.
-Can-Am tour to Scotland every two years
-Massed Bands for Edinburgh Military Tattoo
-North American Tattoos
-Rose Bowl Parade, Grey Cup Parade, World Championships, Netherlands
-Many US trips
-"I was on that trip to Shanghai and it was amazing. I've been in a Pipe band for 20 yrs and didn't know these kinds of trips took place.  Now that I do, I will be doing one every few years for the rest of my life."

If anyone hears of any piping/drumming opportunities like this that others may be interested in, please let us know and we will post them. 



This month's survey question:         
Do you have an electronic chanter/pipes and if so, which one(s) do you have?

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Upcoming Events
Featured Article

Tips for Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds

If you are having problems with your Evolution Drone reeds, here are some tips to help resolve any issues:

-Check to see that the reeds are seated tightly and securely.  If air leaks past the reed through the reed seat, the reeds will squeal and not function correctly.  If needed, add or remove some hemp until they are seated solidly in the bottom of the drone.

-To check for air leaks, remove the bottom section of the drone with the reed.  Cover the top of the tuning pin with your finger and blow the reed by mouth.  If any air leaks, you will need to re-hemp the reed until the connection is airtight.

-If the reed squeals, the tongue length is too short.  To increase the strength, move the o-ring bridle away from the vibrating end.  This will also make the drone tune lower.

-If the reed double tones, it is too strong for your set up.  To decrease the strength, move the o-ring bridle towards the vibrating end.  This will also make the drone tune higher.

-If you have noticed a change in your reeds' performance, check your canister connections and any ash plugs or valves that you are using. If they are in good condition, there may be something built up under the reed tongues. You can run a business card or folded dollar bill under the tongue to try to clean out any seasoning that may have built up.  You can also clean the tongues in warm soapy water, just make sure you re-install them correctly.

If you are still having problems, please contact us by phone or email and Rob can help you sort out the issue.

Scottish Humor

Jock was traveling by train seated next to a stern-faced clergyman. As Jock pulled out a bottle of whisky from his pocket the clergyman glared and said reprovingly, "Look here, I am sixty-five and I have never tasted whisky in my life!" 
"Dinna worry, Minister," smiled  Jock, pouring himself a dram. "There's no risk of you starting now!" 

Video Clip

We found some footage from the Shanghai trip we mentioned in the survey question. 

Product Reviews           

 Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds 
Kinnaird Evolution Drone Reeds 

"I've played the Evolution reeds all year in competition and I've had many compliments about the sound of my pipes. I'm very impressed. The reeds have beautiful tone, are rock steady, and are easy to maintain.
I'm probably going to have to buy a second set because my other set of pipes, which don't have Evolution reeds, are borderline unpleasant to listen to now."  



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